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Avalon Heroes

Avalon Heroes

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Burda:ic GmbH
Developer:  Burda:ic

“If I have seen farther than Descartes, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” The word of Isaac Newton, a great mind with a modest heart, is passing down through generations, still echoing out the importance of inheritance and improvement. Not confined to the scientific sphere, it is applicable in wider scopes including the online game industry. As an increasing number of players vote for “Aeon of Strife” genre, a series of DotA-inspired games make their appearance one by one. One of them is Avalon Heroes.

Avalon Heroes is a 3D free-to-play fantasy MMO that closely knits real-time strategy and role-playing element together with the core resembling the prevalent Warcraft 3 map, namely DotA. It is thusly predictable that one of the major contents of this game will be that two rival teams of heroes compete with each other to win according to the pre-set rules. Yet if that is the whole story, this game will be doomed with no foothold in the market. Standing on the shoulder of DotA, it has to provide wider and further horizon for players to engage and to stay.

Avalon Heroes provides thirty-five playable heroes at present with more to come, and it also contains seven diversified maps to explore for differentiated experience and combat styles. One player will choose one hero to start, who belongs to either Oriens or Aeonia, these two being rivals in the game. Then on varied maps, players can try out different modes. The Tutorial Mode serves as a springboard, offering introductory quests and missions for players to get familiar with gameplay and warm up. The Arena Mode begins to challenge players with the single-player style, venturous battles, in which they can only count on themselves to apply suitable strategy to defeat the Legendary Mobs; while the Battle Mode involves players in faction competition as members of a large group. Yet Avalon Heroes means much more. The Plaza Mode allows players to set up guilds communicate and socialize; the Scenario Mode fascinates players with extensive quests that contain information about the back stories of heroes and factions; and the Adventure Mode is designed for eight players to team up clearing dungeons together.

In addition to varied maps, this game also boasts well-designed skill system and an incentive kin system. But its lack of balance is as much complained as its rich variety is commended. On the whole, Avalon Heroes is above average; and with its further improvement, it will be an Ace.

Official website http://avalonheroes.en.alaplaya.net/

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