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Valkyrie Crusade
  • Valkyrie Crusade

  • Posted on  Mar 25,2013  08:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Valkyrie Crusade, developed by Nubee behind Vegas Life and Da Vinci’s Quest, is an anime-style collectable card game (CCG for short) combined with strategy elements. Players collect cards, recruit troops, build structures, produce resources, battle enemies in the campaigns, and compete against other players in the world of gods. Review: Players summon archwitches or loot archwitch cards during their adventure, and recruit troops to enhance the archwitches’ damages on foes. Those cards with lovely female characters on them can be used as Attack units for battles in the campaign maps, or as Defense units which automatically battle against any player […] read »

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

  • Posted on  Mar 23,2013  02:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Hearthstone: HoW for short) is an upcoming free to play fast-paced online CCG (collectible card game) announced by Blizzard at PAX East 2013. In the game, players are able to play as one of nine Warcraft heroes, build and customize decks and then use weapons and skills or summon up magical creatures to battle against their rivals. Meanwhile, players can collect, craft and purchase hundreds of cards to diversify and enhance their decks. In an announcement during Blizzard’s PAX East Panel, Blizzard said Hearthstone will be mainly focused on 1v1 play while matchmaking campaign will be […] read »

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Zynga Released Bubble Safari for Android
  • Zynga Released Bubble Safari for Android

  • Posted on  Mar 23,2013  12:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Bubble Safari has been around on Facebook and iTune Store for quite a long time, but it was not compatible with Android phones and tablets until recently Zynga brought this bubble shooter to Google Play. Bubble Safari is a bubble shooter that was first released for Facebook and followed by an iOS version in May 2012. Over the year, the game has been expanded with plenty of new levels and the most recent expansion Bubble Safari Ocean has added a new Ocean theme. However, Bubble Safari for Android works pretty different from the web version since the web version allows players to move […] read »

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Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising
  • Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising

  • Posted on  Mar 23,2013  09:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising (RO: Valkyrie for short) is a free to play anime-style MMORPG set in the world of Ragnarok Online. In the game, the player is able to play in solo or team up with his or her friends to complete quests, hunt for items and decorate avatar as well as raise pets and ride mounts seen in RO and RO2. Review: Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising showcases a perfect example of how great a PC-based MMO is transformed into a mobile APP, delivering some amusement with nostalgia of the classic 2D MMORPG Ragnarok Online. It is visually nostalgic, as beautiful the […] read »

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Tiny Tycoons
  • Tiny Tycoons

  • Posted on  Mar 22,2013  10:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Tiny Tycoons, developed by The Tap Lab, is a location-based simulator where players can take jobs, pursue their career, make a fortune, purchase properties in whichever streets and blocks they like in a virtual world designed based on the one we reside in. Review: You pick a city among London, Paris, or New York to start your dream. Select whichever business you like and take jobs such as dusting the shelf, chopping pineapples or cleaning the bathroom, to elbow your way into the food service industry, immerse yourself into district management or turn yourself into a CEO of a famed […] read »

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War of Mercenaries
  • War of Mercenaries

  • Posted on  Mar 22,2013  07:03 , by Sara Lau
  • War of Mercenaries is a newly released strategy Facebook game, which mainly features city building, and is slightly polished by a stroke of tower-defense theme. However, overall lack of interesting twists in terms of gameplay makes it more than a commonplace strategy game. The game is developed by Peak Games, which publishes N.E.W Battles and Lost Bubble. Pros: high-resolution; great soundtrack; a detailed tutorial for beginners Cons: humdrum gameplay; much too generic graphics; obtrusive micro-transactions Review: War of Mercenaries does not stray far away from the beaten path of city builders of yore, therefore you are likely to be disappointed if you […] read »

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The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age Officially Launched After Two Months of Best Testing
  • The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age Officially Launched After Two Months of Best Testing

  • Posted on  Mar 22,2013  02:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Kabam just announced the official launch of the highly anticipated browser strategy game “The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age” after a closed beta testing that lasts about two months. The game, previously available at Kabam’s independent platform for pirate testers, is now open to public with a couple of new platforms added, including Google Chrome Web Store and Facebook. It is also planned to launch on Kongregate. The browser-based version of the Hobbit MMO comes almost half a year after the release of the iOS and Android version “The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth“, which significantly differs from the […] read »

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Kingpin Lanes
  • Kingpin Lanes

  • Posted on  Mar 21,2013  12:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Kingpin Lanes is an Unreal engine-powered bowling game where players walk into a bowling club, practice and then challenge Min and Ernie and probably more NPCs to earn bucks and unlock Challenge lanes. Review: Thanks to the support of Unreal engine, Kingpin Lanes arrives with the quality graphics commonly seen in shooters, which are universally known as the leading game genre in terms of realistic pictures. The lanes, players, Pro shop at the corner, cars parking outside and even the signs illuminated by neon light by the road are all portrayed in enough details and with sheer vividness. No matter […] read »

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Snoopy Coaster
  • Snoopy Coaster

  • Posted on  Mar 21,2013  09:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Snoopy Coaster is a casual game inspired by the classic comic strip Peanuts. In this game, you ride through the theme park, outer space, desert, snow-covered hills, scary dark mountains, and idyllic village, dazzle and entertain your characters led by Snoopy, decorate the roasters, upgrade the gear, and purchase power-ups to fly above or below the rails. Review: While Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Patty and other characters sit in the trains, you tap, swipe and even slide in a circle to claim snoopy coins, catch balloons and kites, and most importantly keep the trains on the rail and not fall […] read »

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Arkadium Launches New Social Game Taptiles Saga
  • Arkadium Launches New Social Game Taptiles Saga

  • Posted on  Mar 21,2013  08:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Immersive puzzle game uses rich storyline to draw in players on Facebook New York – March 19, 2013 – Arkadium,creators of the largest library of casual games in the world, announced the launch of its newest social game, Taptiles® Saga, a character-driven immersive puzzle game, now available on Facebook. Following the success of the top Windows 8 game, Taptiles®, this latest game in the franchise ties a rich storyline together with addictive gameplay. Unlike the other long list of saga titles on Facebook, the game reflects the true definition of a saga with an engaging mystery narrative told by a […] read »

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