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Angels Online

Angels Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Skyunion
Developer:  Skyunion
Genre:  fantasy

Angels Online is a graphically Coarse 2D MMORPG published by IGG, the China-based game company in possession of Zu Online, Galaxy Online 2, and Tales of Pirates. The game attempts to blend  all elements of what a free MMO has, but it failed to satisfy gamers who own a relatively high configuration PC.

Under the leadership of (Cai Zong Jian)蔡宗键, IGG has successfully localized and published several MMO Games in North America by the end of 2010. However, due to the improper management, IGG did not seize the opportunity to gain bullish momentum, instead, the company just scraped by on the past achievements.

In Angels Online, players are involved in a battle between Heaven and Hell.  Angels represent Heaven in an effort to bring peace to the Magical Land. While Hell is a symbol of the evil forces that try to destroy human being’s home.

If there is a mmo that looks like Angels Online, I would prefer to recommend Outspark’s anime game Luvinia Online. Both of games are not that impressive in terms of graphics, and ingame fonts.

For the skill part, Angels Online does have such a system that boost gamers to use the combative skills and magical spells to deal the heavy hit to enemies and monsters. Another system – Crafting and Mount system, however, constitutes the primary financial part because these systems are also the responsible for the imbalance for the game as a whole.

Players should follow one of four kingdoms or Factions choose from in order to fight with their hostile side in the world of the Garden of Eden (Not Eden Eternal). These kingdoms are Aurora, located on the coast and a fertile environment; Steel, the Kingdom specializes in high-tech.  The mysterious Shadow, which lies in darkness and Beast, a long-established, close to natural kingdom. The characters range from priests, to mages, to warriors and archers.


A variety of different skills, spells, items and weapons offer players plenty of opportunities for development in the level up of their characters. Additionally, pets not only help in the fight as robots, but they can be used for mounts by which players can speed up their game processing.

Players, if not stronger,  could  fight a totem, which has not only upgraded themselves, but gained better gear and titles. With guild and group, players could play and fulfil various primary and secondary quests as they are able to explore the dungeons and instances.


Lucifer, the fallen angel, is banished to hell and gathered a great multitude of demonic helpers in order to destroy the land of the Garden of Eden, which was under the protection of the other angels.  The war echoes across the Garden of Eden.

Our Review:

Since this is a free to play MMORPG made by notorious IGG, I just played three minutes and quit the game.  The game’s graphics and screenshots qualifies one of the most horrible and ugly games.

Official website http://ao.igg.com/

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