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100 Years War

100 Years War

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  IGG
Developer:  IGG
Genre:  MMORPG

100 Years War is a free MMORPG co-developed by IGG and Akamai HD Network. The game, which is currently available on Facebook, delivers HD quality graphics in 3D by utilizing Akamai”s patented HD EdgePlatform.

Like Facebook-oriented Godswar Online, 100 Years War requires players to download a mini plugin before running the game on web browser. After entering the game, players could toggle the screen into a client mode interface though it looks like a 2D game.


100 Years War, which is also known as  the legendary war between Britain and France in the middle ages, allows players to role play as Mage, Rogue, Ranger and Paladin to quest for treasure, slay monsters and craft weapons and equipment. Although 100 Years War is connected to Facebook,  It has a very limited social options associated with Facebook. For example, if you have some quests done, you cannot share your achievements; if you gain a level-up, your friends could not be instantly informed, just to name a few. Another highly interactive experience, however, had happened in CastleVille. No matter what achievements you score, your friends can get your streaming updates as it happens.  So it cannot be described as a social game, or Facebook game and instead it is just a MMORPG.

The game was announced 2 years ago if my memory serves. And IGG”s pr specialists was always sending us some gorgeous screenshots, and seemingly well-structured stories. The result is our expectation becomes high for its new game, 100 Years War. But the game does not qualify for what IGG itself overstates, and it did nothing on touching on the hardcorge gamers. While the Facebook version is a technical hype, the real gaming has nothing to online casino do with Facebook except for the Facebook account connect.

As the game begins, you are born into the Maple Village where you are indicated to click the Auto-tracking button and find an NPC to accept a task. You then run to kill some little chickens and go back to the NPC who gave you the task just now. Afterwords, you are rewarded with some basic and necessary items like potions, low-level equipment. As you step out of the Maple Village into other maps, you will have to keep grinding on monsters and running between NPC and monster birthplaces. The missions are repeated over and over: you are always asked to clear out some bandits and wolves. That’s actually much of boring clicking.

Visually, 100 Years War conveys an enjoyable feel that reminds you of Fiesta Online and Luvinia Online. After all, they are all developed by Asian game companies. From village to wild maps, they are all delicately stunning and gorgeous. If those hardcore gamers were inclined to playing WOW, or RIFT, they might not be accepting the graphics hereof. I should say that it feels a bit chic to judge the game on its graphics, especially IGG has refined all ingame visuals since 2011.

The combat is nowhere innovative and creative, but as much as a common game does. You must target a creature to attack it, either by clicking your mouse, or using the hot keys. In your first 20 levels, you cannot actually die in your fighting against monsters, nor does the combat appeal to you much.  During the whole gaming experience, I did not notice an array or combo of fightings.

100 Years War is also a team-based or guild-centric MMORPG. Some dungeons include high-level bosses, and you will have to join a guild or team up to pass through their hold-back. Of course, you can also participate in other affairs in your guild such as donations, guild quest and Badge Compass.

As I just said, the temporary popularity of 100 years war should be responsible for its technical triumph, but if the game wants to be a lasting survival, that is hard to achieve. It is over-emphasized on its Facebook-related functions.

27 Comments on 100 Years War


  1. terrormoonlight says:

    sana poh mas pagandahin nyo pah ung 100YearsWar
    mga G_M pano ba keo naging G_M dko cnasab na gus2 kong maging G_M
    mag massage nalng poh keo

  2. styopa says:

    Not really written in english, I'm guessing?

  3. jay says:

    why i cant get into the game! last month until yestesrder i used to play the damn game now i cant access! i mange to made lvl 40 rogue and i dont want it to end its career!

  4. Ralf says:

    no actualice el complemento y no puedo jugar al 100 years war US alguien me ayuda?

  5. Lenon says:

    hirap sa akin kasi ayaw dumala ng 100years kaya sa mga computer shop nalang ak naglalaro T.T hindi sa bahay

  6. alexis says:

    ako rin eh ayw mag play

  7. mark says:

    bkit puro loading pag katapos mag 100 loading uli 0 to 100 percent bat ganun

  8. Illidan Stormrage says:

    how can i run this game faster???pls help me.

  9. sith says:

    would be great is this can also be played in MAC pc

  10. Jamil says:

    bat di gumagalaw ang download ko.. T_T
    .. eto ang nka lagay oh.. Downloading… 0% Total 1/1

  11. Jan Mike Malonzo says:

    I cannot load the game, after I run the plugin, it doesn't load. I have tried all the steps I can look for on the internet, I have tried removing firewall, uninstall and install again the plugin, refreshing the browser, closing and reopening the browser and it still doesn't let me. Right now I am really pissed with this game and the help doesn;t do much help either.

  12. bern says:

    astig! like!!!

  13. fieryaxa says:

    wala bang paraan para marun ko ung 7zr???

  14. gm castillo says:

    gm di po kame maka laro sa 100 years war dahil na delete po ung application non.,.,pano po ibalik ang application ng 100 years war sa facebook???

  15. lelouch says:

    Gm help po sa lvl up Im lelouch lvl 51 mage thnx God bless

  16. Robert says:

    If you are going to write a review for public consumption and want to be taken seriously, run the article through spellcheck at least.

  17. jenus says:

    why it so to hard to load????

  18. jenus says:

    pls develop the loading system

  19. jenus says:

    100 years war is a nice and good online game but if the loading system will be develop it will be asome game

  20. noo says:

    hahahahahahyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhahahayya its just like turtle

  21. saadasd says:

    so kupad

  22. the best browser game 3d nice game

  23. potaka says:

    Tangina 2ng laro hndi gumagana p0ta

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