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Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  LandShark Games
Developer:  LandShark Games
Genre:  simulation

Aviator is a fun-filled aviation empire building game that promises to fulfill your desire for adventures, trading and fame, backed by numerous interesting quests and events, that will keep you coming back for more! Help your friends as they build up their own empires and have them do the same to you too. The following section describes the various parts of the game and how they can help you build up the greatest aviation empire ever seen.

A whirlwind tour of your cities. Some buildings are not available from the start of your game, and you will need to purchase them. And doing so will take your aviation empire soaring to even greater heights!

This is where passengers can be picked up. At certain points in the game, some characters may also appear in the hotel to advance your quests. Be sure to talk to them!

Depots are where cargo can be found, to be shipped to other cities. Certain quest items may need to be picked up from there too. Sometimes, you may also find mystery packages as well that you can send to your friends to aid them in their game.

To fly your plane to another city, you will need to go to where else but the airport. A regional map with all available flight links will then be displayed, for you to choose your next destination. (See regional and world map section.)

Master the intricacies of commodity trading and amass for yourself a ripe fortune. No really, it’s quite simple – buy low, sell high.

Drooling at the DC-3 your friend owns? Workshop is where you get to upgrade your plane to outshine your competition. It is also the place to customize your plane with:

  • Seats – so you can carry more passengers
  • Fuel Tanks – so you can fly further
  • Repair Units – so you can make more flights before having to repair

In the inventory page, you can see the items that you possess. These special items can be used for things such as; full instant repair to your plane, $10,000 cold hard cash (in-game currency of course), or a boost to your passenger and cargo queues for a given city. These can be obtained by purchasing them using your Facebook credits, given to you through attaining the next level, or sometimes, when a generous friend delivers a mystery package to you. To use an item, just click on it and a confirmation dialog will pop up. If you click on an item for which you have none in stock (such as the ‘ADVERT’ above), you will be presented with an option to purchase it instead.

Story pages:

The remainder of the Journal is filled with a history of all the story you’ve discovered in the game so far. You can reminisce on the sweet moments of your adventures, or refer back to an important bit of dialogue that you may have forgotten after a long flight and its accompanying jet lag (the latter would be self-induced – it is not included in the game).


The game Aviator is similar to Bigpoint’s Skyrama.

447 Comments on Aviator


  1. steve says:

    where do i find the bugatti a 35 car that i need for the mission from cairo?

  2. Mirko says:

    Cape Town.Costs 5000 and then you have to wait for 12 hours to pick it up.Make sure you have 6 free cargo slots to pick it up.

  3. Dill says:

    I've flown over Luanda dozens of times trying to photograph the giraffes, with no luck. Do I keep trying or is there something else I need to do as well as have Eva's camera on board?

  4. kbc says:

    The Spy in the sky thing takes little long time to finish, first you got to take those photographers for tours and then go to eva(i'll not tell where u can fine her) to get a list(for this you will simply have to wait 3 full days) and then you will have to the transport the dutch guy to some place…huh…heck

  5. Dan says:

    Where can I find Marike Hertzog, the missing photographer?
    Thanks :)

  6. corie says:

    to get the bugatti a35 do i need the market

  7. enric says:

    When will i be able to fly outside africa??? Level 10 now and owning a market in every station. Completed all spy chain…

  8. phil says:

    stuck in north america with no further storyline to complete…….. think my game has crashed :(

    • Chris says:

      At what point did you get out of Africa?
      I've been ignoring Bob and his stupid shopping lists. Do I need to do those?

    • aldwin says:

      I have the same problem, i am stuck on north america at 100% complete storyline

      • Mike Sawyer says:

        North America is as far as the game goes right now. Asia is opening up later this month, I believe.
        So far: Africa, Europe, North America. The game is still under development. In the meantime, you can keep racking up flight certificates from friends and leveling up (using passengers) to gear up for a faster-than-usual expansion within Asia. And, see how much cash you can accumulate, why not? I'm at over $50k now. Just because I can.

        • Dave says:

          Huh, you’re up to how much – fifty thousand? Wait until you’re at fifty MILLION – then you’ll be bored stupid like the rest of us!

      • prateek says:

        where do you start the next quest after "No business like show business" in america?

