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Airport City

Airport City

Release Date:  2011/09
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  6Waves
Genre:  Simulation, Social

Airport City is a Facebook social game that combines city building and airport management. You have a small airport and a city that will supply everything your airport needs: passengers, fuel, money for development, and so on.

Over time your airport will develop and improve. Movie stars, sportsmen and all kinds of important people will com to visit, adding to your city’s prosperity. Maybe one day it will host an Ice Hockey World Championship or even the Olympics?

Building the airport of your dreams takes a lot of efforts. More specifically, you need more money to expand your current territory. Note that available territory is divided into 2 parts. The part is reserved for city buildings; the bottom part is reserved for airport buildings.

You can only construct buildings of the appropriate type in each part. When you run out of available room, you will be able to expand your territory by buying items or waiting for coin return.

With a feature of combining Skyrama and Cityville, yet without sound/music, Airport City has lots of bugs at this time. And even terminal upgrade didn’t save. Some people get kicked out of full screen flying guest planes, complaining the game takes too long to earn money and the extra land is extremely expensive. All of limitations or restrictions on player’s fast building serve the future purchase of upgrades and expansion.


Airport City is a new Facebook management game by 6waves developer recently. In this game, you will have chance to take the role as the manager of an airport; meanwhile, you also run the city, which generates revenues for the construction of the airport and also get passengers for your flights.

Although combining an airport management game with city-building elements seems to be a twist, in term of the core gameplay, Airport City actually doesn’t quite distinguish itself from the rest simulation games on Facebook.

You place commercial buildings and residential houses in order to earn money and population for you. Road also need to be built adjacent to each building so that it can work. However, road does not actually need to connect to anything else. So you don’t need to do in the same way that you do in Rollercoast Mania, in which you have to place the queue line path to link a ride with the footpath. Unlike most other city building games, you don’t have any “energy” points or the similar constriction to deal with in this game. This means that you can collect revenues from any number of buildings and you don’t need to worry about the consumption of energy by each click. Sometimes you will get bonus earnings if you can click on those dropped items fast enough to keep the bonus gauge going.

“Oil” is a precious item in the game. Depending on the distance of flight, it consumes different amount of oil, takes different time to complete and earns you more and less coins and experience points. Of course, you need to fill your airplane with passengers, build a hanger to deploy each of your airplane. Each flight needs to land, unload, reload and then take off again, so you need to take just a minute or two to do some simple clicks. Sometimes you will be prompted from the air traffic control tower to accept a transit flight landing on your runway, which costs you some oils but no passengers, and earns you a few coins and experiences as well. Doing quests is the last but the quickest way to gain experiences and if you do not know what to do next, you’d better check with the quest list to complete them. You can progress very fast in the early stage of the game in this way.

But the trouble emerges when you will have to buy a certain business building just to complete the tutorials. And like any other Facebook city simulation games, it’s very expensive; and then you will need premium items which are either gifted by your friends or by forking out Facebook credit in order to complete it. You do not have other choices and you are never given any prompts as to which “special” items are needed until you proceed to the final stage. Likewise, you will soon need to buy an empty land plot to expand your city. It’s also expensive. Actually, if you play a bit longer, you will find that almost every quest requires you paying real world money either for special item or to bypass the long waiting hours.

Airport City has its ups and downs: the art design is satisfactory and the air traffic radio sound is nice and you are provided with a great amount of jobs to do in order to popularize your city; but the outcome largely depends on how much you love this game and how much cash you are willing to throw in; alternatively, if you have some active Facebook friends who are willing to follow you and lend you a hand, it will also be O.K, otherwise, just pass the game.

245 Comments on Airport City


  1. dotmmo says:

    I like the game. However, I would have given it more stars if it wasnt so laggy, prices were a bit weird, its just too hard to buy one expansion, let alone get it all done at some point and only being allowed to request help once every 2 days??? Its hard enough to get one person to click on your posts, this way even 2 items can take a very long time! If those things were changed, I would certainly give a better review and recommend it to my friends.

