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7 Dragons

7 Dragons

Release Date:  
Publisher:  OutSpark
Developer:  UUplay (China)

Browser MMOs remain robust as most of traditional MMORPG publishers began to switch their focus from client-based games to browser-based games.

OutSpark, one of MMO online game publishers, recently announced their new their party browser online game 7 Dragons (七龙纪). And out of curiosity, I have registered an account to play it 3 minutes.

My first step is to start with a farm building. As the game suggests, I will need to attract some followers in order to supply the upcoming troops and citizens.

My second step is to build my Tavern where Wandering heroes can be found. As the tutorial refers to me, I must recruit heroes to lead army into battle, so a hero must be hired before I continue. I just clicked to build up a level 1 Tavern in the hope of find my desired hero. Actually, the higher my Tavern level reaches, the higher chance to recruit an advanced hero.

After a few clicks, I found out that I had to  construct City Hall, a place where city governors manage government affairs. To be simple, I can collect tax on my citizens.

From my experience, I will have to keep upgrading my buildings since the higher the building level is, the faster the city grows. As the game signals, I can also spur an increase by holding city banquets in the Temple and increasing my civilization will allow you to establish new cities!

Make Sense? What does Osris want to express?



Heroes Type:

Different heroes will show up at the Tavern every day, but we can hire just about any one of them.. as long as we’ve got the Gold to afford their salary, naturally.

There are many different kinds of heroes with varying skill sets. The more abilities a hero has, the less chances you are able to hire them! They are some of the finest in all of Gallia and it can be difficult to know which Hero is the best choice, so the staff’s keeping track of them to rank their abilities. The color of their name represents their grade from high to low in the following order: Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, and Gray. If you don’t like your options, just click the “Refresh” button. But you’ll need to tip a little extra.

Well! I stopped playing this game because I released that this game is a combination of City building + Role playing. More specifically, this game blends Edragon‘s hero equipment system, and Evony‘s city building, but the whole game does not run smoothly like each title.

The problems I run into:

1, Poorly executed user interface and tutorial guide

2, Laggy connection

3, Whole page refreshes each time you make an operation.

My suggestion:

Bring this game to trash, or you will lose more money including your marketing fees, and human resources. Worse! You will destroy your brand.

Do game with innovative and original features. At least change the Chinese browser game model, with eye-catching graphics and logic wording.


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