  9. Ashwyn says:

    Where do you get the boxes of coffee from

  10. A.J. says:

    I recently came across a screen that enabled me to choose what gifts you got from your friends, but now I can't find it. Can anyone advise where to locate this?

  11. aigoopi says:

    It says: "A spy in the sky – find the captured crew up North". Where do I find that crew? Another continent? If so, how to get there?

  12. Tizylish says:

    need help with crew slots, anyone interested please send a message to join!

  13. Player says:

    anyone knows where can i find marike hertzog? thx

  14. Player says:

    How do I buy the first plane upgrade after saving 35000? i dont have 2 friends playing yet

  15. rui says:

    i need at least 2 more friends… anyone pleeeeeeease?

  16. anonymous_bob says:

    @aigoopi – The crew up north iirc is in Casablanca, you have to find Haroun first and he will tell you that (he should be in Algiers or somewhere close, north relates to north Africa here). After completing that part you have to find Eva and her list. She will be in Luanda. There's a 2 day wait for the quest to move on, you'll have to go to Tipoli for a crate of hers.

  17. some1 says:

    where can i get the bugattti 31a

    this is killing me i spent 4 days searching for it

  18. BRSC says:

    im trying to find the lost flight crew but i am having trouble. it says to fly north, ive done so many times over the last couple of days but no luck

  19. MNC says:

    stuck after finishing the kilimanjaro blues quest…need help

  20. avaitorFan says:

    where to find fur lined knickerbonkers

  21. adam says:

    adam calvert

    add me for the crew please and thanks

  22. Josh says:

    add me on facebook need friends that play email badass_motherfvcker@yahoo.com

  23. avaitorFan says:

    what happens after europe's love at first sight?

  24. William says:

    Is there a requirement (level, etc.) for quests? I don't get any quests in Africa. Level 9. Got markets in all cities but one. All I get is Bob's obsession with typewriters. Help?

  25. mark says:

    i needed 27 typewriters for bob now only need 7 more but cant find them what do i do?

  26. hello says:

    no lvl req, though some need at least certain plane upgrades 1) iventory 3) supplies 5) up up and away 11) buy low sell high 17) the chamberpot…. 37) desperately seeking marike 49) cave in! 69) a spy in the sky 103 kilimanjaro blues 121) say cheese! 133)behind the masks (final africa quest)

    • William says:

      Thanks, but what are the numbers you cite? Is there a guide somewhere for what the requirements are? I guess I already did Up Up and Away, and Buy Low Sell High, but nothing others have come after that.
      A little help here?

      • Jay Thooft says:

        The numbers she is talking about are the page numbers the quest appears in your storyline

      • Jazzylegs says:

        I think you go to Cape Town and your uncle will say something and you will begin the mission "The chamberpot of Aknenaten"

  27. Hello says:

    Africa's complete Quest Diary log book 1) iventory 3) supplies 5) up up and away 11) buy low sell high 17) the chamberpot…. 37) desperately seeking marike 49) cave in! 69) a spy in the sky 103 kilimanjaro blues 121) say cheese! 133)behind the masks (final africa quest)

  28. avisekh says:

    buy it in johanneburg, go to cape town or harare and return.. you will be done

  29. Josh says:

    add me on facebook need friends that play email badass_motherfvcker@yahoo.com i'm also trying to figure out how do i change what i am asking for from my friend

    • Jake Perkins says:

      to change wat you whant you click on your own picture where you would go to send the objest to your friends and you click the i need button…..a list will show up and you pick from there

      and i play aviator my email is megabassmaster@yahoo.com

  30. Nathan says:

    i need fb friends for the game. gillspaintingservice@gmail.com please:)

  31. Rob Kablau says:

    Stuck on a quest to brinf Cristal to Harare, need three more but no market has got any, any solutions?

  32. Brent says:

    Why isn’t there a list of the quests and how to start & finish them here?

  33. mel says:

    i need aviator friends please add me diaz.mel01@gmail.com

  34. todd says:

    i need friends for this game add me T_C_Dowers@yahoo.com

  35. scott Saidel says:

    i need friends that play – I am stuck and can not move forward PLEASE ADD ME

  36. pradyuman says:

    anyone knows where is the missing phototgrapher

  37. Georgia says:

    How do you get the photo of the Zebras?