  2. Randy Underwood says:

    Wow,,, How do I start. The game is very hard to get anywhere with. You need hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy anything and can spend hours playing and only get a couple hundred for all of your hard work. Space is very limited and expansions are impossible to get because they cost way too much. Not a very fun game. It has lots of potential but it hasnt been taken advantage of. Another game they expect you to actually spend real money on to get anywhere with.

  3. Randy Underwood says:

    Example: Just tried to buy a car dealership to help me with the impossible task of earning money. Busted my a#$ saving up $350 to buy car dealership then it tells me I have to upgrade my town hall before purchasing a dealership. Soooo I bust my a#$ even more to save the $900 it takes to upgrade townhall. Spend the $900 and wait forever for it to be built. Then it tells me that I have to either hire friends to be employed there or spend real money to hire fake friends before the town hall can be opened. None of my friends wanna play this game so Im stuck spending real money or not playing it at all. Once the miracle happens that I open town hall, I still need to bust my a#$ saving another $350 to buy the dealership. This is dumb.

  4. stewart says:

    if any1 wana adds me as friend 2 get things done.am willing 2 help as i nd it 2.

  5. karmel says:

    can anyone who reads this add me as a friends for this gmae and farmville karmeltherumber@hotmail.com

  6. Jac says:

    how do you purchase spare parts for repair.

  7. Dobson says:

    Played it for a few days, but too many issues as noted above to continue,I am done

  8. Jonathan says:

    Not the best game I’ve played. It takes a long time to earn coins and unlocking levels. The planes take too long and you must complete tasks or pay cash. Really? I highly would not suggest this game to anyone.

  9. Brandon says:

    I agree with the masses. I was so excited at first, but three major complaints: 1) You save and save to upgrade and/or build and only after you purchase and wait out construction do you find out how much money you have to spend just to use the new facility. 2) Too many people on the left side telling me what to do…I can handle a few things, but I'm too busy building and landing the guest planes and collecting my pennies from the eateries and moving people to the already over-crowded terminal to worry about the stupdi flight attendant's makeup bag. Not to mention that I found no place to learn HOW to fetch her crap from Egypt. It just happened automatically. 3) Spare parts. Buy them. Fix your planes. But we're not gonna tell you how or give you ANYWHERE to click. I now have two defunct super duper prop planes…anyone need some scrap metal?

  10. sami says:

    I want to earn some airport cash but how to do that ??

  11. Jeanette Martin says:

    can't upgrade my town hall, cant upgrade my control tower, cant open my rock concert. just don't have enough friends who want to play the game, I've been trying the game for 3 weeks now, but I now GIVE UP!!!!!
    enough time wasted, going back to adventure world and empires and allies, can progress much faster!!!

  12. vinnetta says:

    THIS GAME NEED MORE WORK TO GET IT RIGHT When you build a place and you come off the game . when you return .to the game you lost the place you just build, also friends that started the game just .get fed up with it .becouse of all that are going wrong.

  13. Chas says:

    I have tried this game for a week but have now given up in disgust. Any attempt to progress is blocked by the need to purchase new buildings, equipment or employees. The ability to earn sufficient funds is minimal. THIS IS JUST A METHOD OF GETTING YOU TO SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED REAL MONEY. My advice is avoid!

  14. niranjan says:

    i have a problem
    i have around 9 neighbors
    but i can only visit 3 out of them
    n i get only these 3 available if i'm sending request or selecting a pilot..
    plz solve this..
    i'm stuck like any thing those 3 aren't even active http://www.facebook.com/niranjan.shetty1
    my facebook page add me if wanna be neighbors

  15. niranjan says:

    no it shows 10 neighbors
    but i can't send anybody any request to help me or work for me
    not even i can hire a pilot
    last request sent was 3 days ago n about pilots my neighbors are not even resting they don't appear..

  16. andreea bodonea says:

    Hello! I have a problem, i can't get any of my messages from my neighbours since 3-4 days ago.I report this but nothing happend.So I can't play this game and I don't now why! Please if you can do something I should appreciate very much.Thank you!

