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AppsGoer: Deus Ex: The Fall Review

Sara Lau
Jul 15,2013  02:07 by


Our sister website AppsGoer has just reviewed Square Enix’s latest mobile FPS RPG Deus Ex: The Fall. The game did not support Jailbroken devices even it was bought from the legitimate App Store. After Square Enix listened to player’s feedback, Square Enix had decided to remove this restriction to Jailbroken devices. However, the modification has not been live thus far. If you are using Jailbroken iPad or iPhone, please check our resolution thread.

Below is AppsGoer’s review excerpt:

Deus Ex: The Fall is a really good game. I’m excited to see a new triple-A title hit iOS. If you’re a fan of first-person shooters on iOS, Deus Ex will have no problem swooping in and becoming one of your favorite single-player FPS games on the platform. If you’re already a fan of Deus Ex, you’re going to eat this up. It is a full Deus Ex experience. There’s lots of exploration, different playstyle options, and narrative paths. Finally, I recommend this game to all but the most casual of gamers. Even if you generally dislike first-person shooters and have never played a Deus Ex game before, I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed over dropping $7 for The Fall. The production values are top-notch for iOS, the gameplay is really interesting thanks to all the non-obvious choices you’ll have to make, and the story is engaging and fleshed out with all kinds of supporting material. It doesn’t matter if you like games most for the eye candy, gameplay, or story — Deus Ex fits the bill for all three.

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