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Astro Empires

Astro Empires

Release Date:  2009
Publisher:  Astro Empires
Developer:  Astro Empires
Genre:  Sci-Fi

Does ET really exist? If so, what does it look like? These questions have been bothering us, and especially astronomers, for a long time. It is utterly understandable to be highly curious about the outer space, after all human’s exploration of the secrets of it is way too limited. So wanna feast your eyes on the vast virtual universe and experience grand battles therein? Then you must not miss Astro Empires, which is extremely engrossing and impressive.

Set in futuristic universe warfare, Astro Empires is a free to play browser MMORTS featuring 2,244,983 planets, 362,536 bases and a huge fan community. You are responsible for building up your own star empire, protecting your empire from being attacked. Even you will be assigned to complete some missions and take initiative to launch wars against your enemies, ultimately conquering and colonizing their planets. To put it in a nutshell, you are the master of the vast interstellar universe. Make your history today!

Upon logging in Astro Empires, you, in order to thrive yourempire, must choose a spot to build up your capital empire at your will or alternatively, the system will will randomly assign you to a safe place where you can produce resources, craft weapons and do scientific research. As for newbie, the latter option is more advantageous since the detailed tutorials will refer you to an experienced player step by step If you inadvertently press wrong button, leading you at loss in the expanse of the vast universe. No worries! You can always open the ingame tutorial for help.

The gameplay, It should be noted, is not targeted for fast-paced action game goers, but designed for casual gamers who would like to seek momenmetal escape from work pressure or for students spending little time for fun.

The game requires you to construct everything needed to expand, but before you devise your customizable tactics, It is advisable to center on building up economy to enhance Solar Plants and Metal Refineries which increase your credit points functioning on the one hand as the currency in real life as the backbone of your economy, with which you can build infrastructures, make spaceships and invest on research for new technology.On the other hand, the ingame economy could determine the construction speed of your buildings and units which are used to attack other players and occupy their planets.

Simple concentration on your planet is far from enough. Always remember, there are numerous players who are expanding their planets and intended to plunder yours. At due time, the send-out of scouts is necessary, otherwise you will never know the condition of your surroundings, and have no idea whether the planets at your vicinity are occupied by other players or your opponents.

In Astro Empires, single-handed fight most likely leads to demise. It is most advisable to find and join a guild to ally with and think twice when you are intended to declare wars on your opponents in case that they should be backed up by a powerful alliance. The spectacular battles in the massive universe can guarantee you a unique and unforgettable experience.

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  1. Jord says:

    Astro Empires – the browser based MMO is an awesome game! You can colonize planets and build huge galactic empires inside a massive galaxy. You can build massive fleets of powerful spaceships and join a guild to participate in large scale battles aginst other guilds. Sounds cool right? It should be, but sadly this game has a few critical flaws.

    1. The game is free to play, but you will not be able keep up with the capacities of upgraded accounts. So upgrading is a must.

    2. The build time for some advanced items are ridiculous, sometimes being hundreds of hours.

    3. Level protection is imbalanced. After you reach level 30 your open to attack from anyone. Their are many players Lv 150+ that can wipe out months of work in an instant.

    4. The customer service and administration are horrible. Not open to suggestions or refunds, they seem indifferent to most issues. People are often suspended or banned for seemingly minor infractions.

    5. Not a newb friendly game. High level players do not hit each other, and instead take great pride in running new players from the game. A visit to their heavily policed forums can confirm this.

    So in short if you want to spend months of building just to have it all destroyed in an instant this game is for you.

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