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Anno Online

Anno Online

Release Date:  October 2012(Estimated)
Publisher:  Ubisoft
Developer:  Ubisoft's Blue Byte
Genre:  Strategy

Anno Online is an upcoming strategy browser game from Ubisoft’s Blue Byte, which previously developed the browser-based version of The Settlers Online, Silent Hunter Online and Might and Magic Heroes Online. The game was announced at GamesCom 2012 and would be set to release this Fall.


The classic Anno will soon be free-to-play in web browsers. This new spin-off, Anno Online, is going to be a city-building title combined with strategy elements.

Starting from scratch, you will occupy an island, develop the economy, and colonize other islands that provide with distinctive resources. But that is optional and you can always choose to trade with friends for the resources you need. Five islands will be available while four additional ones would be opened up for premium players only.

In city-building games like this, it is always necessary to amass all the obtainable resources to build structures, especially the prominent ones (well, in this case, cathedrals are certainly on the list) and make sure all the citizens get what they want – you’d better take your people seriously in Anno Online, because once they grow unsatisfied and unhappy, they will initiate riots.

Anno Online is developed based on Anno 1404. That explains why the medieval settings, gothic architectures, and patrician merchants all look familiar, though the visuals have been enhanced. However, the new title is not a pure reminiscent. New functions, tasks and events are introduced, promising enjoyment for fans of Anno series and new players alike.

And like most browser-based games, Anno Online will incorporate a guild system, a global chat and a mail system and allow players to check on the leader boards and their own records.

But since Anno Online is free-to-play and browser-based, some disappointments can hardly be avoided. For example, the waiting for constructions and upgrades are longer than the original. It takes several days to complete the construction of a cathedral. Of course, you can pay to skip the long waiting. But the premium currency offers few advantages beyond that – most of the items you could purchase are cosmetics only.

With the easy accessibility, reminiscent graphics and classic gameplay, Anno Online is expected to appeal to aficionados of city-building games. Nonetheless, it remains unknown whether it will be as popular as The Settlers Online, which now has over 2 million active players worldwide.

5 Comments on Anno Online


  1. rafigo says:

    please halp me can i play the online games and thank you

  2. Lotus Blade says:

    Settlers have so many players not because its a good game – settlers sucks – and i am telling this, cus i played it for almost a year so i know what is settlers online about. Its just there is too many player who played older settlers games and those players feal "nostalgia"(not sure if spelled correctly maybe nostalgy) when they play settlers online cus they can remember their past and feal verry happy, but game itself is grinding without late game content. I hope anno online will be exactly as anno offline without grinding fest.

  3. Lord says:

    chceme hrat anno 1404

  4. keith says:

    Game is spotty in stability at best. Very poor customer service.

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