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Age of Patrons

Age of Patrons

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  ROXX SWISS Inc.
Developer:  ROXX SWISS Inc.
Genre:  Strategy

Age of Patrons is a strategy browser game where you can play as Romans or Egyptians and build up your small town into a great empire. Each faction enjoys different bonuses in terms of building costs, wall defense, gold production and Defensive units.

After I am logged in, I saw two Chinese Characters 顾客, which means customer in English. I was thinking this game is created by Chinese guys too. But when I searched some information on the internet, I found it is not made by Chinese folks, but by a Swiss game studios called ROXX Swiss Inc.

The game lets you immediately remember the popular title Grepolis from its background to interface. But the difference is that Age of Patrons has been integrated into Facebook while Grepolis can be played independently. It does, to some extent, add some social elements into stuffy environment. Practically, you can get 50 free Gold by inviting your Facebook friends to play Age of Patrons upon your each invitation.

As i created my character, I used to clicking on all buttons to learn some basics, and also checking what is different from other strategy browser games. The whole overview comes just as a consequence of being expected and not surprising. On the one hand, Age of Patrons is made not using the latest flash technology, or Unity3D plugin. Even when you click on Map, or Village button, the ingame images load not that smoothly, as if you open an ad-crowded website. Another unpleasant part is the game does not support full-screen mode. Even worse, the game is interested into a small Facebook box.

I have played hundreds of browser games, but most of them allow me to build up more buildings and research more techs at the same time. And Even in the first 10 minutes, I can build a relatively beautiful village with some functional buildings. However, Age of Patrons does the opposite way. I have a very bad experience. If I am not are reviewer, I would quit this game instinctively.

If I have to find some interesting elements, I perhaps recommend its Arena feature. In this part, you can create Challenge and setup Gold Bet. If you win a challenge, you will climb to Championship and get Gold. What is really interesting here should be credit to its Bet setup. So try to set up a proper Bet before you create a Challenge.  Also you can change ingame currency Diamonds to Gold.

Once you have mastered how to play the game, you will soon realize you need Diamond badly, either to buy some items and challenge others.


Finding a new game is surprising, but playing a tedious game is not funny. I personally like strategy games with full screenshots and smooth experience. If face-paced, that would be better. But Age of Patrons should do more, maybe more urgent part the team should learn is new technology.

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