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10 MMORPGs with Comic and Cartoon Characters

Sara Lau
Sep 6,2011  07:09 by

In the erstwhile times, you probably were absorbed in all kinds of popular comic books or series, yearning for the eventful life of the animated protagonists and even you might marvel at the mesmerizing charm of this emerging medium.

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the heyday of comic books has passed, giving way to more novel innovations. But we all admit that this medium still holds much appeal and boasts millions of fans.

To better entertain the target audience and further unleash the glamour of cartoons, comics are marching dauntlessly into a more fascinating realm, that is, the online virtual world. That’s right! Nowadays, many comics have been adapted into addiccting and massively multiplayer online games. I will hereby make an introduction of nine popular titles to you. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Family Guy Online

Family Guy Online is a much-anticipated MMO based on the American cartoon series Family Guy which seems to be all the rage ever since it was made public. It is set in a fictional city called Quahog where the Griffins, a hilarious and dysfunctional family, dwell. Their life is not the least peaceful; instead, they will experience an endless train of humorous yet exciting adventures. I guess fans of this series are longing for a chance to relive their marvelous adventures. Family Guy Online will make it happen! In the game, you are able to assume the role of Peter, Lois, their three kids as well as the anthropomorphic dog Brian, run into various already-known characters from the series and go through a series of awesome quests.

2. Super Hero Squad Online

Hollywood seems fond of making hero-themed blockbusters, such as Spiderman, Iron Man and Batman, all of which are box-office hits, so I guess we all have a hero-complex in the bottom of our hearts. If you want to be a hero and save the world, then why not join in Super Hero Squad Online? This game is based on a homonymous American cartoon series created by Marvel Animation. It features nearly all the popular and admired superheroes of the day, including Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Falcon, and Wolverine and so on. You choose your preferred hero, cooperate with others in your squad and banish all evil forces away from your city. Anyway, you will get enthralled with an awe-inspiring adventure in this MMORPG.

3. Shakes and Fidget

Based on a well-received German web comic of the same name, Shakes and Fidget is inborn with a brilliant cartoon style. In addition, this classic browser game is also known for its distinct RPG features, stimulating real-time combat as well as multiple customization options. Players manipulate their self-created heroes, set foot on a perilous world and embark on a soul-stirring exploration. The realm is full of formidable monsters, hostile players and hellish messengers that must be defeated to win essential rewards and EXP points. There are three classes and eight races for you to choose from. And if you are willing to pay some fees, you can switch freely among the available options.

4. DC Universe Online

Similar to Super Hero Squad Online, DC Universe Online, an action-packed MMORPG, also centers on the adventures of a series of well-known superheroes. This game takes place in the shared world which is depicted in DC Universe (DCU for short), a masterpiece published by DC Comics. In detail, fictional heroes, such as Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, live together harmoniously and fight evil forces with combined strength. Of course, you can choose your side as either a vicious villain or a virtuous superhero. Then you get prepared for the story-driven explorations in the DC Universe where diverse legendary sites, ranging from Arkham Asylum to Gotham City, are available for you to venture into and conduct quests. Use all handy objects as weapons, give your opponents a deadly blow and rise to be the next legend!

5. Marvel Universe MMO

Wow, another upcoming superhero-themed title! This genre is really in full bloom nowadays. This MMO is also adapted from an appealing comic named Marvel Universe where a constellation of superheroes are engaging in defending their wonderland against Dr. Doom and all his villains. Marvel Universe MMO stands out from the rest with the possibility of playing as an already-existing character instead of creating a new one. The accessible options are really myriad, including Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America and Squirrel Girl etc. Wanna plunge into this marvelous universe right now? Be patient! This game is still on the way and it is scheduled to be released in 2012.

6. Hero Smash

Set foot on the Super City, slip into the role of a Super Hero or a Super Villain, smash all enemies standing in your way and lay hands on strategically important strongholds and items! HeroSmash, a Flash-based MMORPG, is developed by Artix Entertainment, the creator of multiple popular games like AdventureQuest. During the first week of its open beta which was launched on April 28th this year, it had attracted more than half a million testers, auguring well for a promising future. Partake in thrilling real-time combat, unleash incredible super powers and fight your way to victory and fame!

7. Pockie Ninja

I’m sure you have heard of Naruto and Bleach which are two exciting and sensational Japanese comics. Ever since the appearances of those cartoon series, it has attracted tens of millions fans from all over the world. Pockie Ningja combines the most brilliant features from them and offers a refreshing gaming experience like no other. In the fantasy world, you are able to follow famous iconic anime characters to embark on enticing adventures. There are, in total, 18 selectable ninjas. After you opt for your favorite role, you start to slay countless monsters, perform tough quests and compete in intense PVP combat. Along the way, you can unravel the mysteries behind ninjutsu and become a prominent figure in the dreamland.

8. DDTank

Touted as the hottest and cutest online shooting game, DDTank really offers tons of fun. Besides, DDTank is also acclaimed as the perfect combination of Maple Story and TAAN. If you are a huge fan of either title, don’t hesitate to give DDTank a shot! You can amass a variety of fancy weapons, enlarge your virtual arsenal, and fight with or against your friends. Besides, an in-game shop with fabulous costumes is like a fashion paradise where you can dress up your avatar. What’s more, this browser-based casual MMO is easily accessible without requirement of any downloads. Join in it and have fun now!

9. MicroVolts

Micro Volts is an animated-style MMOTPS developed by Korean company SK-imedia. This F2P title is believed to be inspired by Valve’s Team Fortress 2 in terms of graphics. The game is set in a wondrous realm where cuddly toys come to life and start to fight against each other, which is a little bit reminiscent of the hit movie series Toy Story. The aim is to acquire battery resources and ascend to the paramount emperor of the Micro World. In addition to fierce resource-scrambling combat, this game also cherishes a selection of customization items, enabling you to customize your character constantly.

10. Age of Empires Online

Age of Empires Online is a free to play MMO real-time strategy game developed by Robot Entertainment.  Published by Microsoft, the game takes on the previous AOE Franchise, yet it is reborn with a cartoonish look.

To sum up, all the above-mentioned games are inspired by hit comic or cartoon characters, thus boasting distinct exquisite art styles and arresting background stories. If you are interested in them, enter into those gorgeous games and immerse yourself in their marvelous comic worlds!

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