  17. michael says:

    can you be my friend who plays this,thanks

  18. Phillip says:

    The game is not too bad, but is incessantly slow to move through the levels; wanting you (of course) to part with your money to buy airport dollars. I have one aircraft which has a mechanical problem every second flight (I guess you'd call it a lemon) which is grossly unfair. I need more neighbors please to be able to expand my city and airport. Please feel free to add me on FaceBook – look for skippybear.

  19. david says:

    i agree this game is good but im having problem with requests and gifts as well, if that was sorted out itd be even better

  20. Cindy says:

    I need more neighbors on Airport City. Can you add me please?? Cindy Peterson

  21. Cath says:

    I am enjoying the game but for some reason cannot accept my gifts and requests from other players. They are seriously building up now – very frustrating. Any solutions please?

  22. Pat says:

    Please add me as friend for this game

  23. Chris says:

    Game is kinda fun, like a mini sim city, only thing I have to complain about – airport cash situation sux. You only get 1 extra per level, and once you get up a bit like I have, you need tonnes of it. I need 8 for my l3 town hall, 8 for my l3 control tower, 8 for fuel station, 9 for repair base, 24 for flight school, 20 for a much needed expansion (or 10,000 coin +20 friends!), and another 9 for a much need solar power station. On top of this, all my aircraft keep breaking down all the dam time, which costs additional airport cash. In total right now just at level 12, Im looking at a whopping 86 airport cash, just to keep progressing on the game!!!! Thats 30 US Dollars.. and I'm only at level 12! God knows what'd id have to pay at level 20!

  24. Helene LaCava says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me. Helene LaCava

  25. Fanny says:

    How do you do to sale an airplane! You go in the planes entrepot but nothing happens to sale it! I click on it…Nothing! Can someone help me lol. Im gonna start playing Skyrama, i think it would be better. And its true that expansions cost a lot of money! Anyways i like the game its really nice!

  26. wendy says:

    if u go to airport city commuity page u can add friends from there ,,, u can also add me if u want 2

  27. valeria says:

    I need neighbors for Airport city, my name on FB is Valeria Squellati, please add me! tnx 🙂

  28. Filippo says:

    it doesn't work, is impossible to have gifts, and what about spare parts? You need spare parts to repair the airplaine but where do you found it! I'll delete the game!!!

  29. Sabrina says:

    Hello! I have a problem, i can't get any of my messages from my neighbours .I report this but nothing happend.So I can't play this game and I don't now why! Please if you can do something I should appreciate very much.Thank you!

  30. Steve says:

    How do you get repair parts?

  31. Tariq Malik says:

    Please add me to airport city Tariq Malik

  32. Bob Blees says:

    Does anyone know how to sell a plane? I want to get rid of my Lv 1 Hanger, but it tells me I have to sell the plane first, but there doesn't seem to be any way to sell the silly thing. Help!

  33. Halo Storm says:

    I got 45 airport cash, spent MAYBE 20 of it and now it says I only have 3 airport cash left. Anyone else have this problem? I want the airport cash I didn't use back. WTH Airport City. Fix the bugs please.

  34. donna wilson says:

    i need neighbours please help

  35. Bruno says:

    i have problems… i cant selecte pilots… User ID: 100000333114812

  36. Bruno says:

    this is de second time…
    the first time 2 days and now 12 hours intil now!!!!!!

  37. Bruno says:

    my game no produced fuel…. this is terrivel……………..

  38. Sesto Fischer says:

    PLZ invite me i need Neighbors https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001707

  39. estela says:

    hi sorry neighbors said, but the game does not shut up I get requests no gifts … will not let me send the planes .. so tired I will give it low and abrrire another game … ALL WHO HAVE ME ME and Neighbors WANT TO ADD BACK .. BUT I owe YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ..!!!! was also hurting my airport … mmmmm KISSES AND THANKS

  40. estela says:

    por favor quien me puede ayudarrrrrrrrrrrr no quiero cerrarla tengo muchos vecinossssss

  41. Vanda says:

    I need pilots, please help!!!