    • James says:

      Idk what I did, if it just took time..but I tried buying everything…mangos, caviar, just one of each and having it on my plane…and than it worked..good luck

  38. chris says:

    where are the typewriters? I dont know where to get them

    • Kirk says:

      Look in the market in each town. Use the "right arrow" triangle to scroll to the right, and you will see more marketplace items.

  39. mica says:

    I need neighbors for this game. Anyone want to help?

  40. MNC says:

    How do you take a photo of wildebeasts in the quest series "say cheese"?
    Had been flying over nairobi for several days and still no luck! :(

    • dejongbrent says:

      I finished that quest by saving my game repeatedly in the cities they wanted me to be in. Save the game, click on the words to close them, and save the game again. It's a lot faster than flying there over and over.

      • miodrag says:

        thx for the hint, didn't think of that, and the probability of wildebeest appearing is small enough to look like a bug.

  41. Phillip says:

    Where Can I find Marike Hertzog?

  42. Your Name says:

    wow another lame mission game with missing pieces to waste time, no thanks

  43. Adeline says:

    anyone knows how to find out about Haroun's nephew Farouk?? Thanks..

  44. adrian says:

    i've gone back and forth to go capetown a bunch of times trying to photograph the antelopes and still no picture. i even tried to refresh the page, what should i do?

  45. guest says:

    I haven't been able to find stories at Europe portion of the game. Can anyone give me some ideas?

  46. Trevor Welsh says:

    I am looking for Friends for Aviator. Please add me

  47. simeon says:

    How do I get passed 'DESPERATELY SEEKING MARIKE'

  48. Jake.D says:

    go to the hotel, speak to some people there then after the 12 hours go to the hotel, slap up your bitch, then the car is sitting waiting for you in the depo

  49. Jake.D says:

    Where is there loads of crystal?

  50. Wayne W says:

    need some AV friends… plz add… http://www.facebook.com/whagwannin

    if unable to add the normal way, u can try fbook email whagwannin@facebook.com which directs email to my fb inbox…

    otherwise leave your FB id here and i will add you!

  51. Wayne W says:

    i love it when ppl say ADD me on pages like this but when i add them they report me and i get my acct almost suspended for god knows what reason they put…

  52. coltonamt says:

    I need friends. Please help coltonamt@yahoo.com

  53. Kim M. says:

    Where can i find Marike Hertzog?

  54. Frik says:

    Need some friends pls add me facebook.com/frik.groenewald

  55. James says:

    Add me, need friends. eMail- Footballskull2@aol.com or James Thomas Mabe / Florida

  56. Matt says:

    Does anyone know what's after North America? I'm all finished…level 20.

  57. jcdeval says:

    need neighbours to get the new plane – level 10 in a day

  58. reece says:

    where is the typewriters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Mark says:

    where is Faroun? tried Algiers nothing in hotels depot.

  60. Kyle026 says:

    Guys! To find the Bugatti 35A
    – Go to Cape Town
    – Pay the blonde girl 5000 to set you up in a race
    – Come back to cape town after 12 hours

  61. G flyer says:

    Not sure really, I am still workng on it, turned that pierre guy down by mistake and he left…still looking for flower

  62. kyle says:

    Where can I find the 5 diamond tipped icepicks. I found the knickerbockers but ive gone to every city and cannot find these icepicks.

  63. shawn00766 says:

    Can u transfer money you earn from africa to europe

  64. Hello says:

    Where do u get the Pink Honey Rose flowers for Pierre to Judith?

    • Quinton says:

      you need to fly around until you eventually get back to london, where Sam will ask you to help him get the flowers for Judith instead. if you say yes, you need to fly to Vienna a few times, and then you will eventually get them, which you take to Sam in London, you must then fly him back to Vienna to meet up with Judith

      • Guest says:

        You meet the frenchman, agree to help him > fly to London, meet Sam, agree to him him > the flower is in Warsaw (as it's mentioned earlier on it was seen in Poland). You need to fly over it a couple of times. It popped up the 3-4th time for me.

  65. Colby says:

    Im having a hard time taking pictures of the giraffes, any help?

    • guest says:

      keep going back and forth

      • 0xDC says:

        Actually, there is a bug (there are many by the way) in the game. Go to the destination where you get the message that it was hard to take pictures for the giraffes. Now keep hitting the save button as many time as needed. Once you've done this a half a dozen times it will popup a message saying "Congratulations……." etc.


