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Release Date:  
Publisher:  Jagex
Developer:  Jagex
Genre:  Strategy

If you are accustomed to great distance and long period before the arrival at destination rather than immediate success over night, then you may well enlist the game of 8 Realms into the sheet of candidates. With a small village as the starting line, you need to take your country to pass through all together eight realms before the possibility to be smiled upon by the goddess of victory as the supreme dominion. This is definitely a long, hard ride entailing perseverance and patience.


8Realms is not a fast-paced, action-packed mmo game, but a slow-paced building strategy game which highlights role-playing, city building and military simulation instead. It is a game with city building that will settle the competitions clearly to rise up one, the only one, winner of all and then the gameplay will be renewed. To achieve the top glory, players will invariably start from the lowest rung of the ladder, nurturing the economy of the humble village, cultivating its own unique culture, conducting researches, developing military units, claiming new lands to expand, trading with neighbor countries and rising to prestige by intellect and tactics.

As demonstrated in the game title, players will advance their empire through eight ages with each featuring different resources, structures, research topics and other suchlike elements. Yet what players ought to attend to in all ages in general are basic, similar tasks concerning culture, trade and military. As the leader of the empire, players ought to give due attention to the contentment of citizens of the country, for the population plays a pivotal role in resource supply, taxation and political stability.

An unhappy populace will be low in productivity and even resort to riots, which will definitely put the country in jeopardy both economically and politically. While maintaining stability in domestic affairs, players should strength their tie with outside world as well, mainly in trading business. Each empire is abundant in one special resource and lack of the other, thusly trading is indispensable among nations. Hence the necessity of constructing trading links and contracting trading agreements. And such trading agreement is not constrained in commercial scope; rather it is always attached by a military non-aggression pact, which abides both sides non-violent against one another. If such treaty is breached, the culture point and reputation of the violator will be contaminated to further impair the country’s advancement. As to military activities, players can flexibly dispatch the six types of units, making the best out of the most effective formation to respond to different enemies.

So be patient and perseverant. Those who rush to success will only be stumbled by their own reckless hurry, while those who take stable and solid steps will finally arrive at the zenith. Learn more browser games like 8Realms – 9 Empires, three Kingdoms Online, seven lands.

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