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Aika Online

Aika Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Gpotato
Developer:  JoyImpact
Genre:  Strategy

In the hulk of mythologies of different nations, there is in general a similar story about how a god or goddess creates various races. In occidental culture there is God making man out of clay; in Chinese myth there is Goddess Nvwa creating human beings; while in the virtual world of Aika Online, Goddess Aika is the creator. And a story of conflicts and wars will start from the very beginning when flawed races come into being.

Aika Online, a fantasy MMORPG, is themed with warfare in the setting of the land of Arcan, where two races known as Human and Zereca, doomed as immortal enemies both created by Goddess Aika, are thrusting themselves into never-ceasing wars for the supreme control of the entire land of Arcan. Against such an intensified background, the whole story of this game will involve all together five different nations into epic battles.

In this game there are six classes are available for players to choose from at will. They are Warrior, Paladin, Rifleman, Dual Gunner, Warlock and Cleric. Each archetype is endowed with a specific personality, blessed with unique strengths and cursed by its own Achilles’s Heel. For instance, warriors possess unparalleled strength which enables them to exceed in physical attack, but in otherwise perspectives they usually fall into vulnerability; paladins are supportive characters who are powerful in defense and weak in attack; and riflemen and dual gunners are heavily reliant on their weapons while warlocks and clerics on magic.

Taking up their favorite roles, players can delve into the immersive battles by person or in group. This game provides 1000 odd quests to take, 100 odd monsters to slay and 15 exquisitely designed regions to explore, which will without doubt bring about an exciting experience for players who prefer venturing alone. And when it comes to group combat, the in-game PvP system will not fail players with its three major modes which provide diversified battles from small-scaled ambushes to nationwide war of grandeur. Its battleground mode offers the smallest scale of PvP, in which players can indulge into group fighting ranging from 6 versus 6 to 24 versus 24; while the war of gigantic scope among nations to fight for hegemony will include a mode of 1000 versus 1000. Its varied PvP modes will definitely meet players’ needs via its guild battle, battleground competition and castle siege, etc.

Besides, players can also have an assistant companion after reaching level seven through the Pran System. Similar to a pet, a Pran will keep players’ company in battles and evolve from childhood to maturity. Of course there are more about this game noteworthy. Play it and you will know.

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