  66. Erik says:

    where the hell is the I NEED button?

  67. wayne says:

    Need crew please. i'll add you

  68. Mila says:

    I'm stuck on 20% in Europe and no new quests are showing up for 2 days now. Do i need to go somewhere specific? Getting annoyed.

    • derek says:

      I'm in the same spot I think. Just got message that I have an interview with a French pilot in 30 minutes and been stuck without a new popup for a long time.

    • derek says:

      Do I need to purchase another link to a different city to open up new things? What city?

    • derek says:

      Answer- open up Berlin and the story continues… good to know.

      Thank you myself ๐Ÿ˜›

  69. alexander says:

    where do i find the rare pink honny rose on aviator

    • brendan says:

      If you find it please post where.. Ive opened up all the cities and still cant find it

      • Brt says:

        You've got to find Sam again first in Paris or London or Madrid or somewhere around there, and then I think he tells you where to find the Honey Rose, but you've got to fly through/refresh a few times in that city. Unless I'm thinking of a different Europe quest….. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • brk says:

      2nd time visiting Warshaw

  70. Brendan` says:

    Just found it.. its in Warsaw.. i had to fly there a few times before it popped up though

  71. Kelly says:

    How do I get more seats. I have 12 and need three more for a quest. The workshops have no more seats for sale.

  72. leo says:

    where doi get the silver for bob?

  73. simon says:

    anyone know where "The Floral Girl" painting is in Europe?

  74. Anon Johnny says:

    Kiliminjaro Blues
    I found then in the following locations:
    Hobnail Boots – Johannasburg
    Dimaond Tipped Icepicks – Casablanca
    20 Crates of Knickerbocker – Cairo meet uncle owen

  75. Megan says:

    How do I find out about Haroun's nephew Farouk in the mission Cave-In! I've flown to every city in africa and I still can't find anything!!

  76. Colby says:

    Game won't load, but keeps refreshing. I am not on an iPad but my laptop. I have latest version of flash, so not really sure what to do? Any help?

  77. Nikola says:

    Hey guys i play aviator everyday day and im looking for eva in africa any Sugg?

  78. mark says:

    Add me I need some friends please. msteacy1975@yahoo.com

  79. Mark says:

    It says to fly Haroun and friends to Italy and I've been everywhere. What city triggers that quest?

  80. gjkgkjhgkg says:

    how do you change the item that your friends can send you

    • RicoDaPoolboy says:

      When you go to "give" to your friends, click on yourself down at the bottom, this will allow you to change the item your friends gift to you.

  81. Anon Johnny says:

    Anyone know where to find the Pink honey rose. Been to london and met sam already. And heve been to every other city that i have opened and suggestions

  82. rikki oliver says:

    does anyone know how you open other areas like europe..

  83. Matias says:

    How do I find an buggati 35A racing car please answer

  84. Matias says:

    Which place in cape town is this blonde girl apperiang?
    I cannot see any wwoman in cape town

  85. jack says:

    add me for aviator friend tywoolhiser@gmail.com
    ty woolhiser

  86. rubble51 says:

    Where is the rare pink honey flower to in europe?

  87. rubble51 says:

    where is the rare pink honey flower in europe?

  88. Lars Tholen says:

    Looking for 'friends' to play the game faster and easier :)
    Greetings Lars.

  89. rubble51 says:

    i am on the quest of getting the rare pink honey flower for sam and i have been to warsaw 5 times and it still isnt there what can i do?

  90. john says:

    i need friends to upgrade planes https://www.facebook.com/johnnyboy152
    add me

  91. Imperial airways says:

    does anybody know what happens at the end of afica if you say yes to marike and take the masks to Jo'burg. i know that saying no will lead to europe.

    • Imperial airways says:

      well nothing really seems to change in the end out come. decided to risk it anyway. no way the game would end there.

  92. Darren Westmore says:

    I have just got into Europe, but wheres my money gone?

  93. Luke says:

    I need a couple of crew members if anyone wants to help out, search birel69@hotmail.com

    Luke :)

  94. beth says:

    where can i find the mangoes????

  95. brian s says:

    where do i find crystal to deliver to cairo

  96. Rob says:

    How long does it take for things to respawn? Items in Market place? Hotel passengers?

