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Angel’s Wrath

Angel’s Wrath

Release Date:  April 12, 2013
Publisher:  Lekool
Developer:  Lekool
Genre:  MMORPG

Angel’s Wrath is a browser-based MMORPG with real-time combat where players explore an imaginary world, encounter characters in Ancient Chinese legends, crawl dungeons, slay monsters in the fields, collect moon flowers and other items, and battle against enemies from hostile tribes.

The game is also published by 5 Guild under the title Throne of Myth and Voomga under the title Skyripper.


Graphics in Angel’s Wrath dazzle even though the gameplay feels conventional. The diversified maps ranging from beach, pond, cavern, ancient capital to hills, and even the dungeons, are distinctive and attractive. Although the character classes are limited and no customization is allowed at the outset, the game features charming characters (including both playable characters and AI controlled characters), pets and mounts, such as fish and phoenix commonly seen in the browser game Yitien. And the characters move and battle in their own way. Take dancers as an example. The dancers carry fans as their weapon and inflict damages while dancing gracefully. And with all the diversified and beautiful characters and maps, the visuals look stunning.

Intensely focused on combat, the game pits players in endless battles against monsters including Red Fish Warriors and the leader of an ancient Chinese tribe. The maps except the capital city, as well as the multiple instances, are always densely populated with enemies. In most cases, it is players that trigger the battles and they could end it or avoid it any time they want. And the single-player instances, due to a comparatively small member of enemies, are much easier and a little boring, compared to the multi-player ones.

As is the usual practice, players should employ every possible means to enhance their protagonists’ attributes. To that end, they train spirits, equip with premium outfits, lead powerful pets, ride on advanced mounts and insert gems onto their gear. And naturally, all those methods unavoidably lead to consumption of silver or gold, and sometimes even special materials players could obtain by slaying monsters in instances or purchasing from the in-game shop.

But the game isn’t all about battling and preparing for battles. Players would put on bikinis or shorts and enjoy sunbathing on the beach, or set up their own booths and put unwanted gear and materials on sale. A Land of Creation enables players to hunt by spending premium currency for advanced gear and gems and other items.

Visually stunning and even blessed with diversified game contents and intense battles, Angel’s Wrath also has its own problems. Starting with a skyrocketing upgrade path, it slows down all of a sudden and players have to fill the gaps between the main quests by completing side quests, training quests and loop quests, many of which are identical. And the monsters and characters sometimes flood the maps, leaving the interface a total mess of identical figures and names and titles. And most importantly, in some cases, battles in or outside instances could be complete by using Auto-combat function alone, and therefore are lacking in challenges and excitement.

Angel’s Wrath comes with remarkable graphics and intense battles but also with a few glitches that could have been fixed. But anyway, it deserves a shot.

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