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9 Empires

9 Empires

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Capital Games
Developer:  Capital Games
Genre:  fantasy

Plunge yourself into the fantastic wonderland with various kinds of creatures beyond imagination, immerse yourself in the incredibly stimulating journey of rising to the top, and along the way, give scope to your wit and wisdom while enjoying intimate cooperation with your allies! 9 Empires is exactly the arena to play your charisma to the full.

Capital Games, the developer of 9 Empires, is ready to present you this awesome fantasy-themed browser-based online game mixing the features of MMO, RPG and RTS strategy ingeniously together.

9 Empires is a game you will never feel bored with owing to so many possibilities. To start with, you enjoy the right to choose from 9 races, namely, Humans, Elves, Orcs, Subterraneans, Highlanders, Undead, Ghosts, Sirens and Underworlds. Each is endowed with its unique power and advantages, and at the same time, doomed with specific defects. Let’s just take a preview of some of the races first. Peace-loving Elves inhabit the forests of Bathea and are closely connected to the Mother Nature. They are superb archers and enjoys considerable amount of allies, ranging from Centaurs, Unicorns and the legendary Green and Gold Dragons.

9 Empires is similar to Chinese three kingdoms online and Call of Gods, Batheo.

On the contrary, war-mongering Orcs are a terrifying race with control over Wolves, Thunder Rukh and other ancient and powerful creatures. They are pretty ferocious and blood-thirsty. Except for the 9 races, there are also 14 different unit types. With so much freedom, it’s all up to you to play your cards right and lead your race to the summit. You enter into the game with the preliminary goal to construct a capital city and then increase it gradually into a powerful empire to compete against the rest ones. You can train your own troops, fulfill missions, hunt hidden treasures and craft weapons and other stuff to enhance your performance in combat. Besides, alliance matters in this game. You can join in hands with other gamers to gain a winning streak in the chaotic warring realm.

The exquisite 2D graphics and the fancy images of characters really offer you a feast to the eye and a relaxing moment from daily chores. There are much more to offer in 9 Empires. You must be in the game to know all.

9 Empires is partly accessible through its closed beta test and it won’t be long for you to enjoy the whole merits of this gorgeous game. If you love city building and intense PVP combats in a wonderland, do not hesitate to join in 9 Empires and give it a shot! This game will never fail you!

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