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Atlantis Fantasy

Atlantis Fantasy

Release Date:  
Publisher:  kobojo
Developer:  kobojo

Atlantis Fantasy is a social game available on Facebook. It supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, and French. In Atlantis Fantasy, you must rebuild the ancient city of Atlantis, previously destroyed by Zeus in a fit of rage. You are now an apprentice god of Olympus, and need to manage the expansion of your new underwater city with the help of Poseidon, god of the sea and his wife Tethys!


Atlantis Fantasy is the second Facebook game from Kobojo after the casual game PyramidVille if my memory serves. I was referred to play this game from a Facbeook friend of mine. The first impression is surprisingly good for the game impresses me with its gorgeous graphics and creative underwater art design.

The notion of a copycat fades away as I keep moving to build and expand my city. And even what I was imaging the game is the same with City of Wonder, and Dragons of Atlantis has been proven wrong. I’d admit I have some prejudice on city building mechanics, but this one is an exception. And my deep research provides an unobjectionable conclusion: the game qualifies the best in terms of graphics.

Atlantis Fantasy presents you an underwater world where you consume energy to build up your city, produce resources like Coral, Iron, and pearly seashell. Of course, you can get them directly via actions in your city (cutting seaweed, removing ruins, etc.). This is the case for most materials (Coral, Stone, Sand, etc.). The production buildings also serve to obtain raw materials (Mine, for example), or to use your raw materials to produce other resources (Sand Factory, for example). The production system serves as the game’s core mechanics, but it is much easier to manage it.

Making progress and level-up are always astonishing and better you can show off your achievements by sharing your streaming ingame activities. The game offers a lot of options like Zoom-in-and-out, image quality adjustment, music turn-on-and-off, and fullscreen toggle though I am inclined to stick to the default settings. But if you have some troubles on finding the items or building blocks in the default mode, you can switch to the fullscreen mode after you enter the game.

One of most frequently visited place is the Boutique where you can buy all quest items and animals to complete your missions. Funny as they are, some items can be eaten while others can be used to produce materials. Also I have noticed a Leisure tab under the Boutique, but all the items under Leisure are too expensive. I can only afford the Cinemaquatik on my early stage.

Admittedly, I am a newbie to city building games, and each time I have finished some achievements in a game, I had to go back to destroy the city and re-lay out the city as a whole. In Atlantis Fantasy, you cannot destroy the buildings or roads you’ve constructed, which may be a little bit headache for my further developing. To some extent, If I want to get a well-decorated city, I have to re-create a new city using a new account. I cannot find one more solution to this issue. You got it?

The tutorial or the initial storytelling works nicely with the game system, and this also makes sense that a player can move forward to a higher level that fast. But I was just neglecting to read the dialogue with the guide and If I am going to create a new city, I will carefully read it.

As I emphasized on Atlantis Fantasy’s visual design at the beginning, I think this kind of design could meet both male and female gamers. The background music and sound suit perfectly though the developers did not invest too much on this part.

On the other hand, I have noticed some shortage of functions like fighting, and social interaction. Even I am not fully aware of what the purpose of the game is?


Atlantis Fantasy is a city building game that allows you to follow the missions throughout the game, gain experience and unlock new functions. What is differently designed between the two games is that Dragons of Atlantis happens on the earth while Atlantis Fantasy takes place underwater.

To expand your city, the temple of Poseidon must be restored. Once restored, by clicking on it and by having the number of requested resources, you can choose the land that you want to acquire.

Architect mode allows you to move buildings, animals or objects, to rotate them, to store elements of your choice in your inventory for later use, or to sell what you no longer want in your city.

Your buildings must be connected to the road to be accessible by the Atlanteans. If they are not connected to a road, they cannot be built.

In the Boutique, you can buy all the objects you need in the game. They are classified into different categories: “Agriculture” for all animals, fruits and vegetables, “Productions” for all production units such as quarries or mines, “Housing” for homes to increase the size of the population, “Leisure” for buildings that will entertain your people and bring happiness, “Decorations” to enhance your city, “Materials” for all essential raw materials and “Energy” where you can buy packs to regain strength and fill your power gauge. The category “New” includes all objects that have just come out.

53 Comments on Atlantis Fantasy


  1. john holt says:

    How can i find friends to play with in atlantis fantasy, because none of my facebook friends seem interester

  2. Laura says:

    To "destroy" objects, you can either sell (buildings) or store (decorations and roads), both buttons available in the Architect Mode. Maybe this feature was added after you wrote your review though. The social interaction comes in when you need your friends' help to collect objects to complete quests. And I always love visiting my friends to see how they've decorated! I agree with you, this is one of the best games on Facebook. The graphics are gorgeous and the music is so relaxing. I can get totally immersed in this game. The Atlanteans are SO cute, as they walk the paths or work in the production facilities. 🙂

  3. ???? says:

    i have one city but can i create a new city on the same account ?

  4. honey_smacks says:

    Hello i need neighbors And good friends in atlantis fantasy. If you would
    like add me or send a request to me ") Thank you to all ") .

