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Armies of Magic Review

Sara Lau
Apr 29,2012  01:04 by

Armies of Magic is a highly entertaining game that combines the side-scrolling real-time strategy and city-building elements. As its name implies, the game lets you control an entire army and destroy your enemies using your magical abilities.

You begin the game by choosing one of the three available fantasy races – humans, elves and orcs. Each has their own set of unique battle units and technologies. After the short intro dialogue between your military leaders, you are immediately thrown into your first tutorial battles.

Armies of Magic is an incredibly simple game at its core. Both you and your opponent have a hero and there is a straight path between the two. What you need to do is to spawn your soldiers into the battle with just a few timely mouse clicks. Once a unit is purchased, it will usually walk in a straight line from your screen side end until it meets an enemy unit, at which point, both will shift their attention to hack the opponent down. Once your enemy is dead, your soldier will continue to walk towards enemy lines until it dies. The game ends whenever either of the two heroes dies. “Mine” is an important resource in the game, just as any RTS games. You start the battle with a small amount of mines, and training a sufficient amount of workers is a sure thing to do firstly in order to ensure an economic boom for building more powerful armies later. Mine patches are scattered alongside the path, so workers will also move forward to the nearest mine patch when the current mine is depleted. Try your best to throw more troops to cover your non-combat units. Although you cannot directly control your forces, watching the attack animation when massive armies engage each other is very satisfying.

Each race has a main campaign to play through. New stages unlock when you clear the current one. You can also repeatedly play cleared stages to get different achievements which will earn you unique items. Of course, it gets more difficult when you proceed deeper into the campaign. So when you find you are greatly outnumbered by enemy higher-tier units, it will be the time to concentrate on your military development in your base. Speaking of the city-building part, as a military game, the in-depth contents in city management is in no way inferior to any typical city simulation games on Facebook: You place residential houses for both your labor forces and your military recruitment; business buildings yield gold and other resources for your city; Both residential and business buildings decrease your “culture” score and when the culture score becomes zero, all the buildings will stop generating resources for you, building decoration buildings is the only way to cope with the problem. You gradually level up the technology level to unlock more building options, the tech tree branch is so big, and it offers you a great many options to improve your cities.

The social part of the game is also satisfying. You are not constricted to just visit your friend’s land to collect free bonus every day. The nice thing is that your friend may encounter some random AI attacks while they are offline. You will be prompted to help your friend either by sending expedition armies or command your friend’s armies directly. As you all know, each Facebook game starts off with a high-level “bot” friend. So you will have the chance to experience the combat visuals in a later stage of the game. It’s amazing and greatly arises my interests to progress through the game.

Armies of Magic provides an enjoyable experience and is perfect for both casual gamers and RTS veterans. The single-player is so addicting and that it will have you leading your troops into battle for hours. The city building part also won’t let any core city simulation players down.

Note: The game is nothing but a reborn version of City of Wonder and most of the ingame images are directly taken from COW.

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  1. alicia says:

    i have been trying to get this game down loaded so that i could check it out but i'm not having any success.

  2. eric says:

    you need to make some edits to this..first off the three races are human,elf,and DWARF not orc second there are no buildings that generate gold

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