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Fish Epic
  • Fish Epic

  • Posted on  Jan 8,2014  08:01 , by Sara Lau
  • Fish Epic is the latest “Epic” puzzle game from 6waves. Like most recent match-three games, it is heavily inspired by King’s highly successful Candy Crush Saga. Levels are spread out on a map and come with a variety of objectives and board shapes. Successful completion of a level will earn you stars while failure will cost you a life. Facebook integration makes it easy to challenge your friends, compare your scores, and beg them to send you extra lives. Review: As you might expect, Fish Epic features all kinds of cuddly sea creatures. Surprisingly, your journey through the fish game […] read »

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Journals of the Unknown
  • Journals of the Unknown

  • Posted on  Jan 4,2014  04:01 , by Sara Lau
  • There are fairly many hidden object games on Facebook, to name but a few, Pretty Simple Games’ Criminal Case and Zynga’s Hidden Shadows. These games, usually featuring absorbing storyline and brain-teasing hidden object puzzles, have attracted millions of players in their play. Journals of the Unknown, from developer The Other Guys, is a recent follower of this prototype. The game features a linear progression where players follow a young journalist, Jane Goodhart, in her efforts to probe into a car accident in the middle of a spooky forest. Using simple point-and-click controls, players will complete a series of hidden object […] read »

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Pudding Pop
  • Pudding Pop

  • Posted on  Jan 4,2014  04:01 , by Sara Lau
  • If you are familiar with color-matching games on mobile, you might have played a game called Jelly Splash, which racked up a surprisingly high download record and became a top free-to-play game within a week after its release. Pudding Pop on Facebook is a game that plays exactly like Jelly Splash. Review: If you are just new to a game of this type, Pudding Pop is a color-matching game asking players to connect lines of three or more adjacent puddings of the same color. The longer the line you can connect, the more points you will collect in one move. […] read »

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Critter Conquest
  • Critter Conquest

  • Posted on  Dec 27,2013  03:12 , by Sara Lau
  • Critter Conquest is a social strategy game from ClipWire Games, the maker of Castle Town, Wild West Town and Hot Slot. The game allows you to build an army of critter units and to engage in the epic battles in Solo and Multiplayer mode. With the success of Clash of Clans on mobile platforms, there are dozens of developers imitating its success by using the COC formula to make a game for different platforms such as PC, Web and Mac. Take Ninja Kingdoms for example, It is one of Zynga’s Facebook games that is seemingly inspired from Clash of Clans, […] read »

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Crazy MOBA Online
  • Crazy MOBA Online

  • Posted on  Dec 25,2013  12:12 , by Sara Lau
  • In 2003, a custom Warcraft III map called “Defense of the Ancients” was released. It would go on to become insanely successful, so much that it practically spawned a new genre of games called “multiplayer online battle arena” or simply “MOBA”, for short. There’s a chance you haven’t heard the term MOBA before, but you’d have to be living under a rock to have never heard of League of Legends, the current king of the genre. Other big players are Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth. Review: The basic premise in a MOBA is that two teams of heroes are […] read »

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Blade Hunter
  • Blade Hunter

  • Posted on  Dec 18,2013  02:12 , by Sara Lau
  • Blade Hunter is the latest from Reality Squared Games behind games such as Dragon Pals, League of Angels and Blood and Jade. Like pretty much everything else by Reality Squared, it’s a free-to-play, browser-based, MMORPG. This time, it also happens to be a beat ‘em up hybrid too. Blade Hunter pretty successfully fuses their RPG formula with what you’d expect from a good beat ‘em up — frantic button mashing, gigantic bosses, health-restoring turkey dinners stashed in barrels, and badass specialty weapons and mounts. Review: The story is pretty basic, but here it is anyway: once, a great evil called the Blade […] read »

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Psychic Clues
  • Psychic Clues

  • Posted on  Dec 16,2013  06:12 , by Sara Lau
  • Psychic Clues is a new hidden object game from a developer with practically no web presence at all: Klug Company. Before you instantly write it off for being a hidden object game on Facebook, you should know that it left me pleasantly surprised and kept me hooked throughout my time with it. Review: You see, there are several things that Psychic Clues does right that stack up to make it one of the best hidden object games I’ve ever played. First and foremost, it has a compelling theme that actually makes sense of why you’d be looking for hidden objects […] read »

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Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort
  • Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort

  • Posted on  Dec 13,2013  02:12 , by Sara Lau
  • We’re just a couple month’s away from the 2014 Winter Olympics. This year, they’re taking place in Russia’s largest resort city, Sochi. 101xp and PlayMe8 have teamed up to turn Sochi’s Olympic Games into a city-building game you can play on Facebook. As mayor of the town, it’s up to you to build up the resort, prepare it for the Olympic Games, and maybe train some talented athletes in the process. Review: At its core, Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort is a pretty standard city builder. You have a few buildings that generate resources, you spend those resources on new […] read »

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League of Angels
  • League of Angels

  • Posted on  Dec 12,2013  05:12 , by Sara Lau
  • UUZU is a relatively young Chinese company that has become a significant publisher and developer of both browser-based and mobile games over the four years since its founding. Its latest title is League of Angels, a browser-based MMORPG. League of Angels has been a huge success in China, so UUZU is bringing it to the US and Europe later this year. In League of Angels, players fight against the forces of darkness to save the beautiful angels that protect Etheria. Very similar to a pantheon of gods, Etheria’s league of angels reigns over the various aspects of human life (the […] read »

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Mystery Epic
  • Mystery Epic

  • Posted on  Dec 11,2013  01:12 , by Sara Lau
  • Mystery Epic is a hidden object game in 6waves’ line up of “Epic” puzzle games. You play a mysterious and never-seen character who has no clue who he or she is at the beginning of the game. Many of the scenes hide at least one object that gives you a clue about your identity. In the opening scene, you find a notebook and you get the sure feeling that the name on the cover is your own. The inside of the notebook contains nothing but more names, and the mystery begins. Review: The names in the notebook belong to six […] read »

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