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Armed Heroes

Armed Heroes

Release Date:  October 12, 2012
Publisher:  EGLS Technology
Developer:  EGLS Technology
Genre:  MMORPG

Armed Heroes is a 3D fantasy mobile MMORPG for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. In the game, you choose one of four class heroes to engage in battles against monsters or real players. During your adventure, you will be able to collect items, learn skills, craft weapons and more.


It won’t take more than one minute before you realize Armed Heroes is just another rip-off of so many Chinese RPGs. But hey, it’s a good one.

You still need to pick among several classes, namely warrior, archer, wizard and necromancer, and then take the responsibility to rescue the whole world. You start from reading the leading-in story, then run between the NPCs that assign tasks and enter instance maps all the time. In those maps, you slay all the monsters in a dungeon to have access to the next one. Upon killing monsters, you claim the drops including gold and equipment.

Armed Heroes would not be different if it didn’t capitalize on the iOS system. The otherwise small characters are replaced by the 3D figures; the varied maps that are always in a little distance are now changed into various small maps where you can have a vivid view of all the things included; and most importantly, the controls, which resemble those on console devices, offer new approaches to enjoy the MMORPG experience.

Remember how your level roars in those Chinese MMORPGs? Well, that’s not happening in Armed Heroes. You enter the instance maps to kill monsters for several times before you accumulate enough experience points for an upgrade. That means, you won’t have to update your equipment and armors too frequently and can just hone your battling skills instead.

The gameplay is nothing special though. Actually, besides incorporating many elements in Chinese MMORPGS, the game also borrows something from Order & Chaos Online. For example, in the character selection part, the character can be turned around and during battles, your character will automatically attack the nearest enemy – as long as the enemy is not behind it. And the new game allows players to choose a parergon, for example, fishing, cooking, smashing and forging, besides the main profession.

However, Armed Heroes is far from being as good as Order & Chaos Online. The classes are gender specific and you don’t get to customize them. And due to the limitation of the screen, it is often the case that you can’t have the enemy in your view. Since the game doesn’t allow for changing perspectives, you can only move the avatar elsewhere or observe the mini map on top right to see if any enemy is coming.

It would still be inconvenient sometimes. I chose to be a wizard, who should excel at range attacks, but the enemy monsters automatically come up and attack my avatar – and they often get too close for me to unleash the attacks. But I guess, that is what we come across in games of this genre.

The problem is, tasks sometimes do ask you to revisit previous maps. And given the fact that you might have to revive several times and then walk through the maps again and again after deaths during each visit, the revisiting and grinding might be the last things you would want.

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