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Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends

Release Date:  November 27, 2012
Publisher:  Spacetime Studios
Developer:  Spacetime Studios
Genre:  RPG

Arcane Legends is a cross platform action RPG developed by Spacetime Studios, the maker of Dark Legends and Star Legends. In the games, players role play one of three classes – Warriors, Rogues or Sorcerers, each of which are able to learn new abilities and unleash magical attack against enemies.


In Arcane Legends, players will have access to more and more class-specific skills as they progress. A rage meter is deployed in battles, enabling players to launch special attacks when it’s full. Those who join in a faction can also combine skills with other members to unlock skill combos that could cause massive or lethal damages.

You can team up with your friends or challenge any player out there. It is your choice to end battles quickly by unleashing quick attacks or to wait for the rage meter to be full so as to launch the powerful special attacks.

The game is the fourth entry into the Texas-based developer’s Legends series, whose three previous games have been downloaded for more than eight million times so far. And that makes Arcane Legends, which is due in fall 2012, an even more anticipated title.


Arcane Legends is probably the best MMORPG you've ever played on iOS devices.

The basic gameplay is familiar: you select to be a warrior, a rogue, or a sorcerer, and then you explore villages, forests, dungeons and other places, meet with NPCs, accept missions and then kill hordes of enemies and bandits. As you level up, you improve your stats and develop more skills.

Whatever your mission is, it always involves you in the adventure through a place, strange or familiar, to talk to an NPC, rescue a mother, or just go find a specified person. And almost all the places are full of enemies, you have to fight it out and take down all those in your way.

There are no mini maps for the dungeons, so players will have to find the way through the dark places all by themselves. At first, that would be fun. But as time goes by, you encounter more and more enemies, and you may often be killed and be forced back to the entrance of the current map. The deeper you explore the maps, the farther away you will have to travel back to where you are killed.

That explains why one needs to create or join a party and explore the places together with other players. Thankfully, Arcane Legends has made that quite simple. Whenever you enter a map, the game has all the players in the same map listed on the left and you could join them in the adventure. Characters of the three available classes all feature different potentials, abilities and skills. For example, warriors boast strong defense and attack while sorcerers could heal all the teammates within a certain range. It is advisable to form a team with those of different classes.

Once you have a party, you would know where your teammates are and even when they are out of sight. The yellow dots on the edge of the screen show where those teammates can be found. That merely happens when you are in the same map, but you can still join them in other maps and fulfill the missions together.

Upon killing enemies and opening chests, you will receive gold, weapons and armors, and some of those items are useless. But you don’t have to abandon them or just sell them for a small amount of gold. You can trade them with any player you meet and purchase better ones from others instead.

Don’t worry about killing a certain number of specific enemies. Arcane Legends doesn’t offer quests in that way. You flap an NPC or a mailbox with an exclamation mark and will have conversations or read letters and then will be quested with searching a place or finding a missing person. That is fascinating. But soon you will realize multiple quests only involve you in the repeated visits to the same map. What drives one crazy might not be the revisiting, however. It is the increasingly long trip between the entrances and where you got killed, as I mentioned above. Things would be better if you spend money to revive on spot or if you and your teammates are killed roughly at the same time, in which case you can travel back and fight together.

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Despite of the repetitiveness in trips, Arcane Legends is awesome. The flexible joystick near the left bottom enables players to control the character as fluently as you ever want it to be. And except the few cases where you fail to join your partners in other maps, the game runs great on iPad.

5 Comments on Arcane Legends


  1. David Young says:

    Hey guys! Absolutely brilliant concept and design. Yes! You guys have done it again. A job well done. I’m an absolute addict to every game in the legends franchise and I’m anxiously awaiting its release. I’ve heard of a beta code that is issued out and I’m curious if you guys could possibly send it my way? (I will keep it under strict personal confidence) If not then I’ll eagerly await it’s release date. I appreciate the time for you all to read this. Congratulations again on a job well done.

  2. prez says:

    when will it be released in the app store? :3 plz answer

  3. Andrax says:

    I think this game deserves a higher score since in my opinion, it's better than a similar game you rated which is kingsroad. It has better, full 3d graphics and it's overall, more better gameplay. There are room for improvements for this game like being able to select your char's gender and you play it pretty quick at the moment though I'm quite sure they are going to add more content because the current story ending implies that it's not over. In the meantime there's alot of things to do like grinding and farming for the best equipment and collecting pets aswell as the dungeon run which I find particularly fun because of how fun it is to be fighting 10-30+ enemies at the same time and the elite mode which is pretty much the same areas except it has better drops and is alot tougher, requiring you to really work with your other teammates. Also a great thing about it is you can play it on android stuff and also ios. Eh ended up making a whole review. But seriously, it's great.

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