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ARGO Online

ARGO Online

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  MGame Corporation
Developer:  Burda:ic
Genre:  Action

“Whither goest thou, America?” this is a question raised half a century ago by writer Jack Kerouac representing the Beat Generation. Now it is meaningful to dig deeper and ask “where does you go, Earth?” The argument whether the future of the earth lies in technology development or depends on nature is still controversial with no ready answer. Does this profound question only occur in a philosophy book or in UN agenda? Not at all. Gamers can ponder over that question while playing ARGO Online.

ARGO Online is a free-to-play, 3D real-time strategy fantasy MMORPG tinged with the element of Sci-Fi against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptical war-torn world. Players will enter into a post-world where is the debris and ruins after the fourth world war in the twenty-third century. In this war-shattered world, however, the fire of the raging war is not ceased yet. Two races known as the Noblian and the Floresslah are surviving and co-existing in the same land to compete for the rare resource of Earthdium with contrasting purposes. Noblian is dystopian steampunk-styled with faith in technology to re-establish civilization of the future world; while Floresslah is mystical nature-worshipping with belief in the symbiosis with nature. Divergent in the philosophy of life as well as in the future of the land, these two races are in constant conflicts and warfare against each other, since they want the same resources, precious and limited, to live out their own belief.

Players will find them enter into a complicate and in-depth narrative storyline which is woven by the past and the future at once. Players will have to take side and choose one faction to devote to according to their personal inclination to the post world. Each fraction has included eight different occupations for players to pick up. Players can assume the role of a warrior with cool steampunk-style armor armed with sophisticated weapons; or rather they also can act the role of a primitive hunter with innate preying intuitive and great prowess with bows and arrows. Whatever professions are, players can all the same create individualized characters with no resembling counterparts. Attire, weapons, skills, pets and even transportation will distinctly be designed to distinguish the two factions. For instance, nature-loving Floresslah will have animal mounts while tech-friendly Noblian will own technological vehicles. This game boasts more than a thousand quests in an interactive, huge map along with the inviting storyline. Besides, a wide range of open PvP zones and dungeons are available to explore; large battle fields for grand clashes among hundreds of players; and other systems including trading, crafting, petting and resource all work to make the whole game immersive and addictive.

Which do you favor, nature or technology? Whatever it is, one thing is for sure: it is a great honor to stay loyal to one’s own faith and fight to defense it to the end.

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