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Release Date:  September 04, 2012
Publisher:  WowWee
Developer:  WowWee
Genre:  RPG

Akodomon is a mobile game in which you raise and train your own Akodomon with unique abilities, take them to battle arena and compete against other players.


Akodomon isn’t as good as it appears. It is more of a combination of baby or animal tending and dungeon exploring than a standalone RPG as it claims to be.

Six characters are available in the game, each with different merits and disadvantages. Some endure more damages, some feature high hit rates, while others enjoy high chances of dodging attacks from enemies. You choose one character and begin exploring the maps in different worlds.

Flip on any location or hold and slide your finger on the screen and you will have your character go wherever you want. There isn’t any tutorial but the controls are just intuitive and simple. And as one moves his or her finger above the screen, the character moves immediately and fluently – though not quickly enough as you would wish. Sometimes it is like you are controlling this tiny little marionette that functions incredibly well.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the game itself is good. In essence, you only explore maps slaying monsters while training, feeding and cleaning your character once in a while.

You have to have the character walk around the whole map, claim all the coins and resources, and kill all the monsters drawing near. That isn’t easy, because you are far too vulnerable when confronting multiple enemies, which is pretty much the case since the first map. You click an enemy to launch an attack at it, but after that attack, you are not allowed to launch anymore unless the cooldown time is over. And during that time, you may suffer from attacks unleashed by all the nearby enemies.

To avoid being hit and to stay alive, you must dodge the attacks. To that end, you have to move across the map over and over while occasionally give one of the monsters following you a blow. Since the map is very small, you might have to run a few laps before you launch the final blow towards one enemy. Then, you just run on and on until you are done with all the monsters – either you’ve killed them all or you’ve been killed.

It is difficult to get through even one map without missing some of the desired resources and without being killed. It is true that we adore challenges in games no matter when or how they come. But the problem is, if you have to run on and on to avoid being hurt and make so many efforts in killing each monsters in such a repetitive and boring way, why would you play this game in the first place anyway?

The character tending part seems familiar. You select a specific food in storage and put it in the middle of the screen and your avatar would eat it. Also you will hold a brush and clean the character until it is sparkling. While, that’s kind of Baby World mechanics – only this time, there is no human baby and you have unique toy characters instead.

Without brilliant original contents to brag about, Akodomon is nothing other than a disappointing title.

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