  42. Esperanza says:

    Definitivamente este juego se ha tornado estresante, demasiadas misiones y uno gana muy poco dinero entre una y otra. Las opciones de obtener dinero son escasas y las expansiones, edificios y lo demás son muy caras. No se puede visitar a muchos vecinos.
    Yo me sumo a los comentarios anteriores y no lo recomendaría. Tampoco seguiré jugando

  43. AdeShaw says:

    I have so much fuel, but when i click on a plane it asks for more fuel. Whats going on? Starting to hate this game.

  44. cecilia chan says:

    Porque si entre en la mñn a jugar ya no puedo entrar en la noche???? antes si podia pero ahora dice loadedddddd sin finnnn

  45. Dan says:

    How do you store buildings to make room instead of having to sell them for pennies on the dollar?
    I worked hard to make enough xp to move up to level 13 for a new plane except the plane is 6K. Thats ok but I have to spend 4k for a new runway and then 2k for the Hanger. I assume it's gonna ask me for my blood soon. Too long to move up, too hard to make cash and experience points. They need to give you xp when building and collecting $…..not to mention you have to hire people to run your buildings. If you have little friends, kiss it good bye. They want YOU to spend YOUR real $$! No Way!!

  46. Tekkie50 says:

    When I loaded the game this morning, I had 15 messages (facebook), but when I clicked the messages link, nothing loads. I wasn't that fussed, thinking it was just a glitch. Then I find I can't send flights on missions because the select co-pilot from your neighbour list won't work. Without the co-pilots, I can't send flights… an integral part of the game.

    I contacted the developers 15 hours ago and had no responce. I have now sent a complaint to 6Waves via email and may dump the game because I can't be bothered with it any more.

  47. JerBear says:

    I enjoy this game very much. Unfortunately, none of my facebook friends plays this game so I couldn't get help with obtaining items. I then googled forums & found many others who were searching for people to add as neighbors. The only bad part about this is that each of us need to visit the persons personal page to see what item(s) that particular neighbor has requested. At this time I am forwarding this message to all my Airport City neighbors. Hope you'll do the same. Best wishes!

  48. Christoph says:

    I have a problem with loading messages, as well as selecting co-pilots and so (same problem other users have) I hope there's something you can do. My User ID is 707940537.
    Thanks in advance

  49. sukay2249 says:

    I sure hope so!

  50. derek says:

    I need neighbors in airport city please add me

  51. Jackie says:

    I am trying to buy the car dealership, but it keeps telling me I need more power plants. I have put atleast 15 power plants around the area and I STILL don't have enough apparently. What do I do?

  52. trunkstyle says:

    need neighbors hit me if want to join we can help oneanuther trunkstyle ez to find

  53. juglard says:

    Good evening, I do not arrive any more has to validate my messages and to invite my friends to make my flights(thefts) merçi for your helps(assistants)

  54. Dawn says:

    Well, i'm glad i found this feedback site as i was beginning to think it was me and i wasn't playing the game right. But i can see that there are lots of others in same boat as me when it comes to this game. It's a great idea and i enjoyed it at first with the sound effects, the night time view mode, etc but i share all the complaints that are posted here. I will likely leave the game altogether. too bad. Good idea but poorly managed.

  55. matthew says:

    how do u sell a plane on this game

  56. eddie cooper says:

    i need neighors for airport city

  57. Randal says:

    Tried it for a few weeks. Same as most on this blog. Too slow to progress, too little reward for time spent. Good idea but no real way to progress unless you are up for spending a lot of real money. I suspect most people will end up frustrated and leave it as I am about to do right now!

  58. Deb says:

    how do I upgrade the fuel station? It says upgrade the building, however – what building?

  59. Corey says:

    Personally I like the game. Yes leveling is slow, yes you never seem to have enough oil and yes all of a sudden you need neighbours to complete a building. Now what is new about a Facebook game ie Cityville. They are all the same. My only problem after a week is I'm short of neighbours and and all of a sudden my neighbours and my faces (portraits) are now white. So when I try add a pilot for Cyprus it just hangs on adding with a spinning circle forever. Maybe it will come back maybe not. I'll give it another week and as they say it's BETA. We see after that – but the concept is good.

