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Adventure World

Adventure World

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Zynga
Genre:  Social Game

Adventure World is a Facebook social game that is developed by Zynga, a leading developer of social games like Farmville, and Empires & Allies. The new game Adventure World revolves around exploring extensive realms, solving massive puzzles and unraveling mysterious secrets. The game is similar to indie game AdventureQuest Worlds in terms of gameplay and story-driven quest while it is mainly connected with Facebook.


Adventure World concentrates on the search for El Dorado and social fans should unite with their friends to unravel the secrets of El Dorado. You travel through more than 30 places, including mountains, caves, jungles and volcanoes to reach your goal. Along your way, you should clear your road by solving the riddle, avoid traps and protect you from the evil creatures.

In order to overcome the obstacles, you also need to use your special tools such as hoes, machetes, grappling hook, whip or dynamite to clear all hurdles in your way.


Adventure World marks Zynga’s effort in diversifying its social games. Instead of following the footstep of the successful Ville-series, the new Facebook game blazes a new path of its own, leading players into a happy journey of adventure.

Adventure World conjures up a vast world, which is comprised by five separate landscapes closely-knit into a fascinating storyline about seeking after El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold. With the key to El Dorado at hand, you have to first traverse four prior regions including Jungle, Mountain, Cavern and Volcano to collect the four Idols of Monkey, Bird, Snake and Jaguar, which will be placed in the corresponding alters to open the door. Each region is expansive, including dozens of maps to explore, hundreds of quests to finish and thousands of items to collect.

Without much redundant introduction, Adventure World immediately assigns to you the first task, which involves rescuing Malcolm, an in-game figure, from a cave. To finish the quest, you need search around the jungle, cutting the blocking grass in the way here and there, so as to find the three key fragments and piece them together to open the door to the cave. While you use the manchete to clear paths or pick up collectable items, you will be rewarded with Energy, Coins, XP, or all of them. And in the process, you may also find many a jade vase that can be collected to fill in the slot of El Dorado antics, part of the archaeological gameplay which also involves the excavation of historical sites afterwards. This simple task can be seen as a miniature of the whole play, covering the basic gameplay of exploration, puzzle-solving discovery and usage of tools, etc, though the successive contents are without doubt more engaging and challenging.

To embark on the journey of adventure, you can expect endless fun out of many and manifold puzzle-centric quests. To complete each map, you have a lot to do, such as retrieving items, avoiding traps, fighting birds of prey, or finding activating buttons to reveal hidden stairs, etc. All activities consume energy, which will be drained immediately if falling into traps and recovered by waiting for automatic recharge, buying it from shops or turning to friends for help.

Friends are helpful in sending energy or other free gifts, but they are even more so in providing powerful tools or gadgets during the exploration. It’s almost impossible to finish a map without useful tools. In all kinds of quests, you may need varied tools to defend yourself and march forward, such as machete to clear roads, whips to drive away spiders or snakes and hoes to dig. Since you cannot have all needed, friends possessive of what you are short of are of great help.

In addition to tools, quite a lot gadgets bought for gold (equivalent to Facebook credits actually) will bring about great advantages in gaming to make the progression easier and quicker. For example, the Compass owner is able to find the nearest undiscovered treasure room while others without it may grope around for a long time yet leave at last with empty hands; and whoever with a grappling hook has the chance to circumvent certain traps but directly get what is sought after in a distance.

The artistically-drawn world is full of surprises and possibilities that it unfolds completely different paths in light with the choice you make, sometimes even with the pick-up of a single tool. So you can always re-play it, and still enjoy something new.

Coverage before its official release:

After Zynga released a debut teaser trailer (The video is private.) on its Facebook page in September 1, 2011, it has attracted millions of visits. Though the trailer puts up a slogan “Play Today”, we still can’t delve into this much-anticipated game and experience all the pleasure it will offer. Nevertheless, we have successfully figured out some basic information and distinctive features about Adventure World based on a thorough analysis of the trailer as well as interviews with Zynga leadership.

Adventure World will still conform to the typical of Zynga’s game mechanics which incorporates buildings establishing and crops cultivating by consuming a certain amount of energy. Henceforward, you have to wait for a while until the tasks are fully accomplished and your energy is replenished.

But Adventure World adds a little twists to Zynga’s classic games like CityVille, FarmVille and Empires & Allies. First of all, Adventure World boasts an unparalleled game map that is almost 40 times bigger than that of FarmVille. There are five distinct worlds, including Deep Jungle, Mountain, Cavern, Volcano and El Dorado. And each of them possesses unique breathtaking scenarios as well as different quests and puzzles. And the primary purpose is to find a lost city called El Dorado which is enveloped in myths and secrets. The game also contains a series of chapters, taking you to different countries, such as Indonesia and Egypt.

According to Nabeel Hyatt, general manager of Zygna Boston, Adventure World is mainly inspired by The Legend of Zelda, consequently, it focuses more on discovering and exploring than building like Zygna’s other titles. The game will take players to enter into a world full of interesting puzzles, tough enemies, collectible items and hidden traps.

Revealed by the trailer, the game allows you to remove blocks and rocks with explosives, drive snakes out of your path with a whip, and to retrieve gold and items along the way. As you solve puzzles, concealed stairs will be revealed, enabling you to continue your quests.

For sure, all actions will use up some energy which is of particular importance for your future development in the game. But don’t worry! You have several ways to deal with an energy shortage, including waiting for it to be recharged, turning to your bosom friends, and purchasing new energy with virtual currencies.

Last but not least, Adventure World cherishes laudable social features. For example, you can ask for your friends’ help, team up with them for challenging quests and visit their camp bases. What’s more, it is actually pretty satisfying to flaunt your achievements to the face of your friends.

“Adventure World consists of a remarkable set of graphics thanks to the implementation of a new game engine,” said Craig Lancaster, CTO of Zynga Boston, “we managed to tackle some technical problems and hopefully it will be playable for all as soon as possible.”

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  1. Clement says:

    cannot get load into the game..what's the problem?? cityville and empire & allies got no problem in loading.

  2. Edgar Zammit says:

    Since today, I cannot load the game with a 'Flash' error. Other zynga games load and play fine.

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