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AMZGame Officially Launches Lords Road Open Beta
  • AMZGame Officially Launches Lords Road Open Beta

  • Posted on  Jun 3,2015  01:06 , by Sara Lau
  • AMZGame today announces that the Open Beta of Lords Road will launch at 10:00 on June 3rd (06/03/2015 EDT). Over the last month, developer AMZGame has all the bugs fixed, and upon the launch of open beta, there are also some new functions added in the new servers. Lord’s Road is a browser-based MMORPG that features well-rounded PVP, robust weapon customization, and abundant side-quests that definitely make it a viable choice for those hardcore MMO fans. Lord’s Road offers players two classes to choose, warrior and mage. As you would expect, the warrior gives bonuses to physical attacks and defense, […] read »

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  • Siegelord

  • Posted on  Apr 12,2015  12:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Siegelord is a free to play MMO strategy game from 37Games. It mixes city-building and strategy in a fictional medieval continent. The main goal in the game is to raise a powerful army and cooperate with your fellow faction members in an effort to dominate the world map. The game relies upon the economic development of your city, strategic planning in both building and battling, and working with allies to achieve a complete victory over rival factions. Shortly after starting, you’ll be prompted to choose between three factions: Empire of Gorm, Nords Alliance and Kingdom of Albion. Once you select […] read »

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Dragon Atlas
  • Dragon Atlas

  • Posted on  Apr 2,2015  02:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Dragon Atlas by 37Games is a free to play side-scrolling adventure game with a variety of unique features and depth of gameplay. The game is in the world of Ymir, a land where people are able to train dragons and often come into conflict with dragons and other worldly creatures. The art-style is charming for the various characters, however enemies and dungeon backgrounds can have a darker feel which adds a nice contrast to the environment. The over-world map resembles a board game, here players move a piece across this world to explore and progress through the story. At this […] read »

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Mira Game Announces the Open Beta of Dragon Heart Online
  • Mira Game Announces the Open Beta of Dragon Heart Online

  • Posted on  Feb 3,2015  06:02 , by Sara Lau
  • After years of development, the strategy RPG “Dragon Heart Online” starts its Open Beta Test on January 31st, 2015. In the OBT, what surprises and new gameplays will Dragon Heart bring about? Let’s take a look! ➢ Three classes release Mage Master of elements. Good at both attacking and healing. Refer to Mage, the first thing we thought maybe their superb magic effect and terrible damage power. In Dragon Heart Online, Mage can not merely train in increasing damage power, but also can become a good healer to support team. Warrior As an attacker, warrior is invincible; as a defender, […] read »

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Four Thirty Three Soft-launches Blade: The Age of Blood for Aussie Gamers
  • Four Thirty Three Soft-launches Blade: The Age of Blood for Aussie Gamers

  • Posted on  Feb 3,2015  02:02 , by Sara Lau
  • Seoul, Korea – January 30, 2015 – Four Thirty Three Inc., (4:33 Creative Lab) announced the soft-launch of Blade: The Age of Blood on Australian App Store. Developed by ActionSquare, this epic action RPG generated more than 5 million downloads and was the first ever mobile game to win grand prize of Korea Game Awards in 2014. There are three different modes including Dungeon, Arena and PvP that provide single and real-time multiplayer gameplay. Blade: The Age of Blood is powered by Unreal Engine to display visually realistic and immaculate graphics which captivates dynamic sword slashes and lethal magic spells. […] read »

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IGG’s Brave Trials Hits the App Store
  • IGG’s Brave Trials Hits the App Store

  • Posted on  Dec 9,2014  11:12 , by Sara Lau
  • Developers of Castle Clash release their first action MMORPG Brave Trials on the App Store. December 9, 2014- Brave Trials, the very first action MMORPG from global game developer and publisher IGG (I Got Games) is now available on the App Store. Brave Trials has gained outstanding support from its player base on Google Play since its launch, 4 months prior. With its addition to the App Store, Apple users can now also join in on the action. Brave Trials sports anime-inspired art style and characters, breathtaking environments and soul-stirring game music. Players battle alongside Faen Creatures they can collect, […] read »

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Legion of Heroes
  • Legion of Heroes

  • Posted on  Nov 30,2014  01:11 , by Sara Lau
  • Legion of Heroes is a new 3D mobile MMORPG developed by Ndoors and published by Nexon Mobile. Currently, the game is only available for Android and the iOS version will be coming soon. In the game, you are able to hire your heroes and build your mighty team to battle against creatures, NPC enemies in PVE  and real players in PVP. Battle in Legion of Heroes is turn-based, but when battle starts, you will have a few options to control your team like Retreat, Skip, Move and Auto. If you have already played Ndoors’s Atlantica Online, you won’t be foreign […] read »

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Hero Commander
  • Hero Commander

  • Posted on  Nov 22,2014  01:11 , by Sara Lau
  • GTArcade is one of the world’s leading publishers of browser-based games (Knight’s Fable and League of Angels) you can play for free. The vast majority of these are MMORPGs. Though each game they publish puts a different spin on the story and gameplay, if you’ve played one, you’ve got a good grasp on what all the others feel like. The stories tend to be trite and the mechanics tend to be highly repetitive and largely mindless. The biggest problem with both is that they really just don’t matter — whether or not you read the story and what gameplay decisions you […] read »

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Sparta: War of Empires
  • Sparta: War of Empires

  • Posted on  Nov 18,2014  05:11 , by Sara Lau
  • Sparta: War of Empires is the latest in Plarium’s lineup of MMO strategy games for the browser. Its gameplay is practically identical to earlier Plarium games such as Soldiers Inc. and Stormfall, with its ancient Greek setting far and away being the primary difference. Like the other games before it, War of Empires blends city-building with military conquest. As your city grows, so too will your alliances with other city-states, knowledge of technology, and offensive might. Review: The game opens with a surprising alliance with Leonidas himself. Despite how busy you’d expect the king of Sparta to be with the […] read »

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Gods Rush
  • Gods Rush

  • Posted on  Nov 17,2014  03:11 , by Sara Lau
  • Gods Rush, released for Android devices last October, is a mobile tactical RPG that takes you and a band of heroes and deities back into mythological times in the heart of ancient Greece. Developed by IGG, the game is free to play, and its iOS version is slated for release soon. As an RPG, Gods Rush centers around gathering a party of classic figures from Greek myths, allowing you to play characters ranging from heroes like Achilles, to gods like Poseidon and Zeus, along with beast like Cerberus and Ladon. You will have to train and level them up to […] read »

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