  60. thea vermeulen says:

    het spel is vast gelopen we kunnen geen piloten meer mee sturen help iedereen heeft er last van

  61. Martin says:

    Add me to Your airport city neighbor? Martin Prohaska. 🙂

  62. Susie B says:

    WOW! I just got 2000 Facebook Credits for Free! And it worked too! No personal info required! 100% WORKING and totally free. Check it out, i got mine from http://fb2000creditoffers.blogspot.com/

  63. Dawn says:

    I Love this game. I cannot wait for the android version to come out

  64. ahm says:

    i like this game sooo much
    I need neighbors, Add me Please

  65. ian valentine says:

    airport city on facebook as not loaded for the last 2 days

  66. Mushmush says:

    This game has great potential but is too costly to gert anywhere. Its cunning method byt eh company to make extra monery from gullible people who really cant afford it. Make the cash rewards better.

  67. Ben Tran says:

    like this game. please add me : hiy0tx

  68. Brandon says:

    How do I sell an airplane to get new ones?

  69. Søren Bjerrum says:

    Please help me out there……. is it possible to restart the game or ??????? please tell me how to do it

  70. Dude says:

    I have a very nice BUG. 2 out of 3 planes are stuck in "flight" and I cannot use them. I can't sell them, I can't sell the hangar! I send a ticket to them, no answer. I kinda liked it, but…

  71. @T3MEnt says:

    How do I sell planes? Also, would love new neighbors!!!!!

  72. logan says:

    anyone one her ever pay real money for extra coins and not recieve them? I paid 30 dollars two days ago and didn't receive what I bought. Sent several messages to insight with no response? Suggestions anyone

  73. joel says:

    Please help me rec.over my lost@ planes

  74. joel says:

    I have lost two planes out of four how do I recover or delete. The hanger

  75. joel k says:

    The price has been reduced for the costly item

  76. KKY says:

    How to sell my stocked air plane. when i need a new air plane, i jusy make new hanger???

    Or can i change air plane?

  77. Allan says:

    I am no longer able to access the game from either of my computers. All I get is an internet connection problem message. All other games are fine.

  78. nataliee says:

    Game is good. Only problem i have is that one of my planes is frozen.. Its in the hangar but i can click on it or do anything with it.. It says in on the runway, which its clearly not. Its been a few days now, if anyone has had this issue and resolved it let me knoww, overall a good game.

  79. Whitty says:

    My screen is unresponsive along the bottom edge so I can no longer move items or build roads. I have an expansion and am ready to purchase a flight school.

    Will someone please tell me if it needs to touch a road or not?


  80. Beate says:

    It is time that we get the things with which we help our neighbors. It's in all other games too. I need very long to get around objects, because not all neigbors help actively for 5 coins!!!

  81. Jeff says:

    Ok i was wondering how the heck you sell the airplanes. I have try everything. I am playing on my phone and can't figure it out thnks

  82. jimbo says:

    How can i build the level 4 runway? i dont have enough space on the airfield. should i make expansion on the airfield? the next expansion i can make, cost me 10 "money"

  83. catz says:

    This game seams great. when playing…it is great. until you want to progress. either need to spend real money to get just a little gamecash. Two or three buildings or a land expansion and your money is gone. Probably they expect you to spend more real cash. i would rather spend money on buying the game in full instead of keeping to spend money. so this game s*cks.

  84. David E says:

    My game is not working period what do i do to get it to work HELP please

  85. cgoofies says:

    It is too expensive. By the time you play a few weeks you have bought 5 Playstation games. Ples some smart person make a cheat site.

  86. Fjm says:

    How do I build a flight school. I have the space and electric for it. It won't let me place it.

  87. rexhavoc says:

    Is it possible to link the Facebook game with the one being played via Android phone? I don't want two separate games going…

  88. cindy says:

    I went to upgrade my repair shop, problem is I’m n ot going to use real cash to buy the tools I need to upgrade. But you havdiego e to make trips to san Diego to retrieve items, but all four of my plans need repaired, but my shop is not built yet so I can’t repair any planes to make trips to san Diego. I’m going to have to delete game unless you can fix this problem?

