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Ace Online

Ace Online

Release Date:  2008
Developer:  Ace Online
Genre:  Shooting

Ace Online is a Free MMO Shooter developed by Korea-based MasangSoft and published by Suba Games for North America and Gameforge for EU under the new title “AirRivals”. The game’s title was changed several times due to multiple publishers involved in the distribution. Titles include Space Cowboy Online, Flysis, AirRivals and ACE Online. It is also available in Japan, and Latin America.

The game enables you to soar high in a diversity of sky scenarios and immerses you in a shooting frenzy against countless NPCs and players. Opt for an awesome Gear, explore the infinite dome and rise to the mightiest pilot!


To digress from the topic, our ancestors had been dreaming for thousands of years to fly to the sky, and that wild “fancy” has finally become true, thanks to the unyielding spirit of exploration and persistent endeavors of scientists. But the story does not stop here; instead, ordinary people now have access to enjoy top-notch soaring ecstasy in Ace Online with a simple download on their PC.

Touted as a refreshing air to the copycat-afflicted MMO market, Ace Online not only retains the quintessence of existing games, such as missions, upgrades and battles, but also incorporates some innovative features that make it stand out from a constellation of mediocre ones.

To start with, you have to choose your star fighter from the following options, A-Gear, B-Gear, M-Gear and I-Gear. There is no doubt that each gear has its own merits and demerits, but none of them enjoy absolute advantages over the rest, so Ace Online offers undisputable equality among players with different options. Then you enter into a detailed tutorial which guides you through the preliminary quests. Pretty soon, you will approach the core of the game, that is, the PVP combat which takes place between two hostile factions, the Bygeniou regular army and the Arlington rebel army.

The aim during combat is to shoot down as many enemy gears as possible, and each victory will lead to generous rewards, including fame points, kill marks and nation points. These prizes can be used to spice up their specific sectors. For example, when nation points reach to a prescribed number, your faction will be able to send out a gigantic warship to your opposing faction’s territory. Undoubtedly, it will significantly increase your side’s win rate.

In addition, Ace Online also contains a so-called President System which means that the highest rated players can be elected as the president of their respective faction. The distinguished post will not only give the players paramount power to rule the faction but also generate enviable items, ranging from advanced weapons to fortified shields.

Last but not least, Ace Online’s 3D graphics is really worth mentioning. You can freely venture into the vast sky, but the scenarios are anything but dull and monotonous. In fact, you will fly through dark tunnels and even get the chance to explore lunar maps. Despite some minor flaws like the grinding tutorial, Ace Online is generally a worthy game.

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