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Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter

Release Date:  April 2, 2012
Developer:  Kudos Media
Genre:  Pet, Social Game

Animal Shelter is an animal-care social game available on social network Facebook. The game is developed by Kudos Media, which has published social gaming applications such as Astrology and Treasure Land.

The goal of Animal Shelter is to build shelters and help rescue and take good care of Animals to make them happy and ultimately give them happy homes.

18 Comments on Animal Shelter


  1. deb says:

    how do i get supplies for the feeding I'm at level 4 & everytime I click on the drop area
    it says I have to something else

  2. alexis says:

    how do i unlock the animals that are trapped liked the panda.

  3. Natalie says:

    you have to cut the trees, chop all the grass, all the flowers, etc. then you unlock every animal at the same time! worked for me!!

  4. Emma says:

    Is there a quicker and easier way to get the panda?

  5. Larry says:

    would play again if stupid game would load

  6. sandra bradshaw says:

    this game is the pits have been playing for over a month now and in the last few days have not been able to access it

  7. Debra Guymon says:

    I haven't been able to play the game for over 3 weeks now and all my progress is gone!!

  8. Debra Guymon says:

    The game started working but todaay it stopped again. Whats wrong?

  9. Libby says:

    Is there any way you can play the game on an HTC Android Phone?

  10. Debra Guymon says:

    I can't get to Animal Shelter; is there a new link? Please let me know. Thanks

  11. Kat says:

    I cleared everything from the shelter. trees, trash, rocks, flowers and grass. but i cant rescue the panda or any others

  12. izze says:

    um so is they a easy way to unlock all of the animals

  13. Brandy says:

    I have cleared everything and can't get the panda and stuff free… What do I do?

  14. Louise Wilding says:

    I've been playing Animal Shelter for some months but there is never any answer to problems. I'm not receiving vaccines that many people have sent. It's been holding up an adoption for about a week.

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