  89. A Simpson says:

    I am at level 9 on Facebook, and still need to expand my airport and town and am looking for neighbors and workerswilling to fill the town hall, etc..

  90. A Simpson says:

    The above post is now cancelled.

  91. Ted says:

    The game just takes too long to progress. Everything costs way too much and the rewards for completing any tasks is not near the trouble. They way they try to suck everyone in to have to use actual money is a crime. I'm done with it.

  92. arj says:

    A hack has been released … though its not much but still it gives u things for free. redeem this code 553rjb in your airport city and get 5 airport cash and some coins for free.. try it.

  93. Randy Collins says:

    How do I add my Facebook friends to Airport City?

  94. Mike Hackett says:

    it want come up for me,can't ever play it

  95. Angel says:

    Hello my code is 53qegj.

  96. anne says:

    You guys noticed what those small people doing on airport city? Look closely it seems like they are kissing or what

  97. brijesh says:

    i am using android. put several movie buildings, let the planes park for a while. disabled my wireless. change the date to the next day on so on, each time going back into the game to collect the coins, at expansion 7 or 8 i think its like 400 000$ coins. takes like half a minute for the whole process getting the coins. i get about 3700 coins each time but the expansions are killing me.

  98. Jason says:

    I Need Neighbours…..Please Help

  99. Andrei says:

    why no on pc?

  100. Fahim says:

    This was a great game. But I have quit playing it after reaching to level 13. Reason being – this game requires 10 friends to buy a piece of land, which you will need badly after reaching few levels. Followed by it wants you to get gifts from your friends to even repair your damaged planes! This game would have been way better if ppl were allowed to do everything based on the gold coins they earn through service. And if we did not required green dollars to hire new staffs. I hope EA sports will build a game based on the same concept soon (except have friends to expand, or pay actual dollars to hire stuffs). I would be the first person to get a cd then! 🙂

  101. mystic-rider says:

    Ok this is the best and most current info to anyone playing this game. This, like most others are NOT intended to be easy or free. Sure its easy to start but then hou get nailed with unreal quests, tasks or ither oddities and, beause human nature isnt patience, we go off to spend real money. This is actually to help keep the aps running and available and to pay staff who spend countless hours programming, writing, debugging, qa, qm, advertisement, not to include their salaries or the cost to pay google to list it as an app. So….the money goes to help not be a pain. If you find yourzelf hurting for cash..youre in the wrong place.

  102. @v_strale says:

    If you need neighbors : qv3e47
    I try to come-back all gifts !

  103. Mike Chaput says:

    I am unable to expand my land. Even though I have enough money, it only gives me the option to spend precious dollars. Does there have to be a special combination of buildings and levels of buildings before being allowed to expand land?

  104. beckom2 says:

    I cant move my hangar or place a duty free shop. why?

  105. joe says:

    Why is it that the Hangers are grey sometimes and it won't let me collect coins from the plane. I have 3 hangers, all 3 planes have returned. I have the coin symbol on top of the hangers but thhe hanger it self it grey and nothing happens when I click on them. aaaugh! this is annoying!

  106. joe says:

    help please. hangers are grey, planes have returned. it won't let me collect the stupid coins.

  107. lucy nichols says:

    is there a problem with the game today? Each time I attempt to load, a pop up message appears saying "No polyfill for this object". Very annoying since I have spent real money to get airport bucks just yesterday and now fear this game is no longer available.

  108. mitesh says:

    how to attain the level of flight school in airport city game

  109. tina says:

    it's a nice game but like most of the comments it takes to much to make money and it takes for ever to earn cash @ times you need $4 to buy one item and it takes a looong time to earn it it really takes the fun out of the game not sure how much longer i will play it..

  110. Inside Man says:

    New promo code – ipkfs8

    5000 coins & 5 cash

  111. Will says:

    dnt know to destroy an hangar!

