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Age of Legends

Age of Legends

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Age of Legends is a text-based strategy game available both on Facebook and APP Store.  In the game, you can choose one of six heroes, complete quests, hire warriors and explore the special environments such as  Kalamdor, and Dwemer. Quests allow you to gain xp, cash rewards, free valor points and some enhancement bonuses. You can also master a quest and the quest rank to unlock wicked achievements.

How does assembling weapons and Forge Insurance work?

In order to add special weapons to your arsenal, you’ll need to assemble them first with bonus items and/or weapons. Keep in mind that assembling special weapons is not guaranteed. If forging fails, all of the items will be lost and the special weapon will not be assembled. To protect your hard-earned bonus items, you might wish to purchase forge insurance from the Council page. Forge insurance costs 20 Valor Points. Although Insurance will not guarantee that a special weapon will be assembled successfully, you will have 5 protected forge attempts. Ensure that you have checked the box beside the special weapon to indicate that you would like to purchase insurance prior to assembling.

How do Lands and Structures work?

Lands and structures will generate and increase your overall income to help counterbalance and maintain your upkeep. In order to purchase a structure, you must first purchase land to build the structure on. In the process of purchasing a structure, the corresponding land will be consumed. You may purchase lands and structures on the Lands page. The maximum number of lands/structures you may purchase at once is 10. Since land and structure prices increase slightly with each transaction, it is more cost effective to buy in units of 10 where possible. Each land generates income. Income can be collected hourly and will accumulate up to 24 hours. If income is not collected prior to the 24 hour period, it will stop accumulating.

What are achievements and how do I get them?

Achievements are earned by completing various actions and are showcased as medals on your Hero page. Scroll over your medals to view your progress throughout the levels of achievement.

How do I make a Clan?

In order to create a Clan you must be at least a level 40 Hero. Create a Clan through the Clan page found on the home screen. Click the “create your own Clan” link and name your Clan. Creating a clan has a cost of 10 Valor Points.

How do I join a Clan?

To join a clan, visit the Clan’s page and click the “Request to Join” button. The leader of the Clan may accept or reject your request. Please note that there is a maximum of 10 members per Clan. Follow the “Clans” link from the home page to view the ranked Clans list or use the search function.

How do I post someone on the Bounty list?

In order to place a bounty on a Hero they must be within your range. Visit the Hero’s profile and select “place bounty.” The cost of placing a bounty will vary based on the Hero’s income and will increase each time that you place a bounty on an individual Hero for a period of 12 hours. Of the total bounty payout, 80% will go to the player claiming the bounty and 20% will go to bounty fees.

What battle restrictions exist in Age of Legends?

You may only engage in battle with Heroes who are within your level range, and you may only attack an individual player up to 100 times per day and kill them up to 10 times per day. The only time a Hero outside of your level range may attack you is when you are posted on bounty or when you have attacked them on the bounty and they are retaliating. Retaliation is allowed for a period of 48 hours. Heroes outside of your level range can attack you up to 15 times/day and kill you up to 3 times/day.

How many Guild members and Mercenaries can I equip and take into battle?

You may equip 200 Guild members and 100 Mercenaries with one weapon and one companion each. The best weapons/companions will be automatically engaged. The maximum capacity for equipped team members in battle increases by 4 each time you level up.

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  1. Karl says:

    I’m on lvl 27/28 I was gaining up to /-12 xp on every battle but now its gone back to the usual 6 xp I wanted to know how to earn a stable 12 xp on every battle won I am a warrior

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