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Age of Titans

Age of Titans

Release Date:  03/03/2012
Publisher:  IGG
Developer:  IGG
Genre:  MMORPG

Age of Titans (Chinese: 泰坦战争) is a free to play 3D MMORPG developed by China-based IGG, the maker of 100 Years War and Galaxy Online.  The game was officially announced in 2010. And in March 3, 2012, IGG unobtrusively brought the game to Facebook, demonstrating its latest efforts to make an authentic 3D MMORPG, as well as to seamlessly integrate it into Facebook platform. Players only need to download a mini webplayer plugin before running the full HD version.


Age of Titans (AoT) is a 3D browser-based MMORPG transformed from its client-based version. You can start playing it after downloading a small plug-in from its Facebook link. The first 20 levels are solo quests, mostly map traveling and warming-up fighting, which naturally prepare you for the optional events that are relatively tough and complicated.

The game is not about a faceless soldier dreaming about throne. You are a revived god remembered by all gods as “light of chaos”. The instructor-NPCs that used to give you lessons become your admirers, telling they are longing to see you and help you regain some memory. On the second level, you are allowed to ride on a phoenix to battle the final boss and known as killed. On the fifth level, you are given two pets, deemed as your childhood pet returned to you.

Compared with cartoons that star youngsters, I prefer adults for the roles of gods. Characters in AoT are wonderful looking from a distance, with no clear face, however. Monsters in the game are large sized. More than half of them that you have killed so easily are bigger than your avatar. If you are someone allergic to small things, this game is for you.

There are various monsters to keep your weapons warm, such as human-faced horses, woman-shaped flowers, single-footed scarecrows, Iceland apes, and seabed animals. There are so many of them that they look like troops in training. You can team up with your nearby players, whose names are listed in your “nearby” tab under “team”. But the team has to get ready before entering a dungeon, where you will be torn to pieces by the offensive monsters if you go there alone.

AoT contains any element for MMORPG, with an endless upgradability for all that must be enhanced, an endless changeability for all that must be changed, plenty of chances to purchase for all emergency moments and the farther you go ahead, the harder you want to smash the game to liquid, with your evil money, with cunning wit. Even though some games, such as Pirate Storm and, AoT may reduce your golds or consumables over a night, you won’t look into it until all your cards and gold coins have gone to instant revival or express shop purchase for potions whatsoever.

AoT is trying to be a beautiful world, beautiful enough to claim some relationship with some age of titans, gods or the noblest legends. Yes, it’s about the notable or notorious ancient gods of Greece. But graphically, the game doesn’t stick firmly to godliness, just like any other so-called fantasy. Country road is nice, but a myth-themed game must have tried to rid itself from any agricultural clue. Paved road is decent, but it is disgusting to me. Although 99% of the movies, TV works have shown us the luxury and idleness of gods, I still expect to see a different childhood of our humankind where, the gods may be dressed in rags, starving, laboring on a weak bridge.

This is an age for some titans, but not for Greek titans. And they are not for happy titans, nor for bitter titans that deserve happiness. The crystal waters falling or lying, and the light rays breathed out from the earth can’t save this land from looking like stonework, and the most pretty goddess can’t save the gods from being stone-hearted, stone-faced. I didn’t feel flattered when I killed an exiled son of Zeus using two strokes. It makes me more comfortable that some hesitation before killing a god does exist in this game, which asks me to end the life of someone after a failed attempt to persuade him to be good.

With the best fantasy design, the highly developed systems with as many function branches as this genre may contain, “Age of Titans” is almost about to refresh my gaming experience to some depth, but still not enough to keep it on a regular level.

39 Comments on Age of Titans


  1. Max says:

    These Grafics look awefull

  2. shawn says:

    ah yeah the graphics look extremely outdated

  3. ballesteros leomar says:

    how to revive a pet in AGE OF TITANS??

  4. non-sense says:

    this game sucks! played it for a while and crap for those who have low standard pc. they should make it friendly-user.. duh! not worth it.

  5. retry says:

    click the HD button. and the game looks very nice for a browser game

  6. Zanadu says:

    The game is interesting and fun.

  7. princesskeycy says:

    it really sucks!!!! game always reboot for me

  8. Ablazingfury says:

    Game really fun and left all my other mmorpgs to play it awsome game guys keep up the good work…… But guys you really need to make more quests and dungeons for level 50 to 60……. but expect from that really good game =]

  9. nhaldz says:

    how 2 create age of titans

  10. Mage 78 AOG says:

    Non-Sense – the only thing you can do is put into the Garbage you computer.. and don't be anger o he game.. the game was beautiful unlike you PC, go to the junk with you PC hahaa

  11. raghuram says:

    at last a good browser game for me to play it has a up and down but still nice for to play

  12. rcprojects says:

    yeah! lets see you make a better one……..

  13. ace says:

    tangina ang pangit ng laro na to!

  14. gigamesh says:

    Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server's DNS address.
    Sigh….how do i settle this problem….DC in in game while Demon Hunt…not connected since 7 july 2012…wanna TANK dungeon bosses and collect PP for equipment set lvl60 and above….=(

  15. vhylcaleb says:

    how to regester

  16. jhonson says:

    anyone want to give this game a download link not link games but most are unable to download because I have the download link so I can not go T_T

  17. fatherjhon says:

    where to get holy water for my pet?

  18. FatherMike says:

    If problems in the game were fixed in a reasonable amount of time, and customer support was just that support to their customers yes this would be a great game. In the past few weeks many players have stopped. IGG suggest you make make some changes….

  19. Vaus says:

    It's decent.. beautiful for a browser game, but otherwise rather uninteresting. The character is very powerful and can kill 10-20 enemies at a time, in a large group with an option to auto-heal. This would make grind leveling fairly easy, I guess.. and not to mention, there's auto-pathing which I personally am not too fond of. It has interesting content, none the less. The lack of races and classes is a little off-setting, too.

    As some users have stated, this game is NOT for slow-running computers/internet connection. It's graphics are too intense for a slow computer or connection to handle.

  20. garry says:

    Hi! can anyone help me.. since yesterday november 22 the game is not loading.. and i don't have any idea . what happen.. when im trying to connect the internet message box will prompt (The connection has timed out). I tried different browser but same thing happen. I deleted my antivirus.. and turn off firewall , but nothing happen same error occur. I also reset my internet connection, reset my laptop and restore to default settings.. and i tried another laptop but.. same result.But when i tried age of titans global … i can play it.. and tried it to computer shop i got no error..i can play it .im wondering what happen to my account in ph.. why i can't access it here in my house? Please help me thank you

  21. AnAn says:

    Turk war mı?

  22. Maxim Mees says:

    you need to fix the bug more often !!!!

  23. marklouie says:

    F*ck I cant connect….after maintenance.

  24. guest says:

    como faz para sentar no chão no jogo?

  25. tiago says:

    como monta no cavalo

  26. tiago says:

    como monta no cavalo

  27. Vinicius says:

    Não consigo entrar…..tentei logar no site …no face……e no google!!não consigo,já até perdi a paciência,mais o jogo em si é muito bom!

  28. Games alright, not great. Doesn't reinvent the wheel. IGG are really slow when it comes to promoting their games. Playerbase is low. Game doesnt hold ones interest too long. Games all about auto play. Shallow game if anything.

  29. angel says:

    este juego es una vacaneria

  30. Rian says:

    Rian say hello

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