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Age of Empires Online Beta Keys Giveaway Website List

Sara Lau
Apr 23,2011  02:04 by

As far as I know, there are a bunch of online gaming website giving away beta keys for Age of Empires online,the most anticipated strategy game from MicroSoft. If you want to test this MMORTS, why not get your key to share a fair review?

Below are list of gaming sites that hold beta key giveaway events:

1, http://www.curse.com/keys/age-of-empires-online/default.aspx

2, http://www.arenajunkies.com/page/articles/_/news/age-of-empires-online-beta-key-giveaway-r58

3, http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Giveaway-Age-Empires-Online-Beta-Keys-31501.html

4, http://gamers.eurogamer.de/giveaways.php?id=87085

5, http://hukd.mydealz.de/freebies/age-of-empires-online-beta-key/21106

6, http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/age-of-empires-online/news/age_of_empires_online,46384,2322445.html

7, http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/218981/contest-age-of-empires-online-beta/

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11 Comments on Age of Empires Online Beta Keys Giveaway Website List


  1. […] The closed beta of AOE online is now under way, and we also listed some websites that hold key giveaway. […]

  2. Ed says:

    So is there still any way to get a key?

    I just heard about this and I’m a huge AoE fan. None of the listed websites seem to have anything available.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey guys me and my friend realy would like to play this game. we are just done playing borderlands, pretty good game i have to say. now we were looking for a new game to play and we found this. we jizzed directly xD no but i looked realy awsome. we tryed it out on the open beta. and it whas epic. now if u have 2 keys i would be forever thank full to you guys if u would send it to me.

    //Chris a neardy neard

  4. James says:

    Hey guys, I’d love to have an AOE beta key. I started playing AOE 2 when i was 6, and I’ve been hooked on the game since. I’ve spent countless hours playing campaign aftar campaign, and battling computer foes. It would be amazing if y’all had an extra beta key.

  5. IRxCHEF says:

    i have been playing AOE since the beginning so im sure you could only understand my excitement when i flipped through my July GameInformer to see there was a beta. my only problem seems to be finding a beta key. if anyone could help out would greatly appreciate it. im greatly looking forward to building my japanese army and running some shiet!


  6. mushtaq says:

    Hi GP i need a beta for AOE online. I haven’t played this game since AOM and i am a huge fan of this game. I am itching to play this game when i found out its going free. Pls give me one beta key 🙂

  7. n3xuz says:

    i would appreciate a key for AOE online!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx!!!

  8. wesmantooth says:

    ive played pretty much every online game and this one particularly caught my eye, would love a beta key xD…i love you gamepro

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