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Age of Conan: Unchained

Age of Conan: Unchained

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Funcom
Developer:  Funcom
Genre:  MMORPG

Over the years, World of Warcraft has successfully established its brand and become the most populous virtual world. The great success also made thousands of developers rush into this field in hopes of finding their niche. However…

MMORPG goes free to play:

To survive among the increasingly competitive market, they must have decided to focus on a model in which that everyone loves and would invest time, energy, passion and money on the game. The problem is only those strongest could become even stronger and those small startups could only eke out a scanty livelihood. So they have to adjust their business strategy and make their games to adapt to the majority of the challengers and adventurers.

As we know World of Warcraft should be played through the subscription, and that model, to a large extent, restricts millions of players out of land of Azeroth. That is why a new gaming model emerges – Free to play.

Indeed, such model become for a time because most of free to play MMORPGs are often symbolic of poor quality, repetitive and grinding gameplay and deficient management

Obviously, Games like Dungeons and Dragons Online, Champions Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Bloodline Champions, have already become free to play, but still these games perform poorly, short of gamers. Ultimately these games will be forgotten in a corner of the market.

Age of Conan Unchained: Good and Bad:

The latest prominent ‘victim’ is Age of Conan unChained with limited free to play contents, which those hardcore gamers has long resisted in the fear of repeating the same mistake.

Playing for free is not a bad thing, but software companies have shown an unfortunate tendency to make their demo a little more than self-indulgent creature after the change, and it is hard to capture a player who could play for a long time and even pay for their items.

If you are expecting something different from all those free to play MMOs, unfortunately, you will be disappointed.
First of all, Funcom did not change too much as they just opened some ordinary areas and locked some premium regions, but you are limited to level 80. In this version, you cannot brawl most of the Dungeons and instances.

Disappointingly enough, you are not given full privilege to access the all 12 characters, but force you to choose from Barbarian, Demonologist, Guardian, and Priest of Mitra. Remember, your choice is very limited because you can only pick up two of four characters to enter the world. What even let us down is the pvp arena and siege regions cannot be entered as a player who is not going to spend a penny.

Age of Conan has certainly nothing to envy to hardcore MMORPG members in terms of size and complexity though the game also features a system of character development, the most comprehensive ever. The player could develop multiple skills on three different branches, and to distribute and allocate skill points, useful for improving characteristics such as speed healing or resistance in the race.

As we just mentioned, free players are unable to access the massive maps. The gameplay really shines only in the instances and the toughest battles in PVP maps. Unfortunately, we cannot play such feature. We can only slay monsters and gain experience over and over again.

But what we are trying to say is not that Age of Conan Unchained is totally without merit. instead, its strong point should be a credit to its technical sector. Times have changed since the game comes to being, but it qualifies one of the most beautiful MMORPGs on the market. The world of Conan is represented with the utmost care and the views there are certainly having an effect. The most spectacular locations and three-dimensional models are quite detailed, and the texture of characters shows its excellent side. Even the game interface is much more customizable and easier to navigate than Perfect World. The bars of the skills and keyboard shortcuts can be adjusted freely, though a little bit complicated for those unfamiliar online MMORPG.

One of the most serious problems that old players still make use of bugs that could plague the game overnight.


Age of Conan: Unchained has the same weaknesses that are found in all the new free MMORPG, or of the major limitations to the exploration and development of your character that make it difficult to enjoy the experience without shelling out the money. We are aware that a system of this type is designed specifically to entice new users to invest time and money in the game, but such MMO should not be called free to play, it should, instead, be called “Big Demo, or prolonged Trial.”

Funcom is still one of the best MMORPG makers on the market, but it seems that Funcom did not fully perceive what Age of Conan more attractive and lucrative, so they were trying this version.

if you decide to spend some money, It is still an attractive option for those who want to test a new virtual world.

We are not expecting Guild Wars 2 and Star War: The Old Republic will be free to play? The reason, you know!

Game Description:

[spoiler] Snow flakes constantly drift on the highlands of Cimmeria year in and year out; sand dunes rolls up and down with graceful curves across the desert of Stygia; and lush mountains and rushing rivers nurture cities of Aquilonia. All three countries are in the turbulent Hyborian Age, an ancient world of dark and enigmatical mystery. Against such fantasy background emerges the game of Age of Conan: Unchained.

Age of Conan: Unchained is not an utterly new game in the true sense, but rather more like a new chapter of an old existing story. It is a new name given to replace its predecessor known as Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure, as the game developer of Funcom decides to switch the original business mode from the only subscription payment to the hybrid type which allows players to choose either to play for free or pay for premium subscription so as to receive value-added service. It is said that the hybrid mode will be launched during the summer of this year while additional game contents including new maps, expansions, weapons, dungeons, mounts as well as adventures will also be introduced into the game under its new name.

Basic gameplay and storyline remain unchanged in great measure. As usual, players start with avatars creation, choosing from three classes under four character archetypes with special ability and combating advantages and customizing their characters in appearance and attire, etc. afterward, players can take their heroes to wonder around the whole continent of Hyboria, exploring dungeons, conquering different places on the huge map and competing against other players. In combats characterized by real-time feature, players still have greater control over their avatars both in attacks and defenses, which means that players need temper their skills of dexterity to control their characters to carry out various actions such as hacking downwardly or slashing diagonally against enemies rather than letting avatars equally act in auto-attack mode.

While the basic storyline is more or less the same for free players and premium payers, great disparity of contents are still distinct between the two modes. For example, what premium subscribers have full access such as character classes, dungeons, raids, sieges, mount training, and so on and so forth, only offers the basic or part of the contents for free players; and some of the gameplay is simply unavailable for free players such as sieges, alternative advancement, office levels and veteran points, etc. anyway, this game has boasted a solid base of players, so this free-to-play version has great potential to attract more to join. [/spoiler]

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