  97. lee says:

    where are the cashew nuts

  98. joe says:

    where is marike hertzog??? what of africa is she???

  99. Nick says:

    My game keeps refreshing when I try to go into it. Just keeps saying waiting for facebook.

  100. Yudha says:

    you can search it on other market, you must have many market

  101. jord says:

    where can i find eva and get the list off her?

  102. callum says:


  103. paul bell says:

    how many places are open

  104. Kev says:

    Need a few crew members, add me..

    Kevin Love (Arnold Rimmer with Mr Flibble picture)

  105. Brendan says:

    Anyone know it there is a next mission in North America after you arrest Willham?

  106. Adam says:

    Anyone familiar with the Europe mission that states, "Check back in Moscow for the airshow later"? Been waiting 3 days, and no airshow!

    • luke says:

      i'm stuck on the bit before that where it says check back with boris to see if he got any more jobs and i've been like that for a while nothings happening


  107. Maria says:

    Hey Adam! There is no airshow, after a few flights in/out from Moscow (and London or Berlin, I think) you will find an American spy that would tell you that is was a trap and stuff. Try flying to those cities, I don't remember exactly which one it was.

  108. Guest says:

    Where is the 'floral girl' painting? I've flown over Vienne and Warsaw many times now. Starting to think it's somewhere else?

  109. bgeezy says:

    Besides purchasing flights certs… how do I get them? I cannot expand to different cities without the darn things

  110. Ricardo says:

    As I increase the number of seats from 10 to 11 seats to transport mining experts? My plane is a Ford 3AT with 10 seats.

  111. knoet says:

    anyone knows where you can see the bonus you get when you level up
    i mean like this
    level up to level 2 you get: free repair+repair kit
    level up to level 3 you get: free repair+ flight certificate
    is there a site for this or something like that?

  112. Red says:

    need 5 friends please help me add me on facebook Red.Stellarzski01@rocketmail.com

  113. leo says:

    where is farrouks nephew?

  114. Gabe says:

    need a few friends to get bigger plane facebook.com/gabriel.jensen1

  115. Pink says:

    wat do i do after finding marike?

  116. Keith says:

    just started playing, level 7 right now, looking for some more friends for gifting and such, plus I need more friends to get the next plane upgrade!:) anyone interested can look me up on FB……shamrockshady@yahoo.com

  117. Tim says:

    Does anyone know whats going on with the Aviator game?…it seems to be off line

  118. kevin tottle says:

    you cann add me playing aviator all requests answered. kevin tottle

  119. hello says:

    hi how to find 6 machine part and deliver to prime international

  120. Haley says:

    Does anyone know where to find the Twin Stars of Spring?

  121. John-Aviator says:

    What airplane can bring more than 10 passengers?

  122. nick says:

    Where do you start the last mission in africa?

  123. jim says:

    where to find 24 silver to jo burg?

  124. Dave says:

    Aaargh – still waiting for this so-called ‘upgrade’ that will be “…availbale next month” – that was as at 4th April on Facebook page.

    100% completed North America, level 25 and getting bored – though might go back into Africa and Europe to put a depot & market in every city.

    Getting bored though…


    • Robert says:

      where did you find the floral girl Painting in europe?

      • Dave says:

        To be honest, I can’t remember. I just flew around making money rather than seeking to complete each quest as soon as it presented itself. I can’t even recall the mission – never mind location of the solution – sorry.

        Certainly wasn’t any extended period of time before stumbling upon the ‘random’-located parts of the missions though.

  125. Pete says:

    can someone please help with what city you find cocoa in, just starting out, thanks in advance

  126. Liam says:

    Add me on facebook, looking for more friends to buy better planes

  127. Luciano says:

    How can i find Haroun's Nephew Farouk

  128. M Parry says:

    How do you start getting mystery crates you have to deliver for friends, am on Africa?

  129. che says:

    which level to europe?

  130. Graeme says:

    Seems that once you finish Africa, you basically replay the game from scratch in Europe. Same planes to buy, products to sell, but now you need to add more friends in order to get the planes. I guess the same applies for the other continents too. How many friends do you need to finish the game completely?