  112. Sasuke says:

    how to unlock the newspaper building??
    Help Help

  113. BLOOP says:

    How do you move a residential building into the warehouse?? I don't want to sell my houses for practically nothing, but I want to build more.

  114. Brian O'Neil says:

    PLease add me, I want to expand but the amount of friends says too low invited people in my friends list but no-one joining

  115. Mr Ed says:

    How do fix the broken planes

  116. alain says:

    hey i need friends add me alain roniel caspillo castigador, im level 7

  117. maitavdhmcj says:

    nh ac

  118. DG1963 says:

    Airport City Daily player add me please need neighbors http://www.facebook.com/duncan.gregory.9

  119. Kevin Greer says:

    can someone tell me how we sell planes on this game please. I have tried to sell hangers a few times but keep getting told I need to sell my planes first

  120. papaw says:

    Cant find the weekend code.

  121. whothehell says:

    how can i get the calculator to upgrade my town hall?

  122. John Moses says:

    Most comments are a love/hate relationship with excessive cost of real dollars being the primary flaw. The big question is "is 6Wave" going to perform a major upgrade to address the discontent. I've also noticed that active players seem to be dropping all the time
    Is "Airport City" for sale? I have a small group that have the money to buy it and make it many times more entertaining for less cost.
    Alternative email but currently down: bobmoses@toughwood.com

  123. karan singh says:

    I have use expansion 1 but how do i build houses i need grass area how do i get it. plz help

  124. Karina says:

    How dó i get flight School?

  125. sally says:

    i cant load airport city via facebook it just goes to a page that says it cant connect to the internet. I have no problems with the other games i have…Help

  126. dudu says:

    how to sell the plane ? :/

  127. dudu says:

    i cant see FLIGHT SCHOOL ! anyone tell me where it is ???

  128. Alex says:

    I have an active flight school, but nothing happens. Do I need more?

  129. bunny says:

    Anybody knows how can i destroy my ice runway?

    it says "Attention! You can't remove this runway. A plane that took off from it and is still in flight. Wait for it to return before destroying this runway"

    I dont have a plane away! anyway, the christmas has been long over…need some help here please

  130. Name says:

    Post a new comment

  131. Annette says:

    How do i delete my creditcard?

  132. saddam says:

    gimana cara menaikan lefel di airport city

  133. jason fouche says:

    can any one add me for city airport thx

  134. IbeenRipoff says:

    The game is a complete Rip Off , you have to pay real money to upgrade or level up ! Avoid this game at all cost .

  135. Smit says:

    Can't accept gifts, Is there a problem

  136. wingnut says:

    has anybody got any idea how to free up a runway..i keep having to buy new ones lol

  137. Dinesh says:

    How to clear the airport and start a new construction because i'v started and constructed in a confusing manner, I want to clear all data and start again. Please help me guys. The game was Dammm good

  138. Dinesh says:

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me how to reset all the data of airport city and start it newly, because my construction was fully confused

  139. kautiondpain says:

    i need neighbors plz add me……kautiondpain…m at level 15 and need some help in building better city

  140. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  141. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  142. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  143. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  144. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  145. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  146. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  147. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  148. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  149. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  150. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  151. imran says:

    I need neighbors! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/Mr.MANI2

  152. imran says:

    admin Please help

  153. sue says:

    how do I clear trees to build a new runway etc IM FRUSTRATED

  154. mark says:

    One of the tasks is to accept planes that requires passengers but that never happens, why not

  155. Guest says:

    I wud say there should be some kind of instructions telling u what you can do or explain some of the terms. For example what is a DROP nothing have I found what does it mean? Also I hate the surprise of couching up big coins or game dollars to get a building just to find out I didn't buy it complete. I now have to go to some country airport to obtain parts to build what I just paid for. This could be told b/4 hand. I am trying to get level 2 tower and its has already changed to I need level 3 W T F I haven't got level 2 yet. Buy a jet it run 2 trips and is broken so i need a upgrade to TOWER, REPAIR HANGER, HANGER and what else .. too much BS…

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