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Release Date:  2007
Publisher:  Acclaim Games , Nexon Corporation
Developer:  Indy 21
Genre:  fantasy

9Dragons (九龙争霸) is a free to play Asian MMORPG developed by Korean-based Indy21 (Korean Server) and published by Acclaim in late 2006. The game was forced shut down after Playdom acquired Acclaim in August, 2010. After a year’s suspension, 9Dragons was re-published by GamersFirst (Here), the company behind APB Reloaded, and Knight Online World.


Dive into ancient Ming Dynasty in China, acquire legendary martial arts, enter into soul-stirring combat and ascend to an invincible Kung Fu master! 9Dragons is a 3D MMORPG where you can enjoy breathtaking scenarios of China and explore a wide range of marvelous combat skills.

It is set in Ming Dynasty when the nation is falling apart and myriad factions are burgeoning forth; consequently, ambitious warriors strive to fight for dominance and control through military might. To put an end to such chaos, you are asked to join in either side and battle it out.

In 9Dragons, you’ll find quite satisfied with the landscapes, thanks for its 3D visual effects. Of course, like other MMOs you may have played, 9Dragon needs you to keep upgrading to a certain level (LvL 25, for instance) in order to choose one of the four playable classes. And, the weapons could be different because of the different classes. Anyway, it’s a good way to experience the ancient oriental world.

There are a total of six clans, including Shaolin, Wu Tang, The League of Beggars, Sacred Flower, Heavenly Demon and The Brotherhood of Thieves, which can be equally divided into two mutually hostile factions, that is, the White Clans that swear allegiance to the Imperial Emperor and the Black Clans that support a mysterious warrior. In the initial phase, you can choose your starting location, but the class selection won’t be accessible until level 25 unlike that in other games. The four classes are as follows: Warriors, Strategists, Chi Kung Artists, and Holists, all of whom have their special advantages and skills.

When it comes to the core of the game, you should be fully prepared for thrilling PVE and PVP combat. In the latter mode, you will be rewarded with Karma for successfully slaying your opponents. As your accumulated Karma amounts to a certain number, you will get a Karma Epithet which is not only honorable but also useful for following adventures.

Like Age of Wulin, 9Dragons features true-to-life scenic sites in the wonderland, including the world-renowned Great Wall, Wudang Mountain, and Shaolin Monastery, just to name a few. The diverse oriental environment is presented in a 3D graphics, offering a sense of deep immersion. And the exotic-looking characters are also portrayed with great detail in all aspects, ranging from facial components to fabulous clothes. Last but not least, the countless variety of weapons and martial arts is also full of imagination and innovation, so it will feel awesome to wield them.

9Dragons offers excellent graphics that can be found in Eastern styled games. In this Kung-Fu MMORPG you can train yourself as a Kung Fu master. Are you eager to become next KungFu Panda? Dear to challenge Dragons?

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  1. DagonUser says:


    Just to let you know that 9Dragons is also available as a Browser game. Look for 9DragonsWeb on Facebook

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