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Age of Immortals

Age of Immortals

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  KlickNation
Developer:  KlickNation
Genre:  MMO

Zeus is losing his power. The ancient gods are at war. You have been chosen as Zeus’s champion. With his help, you will be armed to the teeth against the opponents and bring the peace back to Earth.

Age of Immortals is a Facebook MMORPG developed by KlickNation, which publishes Six Gun Galaxy and Age of Champions.


Set in the ancient Greek mythology, Age of Immortals comes up as a social game, which, it turns out, is barely socialized among players, but keeps players busy with clicking on buildings and creatures.

The game begins as you create your character and follow the Quest Goal to click. Along the way, you are commuting between a couple of maps where you should consume your energy to do quest. Some quest may require you to take only one step to complete, while others may run up your energy till you feel bored, without any substantial achievements.

As you keep questing, you will gain levelup, Stamina, and coins. But if you want more energy, you will have to wait for “Refresh” or you can obtain Energy from levelup rewards and purchase.

However, if you prepare for the upcoming Bosses and Rival Fights, you must be equipped with enough amount of  Energy to attack them. If you have some powerful weapons or armor, you will have a higher chance to win.

The game has a lot features, but all fails to be as perfect as it can. For example, when you have already defeated a player, it will still appear on the Opponents list. The best way is that each time you take care of an opponent, the system automatically sorts out the new opponents.

As a year-long fan of Greek-themed game Grepolis , I thought to change a gaming style and have a lot exceptions to try Age of Immortals, but unfortunately this game isn’t what I am really looking for. A waste of time!

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  1. breanna says:

    i plan on makeing a new game were you start off as anything a humn elf dwarf dragon ect.. and the whole moral of the game is that you all have to team up with your freinds to conquer the land from other people and become number 1 in the game

    sound good.
    THE NAME IS IMORTAL CONQOURER-ik its spelled wrong but does it sound good i need staff on it

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