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Ice Age Village
  • Ice Age Village

  • Posted on  Apr 10,2012  07:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Developed by Gameloft, Ice Age Village is city-building simulation game which has recently hit the Apple Store and attracted millions of downloads. Clearly, this free-to-download title is inspired by the popular film series Ice Age, making it possible for you to build a thriving village for a variety of familiar animals, including mammoths, smilodons, sloths etc. Overview: Ice Age Village adopts 2.5D visuals while the adorable characters are rendered in 2D graphics. But even so, you will be promptly fascinated by the game’s art style because of its exotic settings, exquisite designs and cuddly animals. In addition to sharing the [...] read »

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Haypi Kingdom
  • Haypi Kingdom

  • Posted on  Apr 10,2012  07:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Haypi Kingdom, developed by Shanghai-based Haypi Games, is a superb multiplayer simulation game which has achieved remarkable success on App Store and won loyal fans around the globe. Set in turbulent Europe in medieval ages, Haypi Kingdom allows you to role as a knight who uses all means to expand his own kingdom. Overview: Explore the wilderness, gain rare treasures, expand the army, compete against rivals and build the most powerful kingdom of all times! You will never get bored because hundreds of millions of players are fighting for fame, power, fortune and glory in this fantasy world. It is [...] read »

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Frontier Gunner
  • Frontier Gunner

  • Posted on  Apr 10,2012  06:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Frontier Gunner is a third-person shooter RPG which was recently brought to iOS and Android by Japan-based Asobimo. Overview: This time, you are taken to a hostile planet populated by nothing but horrifying monsters of giant physique and great power. They are running amok and wreaking havoc, threatening the prosperous yet sustainable development of our galaxy. In order to restore peace to the chaotic land, you dauntlessly embark on a hazardous journey with an aim of eliminating them all. The flames of war are ignited; epic battles are inevitable; and it’s time to take up weapons and battle it out! [...] read »

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Hero Zero Review
  • Hero Zero Review

  • Posted on  Apr 9,2012  08:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Developed by Germany-based Playata Inc., Hero Zero is the newest online flash game with superhero theme. Like most other superhero games, Hero Zero has a good variety of appearance options for character customization at the very beginning. However, once you play the game for a bit while, you will find that the gameplay leaves something to be desired. You do have the option of taking on a number of missions. Missions can be divided into two categories: time mission and combat mission. As a civilian rising from humble origins with “zero” superpower, you must pick up every small thing you [...] read »

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  • Farmerama

  • Posted on  Apr 9,2012  03:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Farmerama is an online farming simulation game developed by Bigpoint, a Germany-based gaming company behind Zoomumba, and Battlestar Galactica Online. The game gives players a farm where they can grow and harvest crops and raise animals. Review: These days, there are too many farming games available for you to play. Most of them may start off exciting and brilliant but quickly lose their appeal. No sooner had they been rolled out than they lost their competitive edge. They became deserted soon and were even abandoned by their developers. However, Farmerama is a matured, heavily played farming simulation game which has [...] read »

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Crystal Conquest
  • Crystal Conquest

  • Posted on  Apr 9,2012  02:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Crystal Conquest is an upcoming anime style browser game which seamlessly integrates several popular elements together, including real-time combat, fierce action as well as strategy. Overview: Square Enix has long kept this browser-based game as a secret, but now Japanese players will have a chance to gain a sneak peek during its alpha test which will last from April 12 to April 16. The battleground of Crystal Conquest is made up of various rooms, each of which has its distinct characteristics. You can make an analysis of each room, take advantage of the layout, and come up with the best [...] read »

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Web Koihime Musou
  • Web Koihime Musou

  • Posted on  Apr 9,2012  02:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Web Koihime Musou, developed by Gamania Digital Entertainment, is a free-to-play anime-style strategy game which is going to be officially released in summer. Overview: Web Koihime Musou is a new member to the Koihime franchise which refers to a variety of works inspired by Chinese literary masterpiece The Three Kingdoms, including comics, games and cartoons. You start the game by joining in one of the three warring sides and then creating your adorable female avatar. The images of all available characters are beautifully-crafted with fabulous clothes and shining accessories. Besides, the game environment is also fantasized into a bright world [...] read »

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Facebook Game Clone: CastleVille, Flying Kingdoms and Hunger Games Adventures
  • Facebook Game Clone: CastleVille, Flying Kingdoms and Hunger Games Adventures

  • Posted on  Apr 9,2012  01:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Flying Kingdoms, noted for its similarities to CastleVille, has seen another similar game on Facebook recently. Hunger Games Adventures, as it turns out, entitles a basically old game system with a completely irrelevant name. Putting aside the cute characters and bright colorful environment that the three games design to attract players, the three games use the same gameplay, though with slightly different stories and roles. Above all, each provides several maps to explore, one of which homes the protagonist, and still waiting for unlocking step by step. The Kingdom in CastleVille, kingdom in Flying Kingdoms, and Forest Escape from Hunger [...] read »

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Diablo-style Dragon Nest? Exclusive Interview Questions about Dungeon Striker
  • Diablo-style Dragon Nest? Exclusive Interview Questions about Dungeon Striker

  • Posted on  Apr 7,2012  10:04 , by Sara Lau
  • The renowned Korean development company Eyedentiy Games held a press release on April 5 and announced its second action RPG Dungeon Striker following the success of its first title Dragon Nest. During the press conference, Jiang Zhongxin (Translated from Korea), the director in charge of Dragon Striker’s R&D answered Korean journalists’ questions towards this upcoming game, the interview is as follows: Q:Why does the game employ Anime styled characters and Diablo-style graphics? Jiang:By using Anime styled characters, we want to strengthen this 2D game’s hack-and-slash excitement. Though Dungeon Striker has many cute characters, it is not a bright casual game. [...] read »

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Skylanders Cloud Patrol
  • Skylanders Cloud Patrol

  • Posted on  Apr 6,2012  11:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Skylanders Cloud Patrol is a brand-new casual shooting game developed by Activision Publishing, a branch company of Activision Blizzard, as an ambitious gesture to enrich the popular Skylanders series. Overview: Users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will be greatly entertained by this brilliant game where they can embark on thrilling adventures and interact with familiar Skylanders characters. The fantasy world of Skylands is invaded by millions of the wicked Portal Master, Kaos. You are the one who can defeat his evil minions, liberate the chaotic land and save the innocent inhabitants. The Skylanders series are lauded as the most [...] read »

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