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Aquarama: Bigpoint Polished Gaming System throughout the whole game

Sara Lau
Jul 20,2011  11:07 by

Bigpoint released a new update to the aquarium simulation Aquarama, with several new features successfully updated after about 20 minute server maintenance. Above all, you can invite your friends and show them your aquarium.

As you progress in Aquarama, you may get noticed that your aquarium seems to be somewhat crowded and your fish cannot enjoy more sunshine. In this new update,  you will get even more space.

Now you have more than three fish aquariums and  instead of ten, you now have 20 seats to choose from.

Another new feature is that you have access to a second feeding assistants, and thus it only takes one click to feed all the fish.

Furthermore, Bigpoint has revised maps and quests, which allows you to receive 15 daily tasks.  All players who have participated in the test phase of Aquarama could enjoy the new feed Wizard for two weeks at no cost.

Below is the update log for Aquarama

Today we have made a big update for you online, the most important changes we want to introduce here briefly.

The Buddy List
You can now invite friends and visit the aquarium of your buddies. In the aquarium of your friends you can ensure cleanliness and hug their fish without any concern.

You can e-mail your buddies using the nicknames via your friends list.

Messaging system

From now on you can send your buddies in the game a message. They will get your message and then immediately appear in the game.

New aquariums

You can now have more than three aquariums.

Aquariums expand

If your aquarium has grown to 10 seats, you have the possibility to extend this to up to 20 seats. Don’t worry, a certain number of fish will be displayed slightly smaller.

New Assistant

Many of you wished the function, namely, all the fish can be feeded though one click. We have now installed a second feeding assistant. If you have these, you can feed fish all at once in the aquarium.

NOTE: there is a change that consumes forage and fodder wizard now. Here you can choose whether you want to feed normal food or super food.

Revised Quest chain

We have revised the quest chain system. Now you get 15 quests per day. This can end your turn. At midnight, every day there are new quest chains, your achievements from the previous day are deleted. In addition, we have adapted the rewards for the quest chain.

And we would like to thank you for the many feedback that we received. We have much to let them flow into the update and will continue to work on new updates.

As a thank you for testing and feedback, each player who has taken part in the beta will be given the new wizard food for 14 days. In addition, each aquarium unlocked will be expanded to 12 seats from us.

Note: Aquarama is only available for Germany, but a game called Free Aqua Zoo is very similar to this game. If you want to play MMO games directly in browser, go to our game database.

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