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Airport City HD

Airport City HD

Release Date:  August 09, 2012
Publisher:  Game Insight
Developer:  Game Insight
Genre:  Simulation

Airport City HD, well, is pretty much an iOS version of Airport City Social Game. But it’s more simplified.

In this game, you will have an airport of your own and you can introduce runways, hangars, terminals, control towers, and other facilities to put the airport into use. You can serve planes by allowing them to land on runways, refueling and loading them. Then you will obtain a few coins. You are also allowed to purchase your own airplanes and then send them to places such as Egypt, Sydney, Rio, Iceland and Dubai. And of course, in that case, you have to provide all the passengers and fuel but you can also obtain various souvenirs and collectible items such as vintage clocks, holed stones and antique figurines.


The game also offers players with a small city to provide the money and resources that are necessary for the airport. In other words, you have to find out how to create more passengers, produce fuel and coins by yourself. And wherever a city is concerned, it is often the case that players have to purchase buildings in the store, construct them, and even find the required items to enable the structures to function. And this game is no exception on that front.

But Airport City HD is simplified and it is much easier to get started in the game than in Skyrama. The destinations, available or not, are listed in the flight interface and you don’t have to visit the world map, select the continent, country and the destination airport for your flights.

However, the game wouldn’t be special without its unique speeding up system, or systems. The constructions, upgrades, and even flights can be accelerated by using coins or fuel, which you can earn easily in the game instead of purchasing the premium currency.

That is not to say Airport City is flawless. Since most quests ask you to collect this or that item, send airplanes to this or that place, and service guest planes, you spend hours after hours serving planes on the runways, and occasionally gather the passengers and coins in the city. That’s too repetitive. The flights bring random items and some of the stuff you are about to collect are very rare, and you just send flights, and then receive, service and then send them back until you have got all the things you need. That is too repetitive. Also, you have to serve scores of flights, and collect from stores for many times to gather enough coins for you to buy anything from the store.

And the land you start with is very small and you have to expand it with Airport Cash or with huge amounts of coins (3000 coins or 10 Airport Cash to begin with). It was not long before I found nowhere to place any advanced runway. So I spent all the 10 Airport Cash to gain access to a vacant land, only to find one piece of land is not enough to deploy the new runway and I need to purchase one more piece (for 10,000 coins or 10 Airport Cash) next to the new one. That was when I just collected 3,000. As a result, I could not deploy and afford the advanced runway (which costs 2000 itself) unless I spend hours or even a whole day collecting and servicing planes.

If there is already Airport City HD, you wouldn’t wanna play Skyrama anymore because the new title borrows or copies the best part of Skyrama while enhancing the disappointing parts. But it has got its own problems and it is definitely unfriendly to freemium players.

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  1. John Moses says:

    Airport City HD is very comparable to 6Waves Airport City. HD is greatly simplified but as with both games too restrictive and both have bugs that need to be fixed. 6Waves is very expensive to play and I (and many others have stopped playing it). If HD follows suite then it will lose players as well. No game should cost $200 to $300 a month to play. The game companies should target perhaps $50/month if they want to maintain a following. Look at Zynga, it just lowered it's IPO price to almost 50% of the filing price because of the decline in players. Don't overlook Facebook, the biggest leach of all. I read that initially the cost per player was around $0.18 and has steadily increased to over $0.75 per player. If you want to get the price for their cash down then do not play through Facebook; play direct with the game provider if you want the price to play to stay down.

  2. PENOT says:


    Je suis foncée sur mon IPAD, la page du jeu reste fixe et je ne peux plus rien faire ?
    Mon pseudo Ambroisine14

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