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Ambrosia: Free Online Game for Facebook – Check Our Test logs

Sara Lau
Apr 12,2011  07:04 by

Ambrosia is a social online MMORPG which much be launched via Facebook platform. The game actually got its idea from food. In practice, Ambrosia itself according to the Greek mythology refers to “food of gods”, which confers ageless immortality upon whoever consumes it. Ambrosia was developed by Chilijump, an Indonesia-based game development team consisting of only 4 personnel.

The game is simple enough, after you decide your character’s gender, you are directed to home screen. Then you can perform available quests for leveling by clicking “quest” on the top navigation bar to access the quests list. These quests are either “peel four tomatoes” or “boil an egg for lunch”, which probably sounds tediously meaningless and juvenile. But the good thing is, you don’t need to search wildly around the world map for the quests items. Similar to other text-based RPGs, the game enables you to complete a quest by selecting it among the quests list in a simple one-click fashion. Successfully accomplishing quests will earn you some ingame currency and experiences. Sometimes, you will also encounter a “mysterious hooded” enemy during a quest, you may either flee or fight against him/her. If you lose, you fail the quest. However, if you win, you will find out that the attacker is other player character. Like most pure text-based games, there’s no action or animation involved in battle. You are just given a wrap-up screen displaying battle statistics. Besides, you can also battle against other players by manually selecting your desired opponent in lobby, which is a much more effective way to gain coins and experiences than general quests although winning the battle may result in Friend Point reduction.

Each time you take on a quest, it costs you some Action Points. Maximum AP is also one of the four primary attributes of your character, and can be raised by distributable points when you gain a new level. When AP runs out, you cannot accept any quest but wait and it regenerates at the rate of 1 point of every 5 minutes.
Get bored with fighting already? The game also allows you to manage your own properties which yield income on an hourly basis. Besides, the introduction of “Ochard” concept gets the game into the spotlight. You need to take care of a sacred orchard. Sow seeds and water them gently and you will be greatly rewarded by harvesting these unique and exotic fruits, which give you special boosts.

The game also features advanced classes system, which allows characters to become truly exceptional. Any character who hits Level 10 can pick one from three choices through Cook, Alchemist, and Hunter so that you can access the special quests from which you gain rare raw ingredients or cook/transmute those ingredients into delicious food, armor and weapon to strengthen your character or even sell them in the auction house.

However, the game still has many bugs. Sometimes the game window just get stuck causing some options inaccessible. What is worse is that, the game occasionally crashes and then unable to re-connect. Apart from that, there are some minor spelling errors and even the explanation for the glossary of terms is incomplete.

Overall, for a browser-based MMORPG, Ambrosia has cute yet appealing graphics with a good paper doll system. Your avatar isn’t merely a decoration, as you can dress your avatar with various items to make him/her cooler. The interfaces are also neat, plus an animated scenery in the upper part of the window, which changes to represent where you currently are. Ambrosia is a proof, that the Indonesians are also capable of making a simple, yet decent game full of creative concepts.

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