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Legion of Heroes
  • Legion of Heroes

  • Posted on  Nov 30,2014  01:11 , by Sara Lau
  • Legion of Heroes is a new 3D mobile MMORPG developed by Ndoors and published by Nexon Mobile. Currently, the game is only available for Android and the iOS version will be coming soon. In the game, you are able to hire your heroes and build your mighty team to battle against creatures, NPC enemies in PVE  and real players in PVP. Battle in Legion of Heroes is turn-based, but when battle starts, you will have a few options to control your team like Retreat, Skip, Move and Auto. If you have already played Ndoors’s Atlantica Online, you won’t be foreign […] read »

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Gods Rush
  • Gods Rush

  • Posted on  Nov 17,2014  03:11 , by Sara Lau
  • Gods Rush, released for Android devices last October, is a mobile tactical RPG that takes you and a band of heroes and deities back into mythological times in the heart of ancient Greece. Developed by IGG, the game is free to play, and its iOS version is slated for release soon. As an RPG, Gods Rush centers around gathering a party of classic figures from Greek myths, allowing you to play characters ranging from heroes like Achilles, to gods like Poseidon and Zeus, along with beast like Cerberus and Ladon. You will have to train and level them up to […] read »

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D&D Arena of War
  • D&D Arena of War

  • Posted on  Jul 15,2013  11:07 , by Sara Lau
  • D&D Arena of War is a thrilling battle role-playing game based on the classic rules of Dungeons & Dragons, and introduces some modern mechanics such as massive in-game events and multiplayer combat, as well as simple gesture-based controls especially for mobile devices. In the game, you create your character from a selection of legendary heroes, and take on quests solo or with other players online as you explore the fantastic world of the famous Forgotten Realms. The game enables you to customize your warrior with hundreds of powers that can be upgraded and combined to your desire, and fight alongside […] read »

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Clash of Lords
  • Clash of Lords

  • Posted on  Jul 12,2013  05:07 , by Sara Lau
  • Clash of Clans is a healthy combination of tower defense and RTS that gives you the ability to command an army in order to pillage surrounding villages to gain power and resources. In the game, you have to complete quests to receive rewards and build your army. It is developed by China-based IGG behind games like Age of Titans, Wings of Destiny, and Dawn of Darkness. cheap software downloads oem Review: Prepare to enter a world of magic mythical monsters! If you have ever played my.com’s Jungle Heat or Supercell's Clash of Clans, then you will know how the gameplay works. […] read »

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Battle Dragons
  • Battle Dragons

  • Posted on  Jul 11,2013  03:07 , by Sara Lau
  • Battle Dragons is a free to play strategy game from Spacetime Games, the maker of Dark Legends and Arcane Legends. The game is a lot like my.com’s Jungle Heat, IGG.com’s Clash of lords, or Gameloft's Total Conquest, all of which are inspired from Supercell's Clash of Clans. Your primary goal is to collect resources, raise your army, and build your own village with a lot of attacking other villages peppered in. how to win back your ex Review: The game starts with the Elder Dragon teaching you how to play. If you have played any of the aforementioned games, then you […] read »

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Jungle Heat
  • Jungle Heat

  • Posted on  Jul 1,2013  02:07 , by Sara Lau
  • Jungle Heat is an RTS from my.com that offers its users a lot of fun. Much like the infamous Clash of Clans, this RTS relies on collecting resources, raising armies, building your village, and pillaging enemy villages. You will take on the role of commander and start battling against the infamous General Blood. Review: If you like Clash of Clans, then you will surely like Jungle Heat. Users will embark on a difficult campaign, but first they must establish a strong base and army to defend against enemy attacks. If, and only if, you establish your base, then you will […] read »

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  • Battlestone

  • Posted on  Jun 5,2013  03:06 , by Sara Lau
  • Following the style of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas but in bitesized local fights, Battlestone is a gem of a game worth checking out. Review: Battlestone relies on simple, yet intuitive controls and gorgeous graphics to create a genuinely entertaining experience. Gameplay consists of moving heroes around a stage and killing any baddies that pop up. You can level up your heroes’ abilities, weapons, and inventories. There are guilds for public leaderboards and the ability to duel other players’ heroes. You can have up to six heroes which they summon using battlestones or gems. However, only one hero can be used […] read »

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Cross Horizon
  • Cross Horizon

  • Posted on  May 29,2013  06:05 , by Sara Lau
  • Japan-based video game developer Marvelous AQL has just announced the limited release of Cross Horizon, a fantasy real-time action game that features story-driven quest, team-based exploration, and action-packed combat. In the game, you will wind up exploring the world of Cross Horizon in an effort to uncover the truth behind the return of the Bandit King and the visions of the Dawn Witch. During your adventure, you will meet thousands of other legendary heroes who can be recruited to defeat opponents in your way. The game also lets players learn and upgrade skills, craft powerful weapons and armor, and set […] read »

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Heroes & Monsters
  • Heroes & Monsters

  • Posted on  May 28,2013  03:05 , by Sara Lau
  • Heroes & Monsters is a matching 3 puzzle game that features stunning graphics, intuitive controls and hundreds of lovely monsters. The game is developed by China-based IGG, best known as a publisher of MMOs like Wings of Destiny and Dawn of Darkness. Playing Heroes & Monsters may immediately reminds you of Puzzle & Dragons, one of the most popular matching 3 puzzle game that features more than what Heroes & Monsters has to offer. In Heroes & Monsters, there are five types of Monsters: Water, Fire, Light, Shadow and Earth. Each elemental monsters has its own specific attributes. Of all five element monsters, […] read »

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Enemy Lines
  • Enemy Lines

  • Posted on  May 27,2013  01:05 , by Sara Lau
  • Enemy Lines is a strategy game from Kiwi. In the game, you will build your military base and train troops to battle against enemies in campaign mode or match-making multiplayer mode. Enemy Lines features a combination of what Clash of Clans offers in gameplay and War Commander in background.  You will experience a military themed Clash of Clans on your Android phone or tablet where you need to build your city with walls, defensive buildings and troops to attack AI bases to earn resources or to attack real players to earn both Badges and resources. In combat, you will have […] read »

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