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Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Snail Games
Developer:  Snail Games
Genre:  MMORPG

Age of Wushu, (Also known as Age of Wulin, Chinese: 九阴真经), is a free to play MMORPG being developed by China-based Snail Games behind mmo games like The Chosen One, Ministry of War and Age of Armor.

The game is currently in closed beta testing stage while most of beta testers had access to the game by purchasing the game’s activation code. Multiple resources said Snail Game made millions of US dollars through the sales of closed beta activation codes only. Surprisingly, a gamer, who prefers to be unnamed, spent $16000 buying an ingame sword in Chinese beta version of “Age of Wushu”.

Wushu is a term that describes all Chinese martial arts and it is also acceptable as KongFu or KungFu. Wushu is traditionally a Chinese sport in which a player or multiple players perform a series of fighting styles such as “White Crane Spreads its wings”, ”Needle at Sea Bottom” and “Wave hands like a Cloud”

In Age of Wushu, players can experience typical Chinese painting scenes and landscapes that is well-executed along with MMO virtual enviroment. Unlike other MMOs, Age of Wushu does not give players a fixed class to grow, but players could freely choose their own factions and learn various abilities and skills. They can be a fighter, or a master, and even a beggar.


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13 Comments on Age of Wushu


  1. i want to play now says:

    when the game will be out?i want to play it badly..

  2. Mrrandomaussie says:

    will the game be open for australia aswell

  3. @boanergez90 says:

    ya se puede jugar?¿__

  4. Azada says:

    Been looking for a new martial arts themed mmo since i played 9dragons. This looks awesome. Can't wait for it to come out.

  5. Rossy says:

    Someone with a beta key for "age of wulin" pls?I really want to play. mail "redviolin_rossy@yahoo.com"

  6. nathaiel says:

    nathaiel 5

  7. Brick Road says:

    Playing AoW right now and the damn storyline quest is bugged. smh

  8. Thomas says:

    this game is boss

  9. tristan says:

    So many Mega Bytes i am goin' to delete it 🙂

  10. Roci says:

    If you enjoy being ganked while you're trying to fish, or do anything else for that matter, this is the game for you. Visually stunning, absolutely beautiful. Now if they could only get rid of every player but yourself. I played this game for almost a month before they allowed everyday players into the game. Enjoyed it a lot. Two days after they let general players into the English Language game, that was all for me. Too many gankers, crybabies, and people who don't care about art, culture, or anything else. In short, your typical MMORPG crowd. Not even the Shaolin Temple (which you will see in this game, it's like walking thru the real temple itself) could give me enough artistic or game play reasons to continue the game. I should note that I also played on Chinese Language Servers, and found the people there much more bearable. I wushu luck, and a belly full of fortitude if you want to risk playing this game, let alone paying to get yourself killed for "Fun."(?) in the English version of what could be a really fine MMORPG, if it weren't for the players.

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