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Atlantis: Mermaid Town

Atlantis: Mermaid Town

Release Date:  August 15, 2012
Publisher:  Break
Developer:  Break
Genre:  Social, Simulation

Atlantis: Mermaid Town is a Facebook game from Break Media Shanghai Studio. In the game, you are this mermaid who takes the responsibility to reconstruct the mermaid town.


Atlantis – Mermaid Town is one of those games that dazzles you at first sight but fails to keep you focused soon afterwards.

The bright and colorful graphics definitely provide a feat for one’s eyes. You not only remove various plants and rocks, build dome houses, construct factories of different functions, but also add assorted decorative items onto your town. Actually in Atlantis – Mermaid Town, decorative structures are kind of the focus. And before you know it, your town would be crowded with sea warrior statues, magic campfires, crystals, pearl lamps, harpoon balloons, fortune wheel, and even the rank podium. You can imagine how colorful that is and might even picture the beauty of the town. But hey, be realistic. Games seldom give you enough space to place items. You have to put them very close to each other and you will soon be annoyed rather than entertained by all those colors in a mess.

And like lots of social garden building games on Facebook, it just puts you in endless constructions, collections, and energy shortages without offering any truly original contents. There is nothing you haven’t seen in the gameplay. The same is true with the story. It is obvious the developers have made lots of efforts to make the story immersive and fascinating but due to the limited and grinding gameplay, the game just isn’t fun. After all, how can somebody be happy if they spend hours purchasing structures, building them, removing plants and rocks to discover all the necessary items for completing the constructions, and then removing more plants and rocks to make space? It’s all about energy – and micro transactions, of course.

It is understandable that most games keep players running errands for almost every NPC (except for the enemies) while all the NPCs stand idle. Maybe it is good to be a hero, I suppose. But guess what, in Atlantis – Mermaid Town, you are not merely a hero. It burdens you with more chores. Plant and harvest crops? Why not? Build Fishstick Booth? No problem. Add a Sushi bar? OK. Calm visitors right after you defeat an offensive monster? Hell, no! The visitors don’t have to be such cowards, do they?

And without novel gameplay and intriguing story, Atlantis – Mermaid Town, I’m afraid, is simply another failure.

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