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My Thoughts on MMORPG
  • My Thoughts on MMORPG

  • Posted on  Sep 1,2011  02:09 , by George Roman
  • It is perhaps a little radical if we say that the doomsday of MMORPGs is imminent. But this game genre that once brought an immense amount of honor and wealth to the online game industry has exhausted all its tricks to the extent that the capital market fails to see its potentials and prospects. MMORPGs are nearing its desperate impasse as a result of outdated product concepts, obsolete operation patterns, aesthetic fatigue of players and overflow of homogeneous products. Meanwhile, their leading status is being challenged by other forms of online games, such as social games and browser games etc. […] read »

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Crystal Saga Preview, An Anime browser game like Ragnarok Online
  • Crystal Saga Preview, An Anime browser game like Ragnarok Online

  • Posted on  Aug 24,2011  04:08 , by George Roman
  • While waiting for the entry, I would like to give a brief account of the background information of Crystal Saga, such as the settings, the main storyline, etc. Like other fantasy games, it also offers the five classes, namely, knight, rogue, priest, ranger and mage. As the game is shown, you can see the characters are designed in a Japanese style manner, very adorable but quite sexy. So, let’s come to the exploration part of the Vidalia’s vibrant world. The same shift again. Tutorials tell every point I should pay attention to, such as reading the sign when getting quests, […] read »

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Google+ Games Vs Facebook Games, How about Twitter Games?
  • Google+ Games Vs Facebook Games, How about Twitter Games?

  • Posted on  Aug 22,2011  03:08 , by George Roman
  • Eariler this month, Google Plus team announced the opening up of Google Apps, leting game developers connect their games with Google +’s faithful members. The move posed a big challenge to Facebook game business because Google only charged 5% revenue share from the games’ credits while Facebook gains over as much as 30%. As reported thus far, there have been 20 games in total on Google’s social network, including Diamond Dash, Angry Birds, Dragon Age Legends, Edgeworld and Bejeweled Blitz etc. Many other games will be included in the coming months. Actually, Google had positioned itself in the game field […] read »

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ChangYou Partners with BRIDEA to bring DaVinci Online to North America and beyond
  • ChangYou Partners with BRIDEA to bring DaVinci Online to North America and beyond

  • Posted on  Aug 11,2011  09:08 , by George Roman
  • DaVinci Online, a first-person shooter developed by South Korean company BRIDEA, is going to enter into the European and American markets later this year. On Tuesday, 9 August, ChangYou US, a subsidiary of Souhu announced that it had signed an agreement with BRIDEA to exclusive distribute Davinci Online in American and European regions. ChangYou is a leading developer and operator in China and US. And the game is scheduled to launch its closed beta in North America in the fourth quarter of 2011. Earlier this year, BRIDEA has also closed a deal with a Taiwanese game company Pole Star Digital […] read »

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Titan: Blizzard’s Next New MMO
  • Titan: Blizzard’s Next New MMO

  • Posted on  Jul 20,2011  09:07 , by George Roman
  • Blizzard’s next MMO Titan, though still under development, is highly anticipated and hotly discussed in the industry. Until recently, the game was officially confirmed, but still no substantial information concerning the game has been released. So we hereby make a summary of ins and outs about Titan, the upcoming MMO from Blizzard. Blizzard Entertainment, enjoys a high reputation in the industry with its world-renowned games, such as Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. Thus we have every reason to believe that Titan will be the next sensation. Though its working title is not finally confirmed, Titan is believed to be a quasi-sequel to […] read »

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SOE Announces PlanetSide 2, More Contents to be Detailed
  • SOE Announces PlanetSide 2, More Contents to be Detailed

  • Posted on  Jul 7,2011  03:07 , by George Roman
  • Sony has confirmed they are working on the new sequel to PlanetSide. The new domain for the next installment “PlanetSide 2” has been live as of today! Rumors are always shedding some light on the real facts. No wonder those geekers are very much hepped up about rumors. For video gamers, or to be exactly, MMOFPS fans, here comes an opportunity evidencing the rumor is far from Groundless and baseless! Moments ago, SOE unveiled PlanetSide 2 teaser site with a countdown clock ticking as well as a Facebook Fan page and it will be scheduled to expire tomorrow night at […] read »

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