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Release Date:  2009
Publisher:  Zemi Interactive
Developer:  Zemi Interactive
Genre:  Fantasy

Crazy about WOW? Great! The 3D fantasy MMORPG could give you a similar feeling. Yeah, I’m telling you that no matter the visual style or the interface design, ‘4Story’ is similar to WOW’s . I guess that must be really convenient to the WOW lovers.

Anyway, in 4Story, you choose one of the three warring factions (Defugel, Craxion, Broa), and three races, named Human, Werebeast and Fairy. As mentioned above, each race offers the six classes available for selection. Throughout the game, you’ll conquer countless quests and, keep upgrading! Then you could have the chance of participating in realm VS realm battles.

As far as I know, 4story, Runes of Magic, Rift, Allods Online and Age of Conan were attempting to be World of Warcraft, but they all failed!

The Free MMORPG 4Story takes the players on the back of a riding animal, which is reknown for Mount in MMO Games both work for enhancing speed and beauty, as well as for battles.


  • With a mount, players are progressing much faster and may be defeating an opposing knight in their early exploration.
  • The Real-time strategy command system allows the commanders to direct their troops and stand by them in favor of fighting aginst eniemies and creatures.
  • Not only do players have to fight NPCs,  but they can go to the PvP system set up for agrgressive players (be sure you are over 18+). Additionally, Realm vs. Realm is also possible.
  • A variety of quests enables players to improve their skills and take many opportunities to collect new items.  They can use them to cratf and compose new weapons or elixirs.
  • By joining a guild, players have more chances win in combat and thus get more loyal allies to conquer other guilds.

Official website http://global.4story.com/

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  4. […] dungeons will be available to all players in the next patch of 4Story. 2 new dungeons are going to be implemented in to the game in the next update. Hellfire Labyrinth […]

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