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Allods Online

Allods Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  gPotato.
Developer:  Astrum Nival
Genre:  fantasy

Explore a beautiful yet imaginative world, pilot a superb Astral Ship, slay eerie monsters alongside your friends and venture into extensive battles! Developed by AstrumNival and published by gPotato (Age of Wulin), Allods Online is a 3D fantasy-themed MMORPG where you embark on an unforgettable journey in a fictional universe Allods that is comprised of floating islands.

In fact, the present panorama of the space results from a devastating catastrophe that shattered the planet Sarnout into pieces. In the aftermath, various factions rise to power and fight for supremacy. Will you be able to put an end to all the sectarian strife?

You start the game by choosing one of the six distinct races, namely, Elves, Gibberlings and Kanians that belong to The League, and Orcs, Arisens and Xadaganians that belong to The Empire. In addition to a blood feud, the two sides are also afflicted by different viewpoints on the development of the universe. And there are also eight classes for you to select, including Paladin, Scout, Warden, Psionicist, Summoner, Mage, Healer and Warrior. You can definitely create a unique avatar with so many options available at the beginning.

As for the gameplay, you will probably be awed by its surprising similarities with War of Warcraft. As a matter of fact, many WoW elements are absorbed into Allods Online, but the game is more than a mere brazen copycat; on the contrary, it stands out among its competitors for its refined features and captivating content. In Allods Online, you can be an active part of the whole story, thus offering a deep and immersive gaming experience.

When you are in a combative mood, you can participate in ship-to-ship battles. To defeat your foes, it is necessary to constantly upgrade your Astral Ship and recruit a complete range of staff, such as engineers, repairmen, navigators and gunners etc. These posts can be filled in by your friends, and vice verse.

Except for thrilling PVE and PVP missions, you can also bask in funny mini-games like Goblinball in which you treat your little goblin as a football and kick it towards your enemy’s goal. It is really hilarious to see your goblinball fly in the sky. All in all, this serves as a good way to take a break from intense battles and demanding quests.

To sum up, Allods Online bodes well for a promising prospect for its exquisite graphics, arresting story and rich content. Though it can not be branded as a perfect game owing to some blemishes like its repetitive combat system, Allods Online is still worth a shot compared with other cliché clones.

Official website: http://allods.gpotato.com/

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  1. mmogamesite says:

    Published by Gala-Net, the new 3D fantasy sci-fi MMORPG ‘Allods Online’ released on Feb.15th, 2010. And it seems to be popular since its release, though. The planet Sarnout has been destroyed, which caused numerous floating islands in space.

    They are called ‘Allods’. The game’s scoring points probably lie in its introduction of the space opera elements and a deeper gameplay as well as the special monster designs. As usual, you have to choose one side, either for the empire or the league before participating in the ship battles. Anyway, it still looks a lot like Wow.

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