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A Mystical Land

A Mystical Land

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It is quite interesting that A Mystical Land labels itself as a true 3D browser game, but it is actually not as it is, because after your complete the registeration, the game will automatically load a lot of data from the game server and is eventually occupied with nearly as much disk space as that of a game with client.

A Mystical Land is published by Germany-based Neonga AG which published MMORPG Games like DRAGON Soul and World of Ants.

Technically speaking, A Mystical Country may be not brilliant, but it has a unique style which is visually similar to that of Battlefield Heroes. Besides, A Mystical Land also has a remarkable craftsman system in store.

The character selection of A Mystical Land is really recommendable as you are provided with a wide range of possibilities, ranging from Warrior and Priest to Sorcerer and Hunter. In addition, you are able to decide the gender, the hair color and even the facial components of your avatar.

You will be confronted with a variety of enemies along the way. To put it in detail, there are various eerie bosses, like cattle “Idio” with firm bristle, which you must smash in various bounty quests so as to earn extra rewards.

A Mystical Land starts like many other RPGs. We manipulate the character with the WASD keys, talk with quest givers, fight against monsters and collect loot. As all these tasks are exactly like those in other games, the first tutorial missions appear unnecessary to us.

After you have started off the action-packed adventure, you are soon convinced by horrifying NPCs that it is definitely safer to join in a group than to fight alone.

A Mystical Land continues to be cool after the first batch of quests. There is also a fabulous Audio System to make your fantasy city full of melodic rhythms. And your citizens can read the signs aloud for you as you explore the mystical land.

We are also attracted by the innovative archery target in the game, that is, human beings. Don’t be surprised! Human beings are mesmerized by wicked spells and desperately need our help. To free them from the evil forces, we should, first of all, brew a potion lubricant to cope with the jammed zipper of fabric coverings where the enchanted men are kept. And then we unleash our archery talents and rescue them from their distress.

A Mystical Land plays basically like a traditional MMO, but it is weak in combat skills. We also level up pretty slowly. And the battles are simple, for we only have access to ordinary attack patterns, such as melee for warriors and priests and ranged attack for hunters and magicians. Besides, the weapons are also quite common. For example, the priests boast a self-healing spell and the magicians have a magic shield.

Nonetheless, A Mystical Land offers lots of compelling quests. We can mine ores, collect woods, shear sheep and kill insects. We can pull a calabash-horned beetle from a dead tree and entertain our quests givers with them. As we progress, we can unlock more exciting quests. When a gnome asks us to salvage the dropped quest book and spy buddies run wildly to pry the list of your friends, you will find the game really fun to play!

You will also be given a bag with 50 pockets which you can cram with various types of timbers and minerals as well as teeth, claws and fabrics. All these things can be gathered along your adventure and earned from finishing quests. And if your trophies can not be stuffed into the pockets any more, you can purchase an additional pocket from the item shop with real money.

And it is suggested that you should fully utilize the special skills exclusive to your profession. For example, a magician is able to forge an array of much needed goods while a warrior has flair in wielding swords.

A Mystical Land is ready to introduce some new development zones on the Gamescom in 2011. It is currently planning to launch about 30 new areas for you to explore. A Mystical Land is suitable for even 10-year-old teenagers. It is not derogatory, but rather complimentary. Young players will not be overwhelmed with hardcore skills or armor-tuning optimization. In a nutshell,  the game qualifies a great MMO which holds a considerable appeal to casual role-players who just want to play during a short break or in a relaxing evening.

A Mystical Land has many rewards with which you can strengthen your own guild. There are also plenty of achievements for you to earn, such as bounties for hunting certain amount of monsters or fulfilling all quests in one area. Since you have only a limited storage space, you should invest what you have to expand your own land; otherwise, you have to throw your stuff away time and again.


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  1. Sumsum says:

    Actually it *IS* a 3D browser game… Browser games by definition play through your browser. It's not dependent on how much space they take up on your HD after for classification. Maybe we'll have new classifications later to call things by different names but for now as it plays through a browser and you get started in minutes it absolutely is a browser game…

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