  131. Barbara says:

    where can I find news about Haroun's nephew Farouk

  132. Bettiswollox says:

    Well, North America completed and (like many others), sat building up previous continents whilst awaiting next continent to be published/available (once they've finished writing it).

    btw folks – if N. America is anything to go by, we'll need another 5 levels rank increase to 29 or 30 to complete the next one for aircraft capacity.

    For those not yet finished/started N.Am – you will need to get up to L 24 in order to accomodate final mission.

    Others ask if Bob's missions are essential – NO they're not – just allow a bit of profiteering above market prices that's all.

    Well, I may as well return to Europe & Africa and stick a depot & market in every place whilst awaiting the next installment…

    • Graeme says:

      How many friends do you need to finish the game as far as you have?

      • Bettiswollox says:

        Certainly not double-figures. I have 15 but I think the Dakota required 8 minimum (Can't remember for sure). Looking back into depot, the requirements are no longer stated once you meet/exceed them.

        Chances are, to get the DeHavilland or even Dokota in the next (eventual) continent will probably be 'plus five' (I'm currently working the levels in anticipation. Each level you climb, is lonnnnnnnger to achieve than the previous. (Grooaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn)

        • sheldon says:

          How did you complete America? im stuck at 98%

          • Dave says:

            Just flew all over the bloody place fetching and carrying. Doing the missions for film scripts, ‘her’ luggage, Uncle Owen’s occasional involvement etc.

            Not sure how you’ve managed to stop short of 100% (unless there’s still an outstanding task you have to perform). You’d get the usual ‘Congrats/thanks’ etc when a mission is completed.

            Assuming you’ve got to the point where the Dakota’s capacity is needed, you’re not far from completion. I recall when I was near the end, I had to upgrade planes due to being one slot short of required capacity – that may have been the required upgrade to DC3 but can’t remember for certain (I completed it over a month ago) and to be honest, I’ll probably not resume when ‘Asia’ (eventually) gets released…

            ANYONE WHO PLAYED ‘AIRLINES’ ON ATARI ST WILL BE BETTER OFF PLAYING THAT ONE AGAIN (certainly more rewarding for the grey matter) – too much uneventful repetition on this one.

            Might even re-install my ‘X3 Reunion’ and continue where I left off before reformatting my HDD (not played that either for past 3 years).

            Well, good luck folks – to those mentally able to stick out the same routine until Asia, Australasia etc…


  133. Ben says:

    I gave the masks to Haroun then I found out they were stolen. Where do I find Markie? What do I do next

    • CaptChaos says:

      you get a choice when you fly to lagos, marike will pop up from behind the crate, you can return them to johannesburg or tell her u trust haroun and deliver them to casablanca..as planned…
      Not sure if there are any implications yet, i have just picked them up…..

      • CaptChaos says:

        when u return them to casablanca there is a follow up quest of flying to luanda to pick some more, this time there are 23 crates to go to casablanca from luanda

  134. Chad Hulsey says:

    I need friends for Aviator… nchulsey@yahoo.com..mention aviator

  135. Ramsey Thiel says:

    how do I use my FB credits in window #3? Also how do I get added to the friends fourm

  136. jordan says:

    when you get out of africa do you get new planes??

  137. Bettiswollox says:

    Oh well, returning to previous continents –

    Having completed my N.American venture (all missions/quests and depots & markets in each city), I'm back in Africa to fully kit-out that continent. Then, I'll do the same with Europe – by which time I hope, the developers will have completed the scripting for whichever continent is to follow N.America…

  138. George says:

    Where do you find Eva in the quest – a spy in the sky

  139. sheree says:

    where do i find the floral girl painting for Elina??

  140. xxale79xx says:

    Add me witha friends

  141. jaapiejjappo says:

    how i get the roses for sam in europe?

  142. aldwin says:

    i finished america 100% completed but no new maps is opening, i am stuck on america.. what should I do?

  143. Makk says:

    I stucked on Say Cheese quest in Africa. I fly to Cape Town and it says, Theye antelopes are quick and the camara is shy. How can i complete this quest?

    • Graeme says:

      It may be a bug in the system – I tried flying into Cape Town a few times, but got the same reply as you each time. Then I multiple clicked the "save game" icon, and after a few tries, the message changed to success.

  144. hadi says:

    where i can find pink honey rose for sam??

