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Arktos Entertainment Brings MMO War Inc. Battlezone on Steam

Sara Lau
Jul 20,2011  01:07 by

Arktos Entertainment announced today the availability and Open beta of War Inc. Battlezone for Steam. The game offers three gaming mode, session-based gameplay, weapon customization and realistic persistent virtual world.

MMO publishers are facing increasingly higher marketing costs, and longstanding tension over the player retention. After all, hardcore players are swamped with new games and upcoming temptation every month.

Witnessing the success of Steam’s cooperation with other MMORPG publishers,  Arktos Entertainment appears more interested in this multiplayer online platform, a place where millions of players returns daily.

On July 20, 2011, Arktos Entertainment officially announced the expansion of the portfolio on Steam and players could get special bonuses before July 24, 2011. These include 5000 gold and double XP-game rate for all during the first two weeks. But there are also special weapons for all shooter fans who want to sign up for the MMO War Inc. Battlezone.

Since the game is free to play, players should be fully aware of the future sales of ingame items and Gold that are supposed to affect the balance throughout the game. Of course, this is a nice opportunity to have a new taste of MMOFPS on Steam. If you are feeling pressed to purchase the items, you can do it. If not, quit as you wish.

According to Arktos Entertainment, War Inc Battle Zone is a skill-centric shooter and players could acquire and learn new skills that will have an influential impact on the performance on the battlefield.

Shortly after  Team Fortress 2 was connected with Steam, War Inc. Battlezone may attract those TF 2 players for a short time. In the long run, that would be full of uncertainties. Let’s watch and see who will be the real winner.

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