  5. kayleigh says:

    I need neighbours!! Please add me!! https://www.facebook.com/kayleigh.raine?ref=tn_tn

  6. Gabriella says:

    Neighbours please! Send a message that it´s for Atlantis Fantasy, ese I won´t accept request. Happy playing & thanks https://www.facebook.com/gabriella.wingardh

  7. Connie Abbott says:

    where do I get tech help for this game for 2 days now I have had issues with this game and can find no help

  8. Jolene Turner says:

    I think that the techs have been making adjustments to the game is why we have been having issues with the game. I sure hope they fix them soon. I enjoy this game very much.

  9. Debbie Sinnett says:

    Add me as a neighbor!

  10. Debbie Sinnett says:


    add me please!

  11. Robyn Hillsman says:

    Hello! Add Me Please!!!



  13. Shirley says:

    where do i go to tell them all my Hera stuff is missing this morning.. well not all i still have pegasus and some tiles but my colums and those gold ball thnigys are missing

  14. Bernice says:

    add me please

  15. I need neighbours in atlantis add me plz

  16. CHEVALLIER Nelly says:

    nellychevallier@sfr.fr bonjour moi j'aimerais savoir pourquoi je n'ai plus la ville Atlantis Fantasy que j'ai construite (niveau ???? ) .Cela fait 4 jours maintenant que je me retrouve au point de départ . POURQUOI ????????????????

  17. Michelle Drumright says:

    s <jeremy@kobojo.com>
    I don't know if this is the right is place to leave this message. But I don't know were else to leave it. I purchased 40 pearls about a week ago and after I did I also downloaded a program which gave me an additional 30 pearls. When I did that the 40 pearls I purchased disappeared. I have been trying to figure out how to leave a message with the proper people. Hopefully this is it.

  18. atena says:

    my game doesn´t load i need help, the game doesn´t have help options it´s a mess!!!

  19. margaret sheedy says:

    my game doesnt download..so annoying…have only managed to play ikt once..really like it but cant download again..:(

  20. sandi wiseman says:

    all my little indicators are missing can't see what needs collecting, please fix

  21. Lynda Rychlik says:

    Atlantis Fantasy WILL NOT LOAD ! IT HAS BEEN 2 DAYS WILL START TOO LOAD THEN STOPS AT 47% OR 99% . Please Fix .

  22. Karron Dack says:

    How do you move the Temple of Poseidon in Atlantis Fantasy?

  23. Jessie Gagnon says:

    I can't figure out how to expand my city. Can someone help me?

  24. Joe Andersen says:

    I'm not sure if any one want this but…
    if you need neighbors in atlantis fantasy,
    me and my family play we are looking for neighbors,
    if you like to add me just leave a message with atlantis fantasy and if you want my family as well.
    Joe Andersen

  25. Joe Andersen says:

    I mean my facebook inbox

  26. Crystal says:

    Does anyone know why tech support wont reply back? I cant ask for any neighbors for items that I need to continue on, it says I have already asked them and I haven't. Its been like two months and Im getting tired of it. ANy help please?

  27. Margaret says:

    I am not very happy at this time.. I have been trying to get in the game for 1 week already..and keep getting whales are invading to reload… I would love to play love the concept.. but just cant go in.. any help please??

  28. Maryhg1212 says:

    It tells you to make (2) of each Black and White Bishops and Knights in Piece Factory, but it only has for Pawns and Rooks, so how are we suppose to make the Bishops and Knights? Someone messed up there I believe. This needs to be fixed. Hagd

  29. Maryhg1212 says:

    I have been trying to get them to fix the problem with My Atlanteans disappearing, I should have at least 23,000 Atlanteans. But I only have 13495, I guess they have tried to work on it but, then they go crazy, with billions of Atlanteans, then I lose more, when it straightens out. If I have something into production and collect it will do fine for 10 minutes then gone again. This has been going on since August of last year and on top of it all, I have at least 300 items, last count; not counting anymore that disappeared. I get reports Posiedon has found buildings and put in inventory, but no buildings, I can not complete the Fire Giant, cause I bought Rudimentary Workshop and Workshop of Demeters, also, lost just recently Infuser of Morpheus, any many items with Black Pearls, items gone, Pearls wasted. I have put in report after report since August 9th, and still do. But, to no avail. I started in playing in August, I even requested if they put these items back into the Boutique I would buy again. But these items and many others once you buy can't get again, so when you lose them, they are gone forever. I have bought 3000 Black Pearls and if you look at my City, majority of Items bought are gone. I am getting so frustrated. They won't return items and won't refund Black Pearls or the money I bought then with. I do love to play the game. If I didn't I wouldn't be playing. And Kobojo knows how long I spend playing, cause I put date and time on every pic taken. I am a loyal customer, but not being treated like one. They ignore me. Have never gotten any response from the Billing dept. They seem to care less. Can some one please do something, Please. HAGE

  30. Maryhg1212 says:

    If you are having trouble with game loading, Make sure each day to clear your browser and history, also in Adobe Flash manager clear websites. This should help, with the problem. I check My history at least twice a day cause when you go to other game sites, it goes to your history and Adobe Flash…Hope this helps… HAGE

  31. Petrovics Józsefné says:

    Nem is jön be a játék mert valami gond van

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