  145. Dan says:

    How far away from getting out of Africa am I? I'm on te mission a spy in the Sky

    • Dan says:

      Not far at all. I read the older posts and you are two missions away, I'm on the next one, Kilamanjaro Blues.

  146. wew says:

    How to finish Prime international delivering 25 cocoa?? what place is it where can i deliver cocoa to harare?

  147. susie says:

    Can someone help please…..i need to collect more typewritters for a mission however there arent any more? where do i get these from? thanks

  148. Lmatou says:

    I want fiend for begener bibgest help mi please joint fro friend

  149. amudan says:

    how to pick up mining specialists from casablanca and i have only 10 seats . but they told to came back after having 11 free seats.

  150. John says:

    I need a plane with 11 seats….looking for friends!

  151. Martin says:

    I need friends in aviator help please

  152. Anuj says:

    when do we get free fuel??
    that is at times i get free fuel mark at the green dots over cities which let me travel without purchasing fuel…
    so when do i get such free fuel???

  153. Dan says:

    Where are the fur-lined knickerboxers for Kilamanjaro Blues, please anyone?

  154. Rory says:

    Hi, I'm nearly the the end of the Africa game but I have to decide who to give the masks to. What is your advice?

  155. Quasam says:

    dan, you uncle will suddenly contact you, and offer you knickerboxers… in the game, that is. :)

  156. Quasam says:

    rory, the girl is the mole. give it to the guy in cairo, i think.

  157. sheldon says:

    Im 98% in north America, can i finish or do i have to wait till Asia opens to get 100%

    • Dave says:

      See my other post/s regarding completion of a continent.

      Also, whilst I think abot this (and spotting others asking about progress on one continent or another –


      Make sure you have opened routes to ALL destinations (missions may depend upon them in order to progress). I’d also suggest actually flying o them so the game save updates your list of available airports too.

      Another common question I see on here – INSUFFICIENT AIRCRAFT CAPACITY DURING A MISSION – means you have to upgrade to a larger plane (needs a higher player level with each new continent – see my other posting on this matter).

      Personal suggestion – markets should be your priority before depots. For those not yet realised this, the more you have, the next one will cost more and therefore markets (which enable you to trade) should your first consideration.

      REMEMBER FOLKS – You’ll need level 24 in order to complete N. America. Assuming you can stand the boredom…

  158. shiven says:

    where is the captured crew in africa

  159. Farah Chakrabarty says:

    Europe Mission: ''Return to Moscow later for airship launch''

    It's been just over a week now and I still haven't been informed to return to Moscow for the supposed air show. I've visited all the cities in Europe. It's getting a bit frustrating now as I really wanna progress through the game.

    Any help on this mission would be much appreciated.

    Thanks a lot for all your help. Enjoy :)

  160. Mark says:

    Need more fiends to buy bigger planes. Add me: facebook.com/markashes

  161. sufiyuddin says:

    Hi.. I am newby here. level 5. mgs_ms@yahoo.com
    please add me for aviator. please mention avaitor.

  162. Steven Hinz says:

    I have opened Africa, Europe and North America. How do I open the rest ?

  163. Jose Armando says:

    Any idea of when other regions will be opened? I just finished USA.

  164. jesus says:

    jesus_urquieta@hotmail.com level 12 please add me

  165. jiskani says:

    stuck after 21% complete of Europe.. need help

  166. lea says:

    people please add me on fb for this game chanellea86@yahoo.com

  167. Rob says:

    Where is Marik Hertzog anybody please looked everywhere in Africa

  168. ronpe says:


  169. harsh says:

    i need 1 crystal for prime international cant find it

  170. Claire says:

    I'm stuck in America as I need 7 friends to buy my next plane and complete the latest task. I have 6 friends who play aviator. Please will you be my neighbour?

  171. Jack says:

    The final mission in Europe, Ive been waiting four days for the “Return to Moscow for the airship flight“. How long do I have to wait??

  172. Rombe says:

    I try to find Eva Norton but I can't to find her. Could somebody help me?

  173. EJ GWAPO says:

    WHErE caN I BUy COCOA??

  174. willem says:

    I must fly to cape town to photograph antelopes in migration, when i come in cape town it says that the antilopes are to quick and camera shy, what is the problem? (sorry for bad english)

  175. Duckstein says:

    I need two Freinds to buy a new plane. anyone please?

