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AquaLife 3D

AquaLife 3D

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AquaLife 3D is a Facebook game putting players in control of their virtual aquariums, where they purchase, breed, raise and sell fish to earn coins, XP and diamonds.


The game as a whole is pretty rich with very much going on visually. At the start of the game, the tutorial introduces players to their fish tanks where they can see a few fish swimming about. Fish are displayed vividly onscreen and their AI moves them around realistically. They routinely swim through 3D objects like the moss and the seaweed in the tank. 3D art in the game is gorgeous, and effects such as bubbles look life-like.

In AquaLife 3D, Players will be tackling bulks of their duties like any aquarium simulator. They can tap on those fish to check with the general statistics of them. Each type of fish has a different growth period ranging from a few minutes to a couple of days. Check in frequently enough to feed before the poor little guys starve and stop growing. Feeding the fish is enjoyable as they zip up to the drifting fish food and struggle nibbling at them. The level of fish rises as they grow. Every new level adds to the fish's price and experience players can get for the fish sale. When fish gain the 5th level, they stop growing and their costs reach maximum. Cleaning a dirty tank is another standard routine maintenance. This is easily done by cleaning them with a “sponge” that your mouse pointer turns into. Pesky disturbance is that fish may die from illness or lacks of care. They float dead in the tank until player use the mouse pointer to remove them out the tank.

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Players can visit the in-game fish store to buy baby-fish. However, the game fails to deliver diversified ways allowing players to get new fish. If the game had allowed players to mate fish to produce eggs, it would be more satisfactory. Besides fish, decorations and other items can also be found in shop and they are well organized. Rather than simply sorting all items in order of what players can and can't buy at their current level, everything is grouped together in categories. Placing the mouse pointer over the portrait of the fish will bring up some fun-to-read information about the creature, which makes the game rather family-friendly and educational.

AquaLife 3D is a fun and refreshing different genre of simulator that folds in a virtual pet game. The relaxing nature of the gameplay means players can keep the game on while doing other jobs, as long as they can check back every once in a while. If you're looking to a unique experience an aquarium title that offers a richer experience than what you're used to, then dive in to AquaLife 3D.

1 Comment on AquaLife 3D


  1. Barb says:

    Love this game…very relaxing without the upkeep of a real aquarium. Beautiful graphics and soothing music.

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