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Age of Honor

Age of Honor

Release Date:  2011/10
Publisher:  Yoogames
Developer:  R2Games

Age of Honor is a browser MMORTS with a blend of role-playing and city-building, and the game is developed by China-based YooGames, the company behind Maegica, Caesary and DDTank, . However, to some extent, it is generally suspected to be a copycat of various popular games like Reignage, Warflow and Immortal King.

The game is now published on Facebook by Yoogames.

No matter what, Age of Honor boasts more or less attractions to a large group of fans, thanks to its compelling missions and stunning graphics. The game consists of diverse highly developed systems, enabling you to immerse in all kinds of quests and adventures. You assume the role of a courageous hero who ventures into a chaotic world and fight for resources and territories.

To finally ascend to a respected conqueror, you have to gather up plenty of items, boost up your equipment, form invincible armies and explore monster-infested dungeons. In this game, you can send out your hero along with legions of fearless warriors to set foot on unknown battlefields and fight against NPCs or real players. The most important thing is undoubtedly the formation strategy you adopt, which means that you should resort to different tactics when confronted with different enemies. Unleash your incredible charisma and lead your troops to victory and fame!

As for the dungeon exploration, you will come across formidable bosses while you complete demanding missions. The defeat of them will earn you bountiful rewards which stimulate you to delve deeper into the perilous realm and take on stronger bosses. If you dare not fight alone, it is also possible to join a guild and find some allies.

And your hero will consume a certain amount of energy during each quest, so you should employ some power-ups to strengthen your hero now and then, otherwise, he will be easily overwhelmed by other tougher opponents. Since Age of Honor also provides an infinite level system, you are able to constantly rise in rank and unlock new features.

To sum up, though Age of Honor shares multiple similarities with Batheo, and World of Heroes, its content is still engaging enough for you to have a try. Enter into Age of Honor and become the next legend!

3 Comments on Age of Honor


  1. bang says:

    can I joyan

  2. tom says:

    geee R2 once again ur on the ball – first Caesary and now Age of Honor!

    u tell everybody it is to be released in October 2011…..umm well now its November 2011….and opps no comment from R2!

    the question is – is the game coming or not R2???

  3. avokato says:

    vere good

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