  176. Brittany says:

    where do i find the cashew nuts im in africa and need to bring them to some guy

  177. Subhan says:

    from where I can buy cashew nuts please reply as fast as you can

  178. mend says:

    Anyone know whats after Asia and is there a release date. Or do still fly around looking for the old fella lol.

    • tom says:

      I can't seem to get out of asia either. Thought I might have to look for uncle owen but he's no where to be seen haha.

  179. Rodney Sloan says:

    I think I have the wrong Flash Player level, because the screen is very slow at changing from one thing to another can someone help? .

    • balbeePL says:

      Still have problem?Change the internet viever.Try to use Chrome.I was have that kind of problem and start to use chome -it fixed

  180. cody says:

    where can i buy the cashew nuts

  181. balbeePL says:

    If you have problems with collect fotos(zebra's,buflo-Africa) or others quest lake finding rose in europe-just go to the city (in this case Warsaw)and don't go enywhere just click save game several times and quest item will popup just like that.Try it its works.

  182. raed says:

    i cant find machine parts in markets (luanda , harare, johannesburg , capetown ) help plz

  183. nono says:

    bjr tt le monde je suis en europe et je doit trouver la rose miel quelqu un peut t il m aider

  184. bryce says:

    where do you get coffee??

  185. Johannes Leo says:

    I need friends for a new plane can anyone help me?
    And where in Africa can i find silver?

  186. I need to add/buy more seats than the 4 I already have. Any suggestions to how to do that please Email bgurss@gmail.com

  187. Vernon says:

    how do i get game cents back,im finished with asia and wanna quit seing as the other two stay locked(continents)

  188. Arnold says:

    Were do I find Johnny in Asia in order to ask for Missy's Child ?

  189. Mark says:

    Need friends to buy pplanes.
    Please add me https://www.facebook.com/markashes

  190. Syl20 says:

    bjr a tous je cherche a faire la mission "Apogée internationale" et je voulais savoir ou je pouvais trouver les "35 pièces mécanique" a livrer au caire???
    au passage j'ai besoin d'amis aviateur ๐Ÿ˜›
    merci d'avance ^^

  191. hunter says:

    where do u get but cargo spaces

  192. prateek says:

    I am stuck in America with no quest. The last ting i did was "no business like Show business" I rejected picking up Bob's parcel as my plane was too small
    Now the quest is "be On the lookout for adventure" Any ideas where to start the next quest?

  193. Jack Wilson says:

    I am at level 10 how do I level up to level 11?

  194. how do you photograph the antelopes on aviator

  195. Harry says:

    Can anyone tell me what 'Adverts' are for that are in the inventory panel?

  196. luke says:

    i'm in euorpe and i can't seem to get past 76% with boris, i'm just going back there all the time but nothing's happened

  197. samhan says:

    where is markir hertzog

  198. Jason says:

    Hey I'm looking for Aviator friends if Im allowed to post this here, please add me :)
    Search for "pilotmaterial@gmail.com" and put "Aviator"

  199. tomaco87 says:

    where is marike hertzog????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????' is the only task i need

  200. sinzi says:

    how long i have to wait for the next job from boris in moscow?

  201. Karol says:

    Where are the Knickerbocker?

  202. cn any1 tell me wer i cn find diamond tipped icepicks?

  203. Seif Tarek says:

    how to photograph wildebeest in migration in aviator , he says to go to nairobi then i goo there and find nothing

  204. Mario says:

    please Add me, regular player, send gifts every time pazme1980@yahoo.com

  205. kashdfg says:

    it says I need 6 cargo space for Bugatti.

    were do I finde the cargo space?

  206. kashdfg says:

    it says I need 6 cargo space for Bugatti.

    were do I find the cargo space?

  207. Jay says:

    Need to buy another plane and need another friend for that

  208. mary says:

    how do u add by email?

  209. Can someone tell me where i can find missy child? In 'The Love Child-Asia"

  210. Mr.X says:

    where can i find the caputred crew in Africa?

  211. Ali Shah says:

    please help me, where is "fly to luanda to photograph giraffes in migration"

  212. ross says:

    what happens after you finish level 42 of the aviator game is there any more challenges?

  213. how do i get the pictures of the antelopes???

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