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Adventure Park

Adventure Park

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  iZ Games/ 6waves
Developer:  iZ Games
Genre:  Social Game

Adventure Park is a social theme park building game where you build the most exciting and thrilling rollercoasters and rides, select the most entertaining shows, run your own businesses and schedule amazing events to make sure your visitors have a great time in your park.


It is hard to encounter any surprises in Adventure Park. Not that the appearances of the buildings look familiar. They are indeed unique and offer kind of enjoyment. However, every single social game released recently attempts to dazzle players with bizarre and unique structures. And the whole idea is anything but new.

Your work in the game revolves around management of a gradually expanding park. And like many other social simulators, Adventure Park tasks players with adding various buildings, hiring performers, holding performances, collecting revenues, deploying decorative items, and attracting visitors. Buildings, particular performers, decorations, and assorted rides are unlocked as you level up.

Of course, Adventure Park offers familiar gameplay everywhere. For example, the performer hiring and assigning system sort of resembles that of StarCity with K-Star while the structure constructing and income generating systems resemble those of many social games such as SimCity Social. But the new game does introduce some changes. For example, you don’t have to clear the trees and rocks off a piece of land before deploying a structure on it – that helps you save lots of energy points.

Like StarCity with K-Star, Adventure Park offers a variety of shows that last for different periods of time. You invest in a certain amount of money (game currency, of course) and would be rewarded with “fun”, which would determine how many visitors you could have, which quests you could accept, and what rewards you could obtain.

However, the differentiated shows don’t bring different graphics. For instance, no matter which shows you choose to hold in the Princess Tower, you would always see a Rapunzel drags a prince (well, I suppose) up into the tower in such a fast speed that makes you wonder whether she is eager to eat him.

An energy system is adopted but that’s not the very stuff that prevents you from making progress most of the times. Judging from my experience, the levelup occurs frequently enough to offer the energy you need for keeping on in most cases.

It is the requirement for special items that slows down the progression, or even sours the whole gaming experience. It started in a different and casual way though. You purchase a structure, say, a Hut, where you can hire performers, and then click build for twice, click to complete and put it into use. But after you’ve got familiar with the overall gameplay and start to do it in your own way, problems arise. Had you ever played SimCity Social, you would never forget how it suffer to wait before you collect all the required rare items for unlocking a new piece of land or upgrading a factory. Well, you will have to collect rare items too in Adventure Park by collecting from various structures, asking from friends, or even pay real money to skip the tasks, just to inaugurate buildings or staff the performance centers. And all the available quests make such requirements after you reach level 9 and it is impossible to make much progress without the help of a handful of friends, or rather real money.

It is understandably challenging and difficult to create a game with brand new gameplay. But still, unique pictures alone don’t make a good game.

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