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Army Attack

Army Attack

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Publisher:  Digital Chocolate

The nation is in dire situation under the surprise attack by Crimson Empire, with cities lost, towns seized, and people humiliated. However, war ending this way is just God forbidden. Counter-attack will be launched, and lost lands will be regained. Pugnacity may die hard, constantly invading the realm of peace; whereas peace always triumphs, invariably bringing the ferocious dog of war at bay. And now, commanders of Army Attack, it’s time to serve the country.

Army Attack is a Facebook warfare game by Digital Chocolate, one of leading social game publishers behind games such as New In Town, Galaxy Life and Reborn Empire.

Set in the military background, Army Attack ushers players into a turn-based furious territory war, in which recovery of lost ground is the primary task. Role-playing the military commanders, players are allotted with a small squad of military units and a limited part of the map accessible in the beginning, with competitors camping in areas unexplored or even invisible yet. With the starting contingency, players can instruct them to complete various missions following the tutorial to acquaint with the core gameplay.

To gain upper hand in the war, players ought to take two-sided measures, defensively and offensively, so as to protect controlled lands from raids and further take initiative move to free more lost ground. Thus, players need to build defensive structures such as barbed wire fences and guard towers which can shoot enemy troops once they step into the defensive parameter, while at the same time develop military units to enhance attacking ability. To enlarge units necessitates construction of relevant buildings that will not only unlock new unit types but increase the unit cap as well. For instance, Motor Pool must be constructed before armored personnel carriers can be activated and owned up to four instead of two vehicles. To construct the above structures, players need building items, which can be gained through multiple ways such as destroying enemy units and structures or picking randomly dropped ones in barricades and mine fields. Conquering enemy lands is also crucial to win supplies and cashes, which are spent on healing damaged units and defensive structures, or buying other basic or boosting items to keep the whole army well-functioned. Besides, forming alliance with friends is another key contributor to success, for friends are important resources of energy, supply, cash and various needy items, etc.


Military strategy game with turn-based combat and square grid-based map is not a well-presented genre on Facebook, Digital Chocolate’s Army Attack seems to be the only strategy simulation genre to push its way to the social gaming spaces this year.

Army Attack entrusts players into the role of a military adviser who need to lead armies to eliminate the evil Viceroy Vile in order to liberate your homeland. The game opens with a short but nice opening intro animation .After that a general from our side will walk you through a tutorial explaining the basics of the game. In general, the game integrates the elements of both grid-based SLGs and base-building strategy games. Players are presented with a top-down view map, which displays terrains, units and buildings illustrated in a cute, bright and candy-colored presentation. Like a RTS game, players build constructions in the rear and send armies to the front line. Players begin with a base set on a visible tiny pot of land, while the rest are shrouded in the fog of war. Units are roughly classified into 3 categories: infantry, mortar and tank. Infantries have widest range of movement and tanks are the most durable, and they can only attack the adjacent grids; mortars can attack targets from a distance, however, they are fragile and slow. If an enemy is within the attack range of your multiple units, no matter which one you choose to issue the attack command, all the others will coordinate supportive attack at the same time. Since attack will always cost players one point of energy, no matter how many troops are engaged in an attack; so this mechanism adds strategic way of play to some extent, although the overall gameplay is simple and lack of depth. Enemy units generally only move and attack when you approach them, but they also take their turns to initiatively move and advance towards your troops once every several hours. So players will need to carefully deploy their troops in tactic positions to hold off upcoming attacks before logging off the game.

When units get wounded or fall, plaers will have to heal them at the cost of “Fuel Tanks”, which can be either found as loot or be collected from buildings on different time basis. During the gameplay, I am always in the midst of bad circumstances, in which I have to lead a band of lower tier troops to boldly charge ahead so as to break through clusters of enemies. But I find myself suppressed by heavy fire and cannot push through because of the lack of medic support. Although, airdrops can be summoned at the expense of energies and coins as an alternative way when players are in great need of fuel tanks, they still do not suffice.

The social side of gameplay is not very satisfactory. The game doesn’t allow players to dispatch troops to allies in order to make joint attacks. Instead, players can only visit the allies’ battle ground and given five chances per day to do some favors to each of them either by clicking on an enemy to attack it or clicking on an ally unit to heal it. Besides, you will also have to ask your Facebook friends to send you Enemy Intels (another pesky list items) which are used to disperse the fog of war.

Overall, Army Attack features easy but unique pseudo-turn based combat, charming visual and thrilling audio. However, the energy and the healing system are the real problems that delay the game progress significantly. The social elements are far from being satisfied, but you can just enjoy playing it as if it were a single-player game, if don’t have any active friends in the game. The persistent enemy reinforcements provide a great amount of incentives to keep players coming back.

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