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Astro Garden

Astro Garden

Release Date:  March 2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  RedSpell

Astro Garden, also known as “the Big Farm Theory”, is a Facebook game developed by Redspell and published by 6Waves. The game, which bears a strong resemblance with Zynga’s Farmville, requires smart tactics to play. Players should be able to properly use their energy available to perform tasks.

The main purpose of the game is to build a colorful garden, raise animals, grow plants and decorate houses. Meanwhile, the game encourage smart players to do research in order to create hybrid seeds, animals, materials, weapons and decorations.


Agriculture is always a nice compliment to fighting animals, monsters, zombies or human thugs in most Facebook games. Swinging your ploughs on the farm slot, you don’t mind shining with sweat. Listening to chirps of chicks and mews of kitty, any melody from instruments sounds like intended noise. But they seem more favored just as a compliment, with little energy consumption and abundant output. When it comes to Astra Garden, agriculture is such a painfully slow cycle that you’d better learn to smile at the growing itself. Both planting and gathering need energy here. Without energy, you have to leave your chicks hungry. There are also various bad animals like yetis, wolves that would appear from among the trees when you are being a woodcutter. But it’s not big moments for allergic response. Just go ahead with your tree chopping. Your arm swings can scare them away.

Well, this is a game centering on agriculture prosperity with science and research. Primary plants are poorly cheap related to the price of their seed. But you can’t imagine how clever you are to change that. Actually, you are reduced when titled as a Creator—you can be the very “inventor” of a zebra piglet, a bee-like eggplant, and many such original things. Crafting happens to living beings, too. Such crafting can make chemicals out of organisms as well as use dead things to generate a new seed or breed a new species. Strawberry, amber and phosphorus combined gives birth to strawberry volcano, which, after planted and 2 hours of growth will be a more expensive vegetable to sell—you are a scientist and farmer, you become wealthy by leveling up your vegetables with more and more complicated recipes on research tree. No wonder the protagonist boy looks so reminiscent of Harry Potter and the instructor is obviously the respected Einstein.

There are 43 new species to invent, each having 9 stages to complete before accessible to the next species. But requirements for carrying out those wonderful recipes are not so easy to meet. As I mentioned above, laboring takes energy and studying consumes the fruits of your laboring. No frown at any paying. Even Albert Einstein needs materials for his experiment. You can try experimenting without stop while shirking from all the feeding, trading and other unrelated quests by “instant finish”. I hope it’s not a monstrous figure. But I prefer to enjoy the delicate stretching forces upon me from different choices, such as selling for immediate revenue, selling later at higher price and experimenting for new surprises. These three things are so interwoven that neither of them can go on alone without hurting your wallet. If you sell directly after foods are ripe, you make no big deal and see no funny things. If you sell the medium level foods, it will be a good waiting before ready for the next studying. And without timely feeding, pretty decorations, your comfort value will sound alarm. A small dose of danger is also there to do justice to your farmer’s muscles and give refreshment to your scientist’s heavy eyelids. Take gas spray or a bee-gun with you. They won’t let you down.

While crops, vegetables, domestic animals even fertilizer can be bought independently, the game, like Zombie Lane from Digital Chocolate, have you collect all kinds of items while chopping trees, including shoes, harps, small accessories, home comforts and butterflies. And also a complete collection can be traded at a fairly good price.

It’s really a sharp turning from action games to get used to spending energy on non-harvest activities such as planting, feeding and studying. But it’s quite essential to pull you down to earth to live a farmer’s life and enable you to enjoy the fruits as farmers do.

9 Comments on Astro Garden


  1. Ladybird says:

    ir's nothing like Farmville!

  2. Laatiidaa says:

    Whoever wrote this is clueless. The game is NOTHING like Farmville. It's a million times better, and you can't scare away the wolves with arm swinging. You get weapons for that. It's also extremely inventive with new technology and unusual crops.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I wasn't able to finish the mother's day quests because I didn't know how to get items, or what I had to do to get the prizes. Can someone tell me so that the next quests will be more knowledgeable for me?

  4. tasana says:

    i love this game
    it's AWESOME!!!!!

  5. iKlone says:

    Wow the op is clueless, seriously. 6waves brought the rights to publish this game by Redspell. Astro Garden is not worth your time. 6waves is as bad as zynga. 6waves has constantly changed the drop rates in Astro garden so many times it's just not worth playing. There is so many error messages in this game,it's ridiculous. The forums in 6waves is the same … clueless. Seriously, if you want to play either game, play The Big Farm theory. Check out the forums on Astro Garden … acutally and 6waves game, that's all the devs do, is sit there all day changing drop rates for their games, which is why allot of players left RavenWood Fair and RavenSkye City. Go play the Big Farm Theory.

  6. selina says:

    what is your name

  7. Cisco says:

    Liking the game so far!!!!!

  8. lynsey says:

    Why ca
    nt i find thé game

  9. Badger says:

    This is…awful. Did you google translate it from Korean or something? Try writing your own content, idiot.

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